If Raising Your Body Temperature is Important to You…

Completely out of the blue, but if this is another common effect of resistant starch, well maybe give it a shot. Seriously, my jab at Matt Stone the other day was all in good fun. No ill will intended, delicious all the same. OK, another rung in with their own results after reading the original. 2 weeks ago, I started 4 Tblsp potato starch per day. Within 5 days my temp started to climb daily. I…Read More

Tatertot Tim is Far, Far From Your Average Pussyman Metrosexual Hipster Poseur. Photographic Proof

He can read hundreds of studies in full text, write intelligently about them, pierce his finger endlessly, and help change the world. And he can kill a moose for food in his spare time, too.   So, this morning I'm lamenting my plot in life as the world's worst hunter, spending a week in camp in a prime hunting spot and not even seeing so much as a hair. I go out to my garden…Read More

Note To Matt Stone aka Body Temp “Guru”: You’re In Short Pants; and, You’re Welcome

Given the history, please forgive the gloating over unintended results. It’s N=1, but I’m anxious to hear of other body temperature measurers for those into that (I’m not, even though I’m clinically HypoT). Here’s the comment from CDXLI—who’s been checking body temperature daily since young Matt Stone was in diapers, or thereabouts. I added a few editor comments, as well as a few very skillful edits for drama and effect. You can still link to the…Read More

Paleo Whip of the Year + Ironic Juxtaposition

 Indeed. Laf. Stupid worthy, too.   Via PrimalPalate.com In other news, Paleo has been crushing other diet trends over the past few years according to Google Trends, a measure of interest using terms people search for. South Beach, Master Cleanse, Mediterranean, Atkins, Raw Food, Gluten Free, Skinny Bitch, and even Low Fat. Click the link to see the graphs. It’s still The Cupcake Diet’s bitch, though.   OK, my dot-connecting ironic juxtaposition is done for…Read More

The New Gluten Free Products. Are They Any Good? I Put Them to the Test.

I’m almost certain that a few years back I must have laughed and joked about the advent of gluten free products. F-bombs, probably. “”Still not paleo,” probably. It seemed to me to be mostly cupcakes and other sugary baked goods. At the same time, because I’m on lists, I’m getting about a new “paleo” cookbook every couple of weeks in the mail, hoping for a review (I review some, getting pickier and pickier). I always…Read More

Commenter Marie, Taking One For Her Dad With Cancer, Part 2

Not labeled as such, but here's Part 1: PhD Physical Chemist Commenter Marie is at it Again! Resistant Starch and Ketosis. Low Carb in Short Pants. There, we learn that while trying to keep her dad in ketosis for cancer therapy while upping his food choices to keep him in the game, she initially had difficulty. Why? Well, resistant starch supplementation does improve fasting blood glucose. That's in the literature, and she duplicated it. It also…Read More

A Valuable Lesson in Just About Everything

I got an email from Nancy Redd this morning. She’s the nice and capable host at Huffington Post Live who did my interview on Friday about not using soap or shampoo for nearly 5 years, now. She emailed to tell me that a clip and writeup had just hit the front page of AOL. Shortly after, I was contacted by CBS for one of their shows. I’ll withhold any more info until it becomes a…Read More

PhD Physical Chemist Commenter Marie is at it Again! Resistant Starch and Ketosis. Low Carb in Short Pants

She has a deeply personal interest in this. A family member is fighting cancer. She's read every ounce of research on the benefits of ketosis. And yet, she's extremely interested in Resistant Starch, enough to vigorously test it on herself—even fasting for 48 hours to get into a very deep ketogenic state. What in the world? Simply: honesty, far unlike a lot of others. She was the star of Part 1 of my yet-to-be-published Part…Read More

Clearing The Air: My Beef With The So-Called “‘Healthy’ Low Carb Lifestyle”

After some months of posting on Resistant Starch and taking pokes here and there at the low-carb & ketogenic crowd, seems it's drawn enough attention to warrant comment and critique in various places, including comments at my last post: A “LADA” Type II Diabetic Finds “Amazing Results” With Resistant Starch. Probably, this ruffled some feathers, when I boasted: "It's only going to get worse and worse for the militant LCers. In fact, I'm going to end…Read More

