Clearing The Air: My Beef With The So-Called “‘Healthy’ Low Carb Lifestyle”

After some months of posting on Resistant Starch and taking pokes here and there at the low-carb & ketogenic crowd, seems it's drawn enough attention to warrant comment and critique in various places, including comments at my last post: A “LADA” Type II Diabetic Finds “Amazing Results” With Resistant Starch. Probably, this ruffled some feathers, when I boasted:

"It's only going to get worse and worse for the militant LCers. In fact, I'm going to end up being a better friend to diabetics than all LC doctors worldwide, put together. And, it's cheap & easy. [...]

"Read it and weep, LC Militia. Where is your honesty and integrity? The research began about 30 years ago. About 5 years ago, we got a bunch of poo pooing from the LC-Paleo-sphere. A shame. And to this day, to my knowledge, not even one single prominent LCish advocate has even suggested taking a closer look at Resistant Starch, all while lives are in the balance.

"Double shame. On. You."

Once I put that up early Saturday, I basically took a break from 95% of the Internet until this morning. Then, checking in, I figured the easiest way to deal with all of it in one shot would just be to write a post. First, let me show you this—it's a regular thing daily, now—either emails, or comments. In this case, it's a comment from someone low carbing for almost 50 years.

So I've been doing the potato starch thing for about three weeks now. Before I started, my digestion was in pretty bad shape, and I hadn't been able to do much about it, even with some presumably good probiotics. FBG high 90s, but didn't spike much. I've been basically low carb since the late 60s. (When I was 15, and fat, I put myself on a meat and milk diet over a summer, lost 30 lbs., and have been LC for most of the time since. Haven't eaten bread or sugar since then, almost 50 years now.) Lately in ketosis most of the time.

Started adding the PS to my morning smoothies (coconut milk, avocado, MCT oil, matcha). Fartage was bad, bad, bad. Poopage also bad, for about two weeks. Then almost overnight both normalized. No fartage, good poopage, for the first time in months. Also, much better sleep (no waking up at 3:00 am, or if so, easily back to sleep). And definitely more vivid dreaming, which is kinda spooky.

So this morning, after a night of way too much Chardonnay, I had a bowl of oatmeal with berries, with some potato starch stirred in. (Usually I have some bacon with the oatmeal, but not this time, or I stir some butter or coconut oil in to slow the starch digestion, but not this time.) Then about an hour later, a smoothie as described above. Two hours after the oatmeal and one hour after the smoothie, checked BG...91! That's really good for me. I've been traveling for a week, so haven't checked the FBG, but will over the next few days.

So good digestion, check. Blood glucose control, check. Better sleep, check. What's not to like?

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