It’s Too Funny; Aerobatics, with someone afraid of flying

I have to suspect this is contrived. But I’ve watched it about 5 times and just can’t help but laf my ass off. Bill Strahan? Are you there?

So the setup is that Anthony’s friend Josh agrees to go up with him as he typically, cooly, and with fabulous technical control flies an aerobatic airplane through a series of maneuvers all very well within the envelope, by which I mean he never ever comes close to flying it outside of design parameters. Zero danger. …The only danger at hand is Josh’s acting skills, if not genuine.

The ignorants sitting to the left never know that. Advantage pilot. That’s why he smiles and lafs.

…What I would love is another video in exactly the reverse. That would really make it excellent; where, if this is a setup as I suspect, just switch seats. Would be too cool.

OK, for you geeks and Bill, if he comments will confirm this. Watch, but more importantly…listen. …No, not to the little sissy to the left. Listen to the engine. Listen to how in various attitudes, the throttle is cut; or even, at idle—or even in between. This is something airshow viewers never really get.

Let me put it this way: overspeed an airplane and you may die. Overspeed an airplane in an adverse attitude, like nose down, you will absolutely die. Note at 2:30 in the video where Anthony does the classic stall into a spin. Note 2 things: 1) he cuts throttle to idle, and 2) you see the stick for the first time, being held back. This is the difference between a spin and a power-on, stick forward spiral dive to certain death because once airspeed even enters yellow, you are already beyond recovery.

OK, fly safe, please.

Richard Nikoley

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