How Resistant Starch via Potato Starch and Beans Helped a Type 2 Diabetic

I have a new report of results I'm posting about in advance of hitting up the topic of Resistant Starch next week, by means of some pretty interesting, well controlled and documented self experiments by two readers working in concert. For those just showing up or who haven't been interested so far, here's a list of my previous posts on the topic of Resistant Starch, in chronological order and current comment count—because there's a wealth of info and self experimentation results in the comments.

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So, the subject in this case is a woman, age 72, Type 2 for many years, overweight all of her adult life, on meds with supplemental slow and fast acting insulin, as needed. She maintains a very low carb diet that's mostly paleo in terms of avoiding grains and processed foods. While she has pretty reasonable postprandial control (likely via the LC regime), fasting blood glucose has always been a problem (170-190 mg/DL upon rising).

She began using Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch (80% RS by weight) at the end of May and two weeks later, reported in email:

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