A “LADA” Type II Diabetic Finds “Amazing Results” With Resistant Starch

It's only going to get worse and worse for the militant LCers. In fact, I'm going to end up being a better friend to diabetics than all LC doctors worldwide, put together. And, it's cheap & easy. I love shit like this. I had a sense way back, when "Tatertot" Tim approached me. Knowing a bit of his background and current situation, I knew in my heart that he was totally sincere and had good…Read More

Pope Francis is Modernizing the Catholic Church

Someone asked me to weigh in on this, so what the hell? It’s the religious news item of the day, so I suppose it’s social and culture worthy. Pope Francis: Gays, Abortion Too Much Of Catholic Church’s Obsession. Pope Francis faulted the Roman Catholic church for focusing too much on gays, abortion and contraception, saying the church has become “obsessed” with those issues to the detriment of its larger mission to be “home for all,” according…Read More

Late Notice: Huffington Post Live in about an hour or so

I’m on HuffPo Live at 2:30-2:40 PST, add three hours for Eastern etc. Here’s the page: live.huffingtonpost.com. Looks like it’s going to come off, as I’ve already done vid/audio checks with production staff (who are greatly competent, BTW, and with a shout out to Lauren Betesh who gives me hope in youth). If you want to know the subject matter, you’ll just have to tune in. Update: OK, I think this is it, about 15…Read More

A Brief Lesson in Democratic Politics: Sometimes It Takes a King

Voters only insist upon one single thing of their elected politicians. Lies: If a politician wants to get elected and then re-elected, he must lie to voters, avoid the truth, obfuscate the truth, and most importantly, promise to give them stuff at the expense of others, all while leading them to believe they’re getting it for free. This is what’s known as being “artful.” That’s euphemism for getting caught in your own lies less than…Read More

Adding a New Dimension to “Bread Drunk”

This popped onto my radar yesterday: Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut. A 61-year-old man — with a history of home-brewing — stumbled into a Texas emergency room complaining of dizziness. Nurses ran a Breathalyzer test. And sure enough, the man’s blood alcohol concentration was a whopping 0.37 percent, or almost five times the legal limit for driving in Texas. There was just one hitch: The man said that he hadn’t touched…Read More

Another Egg Dish in Short Video. A Ridiculously Simple Omelet

I began making omelets when I was about 10. One time, I was like 13 and Dave was 10; and as I was eating one I’d just made We were HOME ALONE!!!! He comes out in tighty whiteys. It’s still clear as a day in my mind’s eye. He asks very meekly, very respectfully: “can I have an omelet?” I can’t recall if I actually made him one though right now, I like to think I…Read More

Bring On The Soup Lines For Detroit’s Elite: Armani Suits and Fancy Shoes in Soup Lines

What else is left, except that the soup lines be run by those anarchist entrepreneurs they’ve shut down to the tune of 383 business in the last 9 months? Way to go, Detroit. The Reason.tv vid is just a smidge over 5 minutes. Is anyone still mystified about any of this? In other news, check out Judgy Bitch’s What would happen if no men showed up for work today? Very Atlas Shrugged-esque. …Oh, and in even more…Read More

America: Land of the Pathetic, Home of the Pussies

If enduring an hour long fake delay of game last night for a bunch of pampered pussy multi-millionaires afraid of the sight of lightening—but an hour more of programming worthy advert revenue—wasn’t enough…that’s the NPL, the National Pussy League…I have another story just today along the same lines. But first, I have to ask: to what depths is the N“F“L going to dive, what with all the talk of how these multi millionaires are not…Read More

My BMW X-5: Going Stealth and Zombie Apocalypse

I dearly love my X-5. 110K miles & counting. My previous vehicle was a Hummer. Didn’t fit in the parking space in the lofts we were moving to. At 6″ wider than a Suburban, no go. I’ve also owned a couple of Jeep Grand Cherokees, and so have some experience with after market wheels & tires. I put huge rub-rub thing-tires (some guys will know what I mean) on a Cherokee, on the 15″ rims.…Read More

Paleophil Uses Resistant Starch To Hugely Blunt BG Spikes for His Raw Fermented Honey Habit

It's stories like this that make me laf about how the carbophobe and sugarphobe and starchophobe LC catechism will come to a screeching halt. It will end badly for the LC Nomenclatura who don't get honest, quick. It's only a matter of time. From Paleophil, in comments. @Marie Thanks for the 4 tbsp experiment suggestion. [...] I tried the 4 tspb idea anyway and put it through a tough test. It passed with flying colors! I…Read More