If Raising Your Body Temperature is Important to You…

Completely out of the blue, but if this is another common effect of resistant starch, well maybe give it a shot. Seriously, my jab at Matt Stone the other day was all in good fun. No ill will intended, delicious all the same.

OK, another rung in with their own results after reading the original.

2 weeks ago, I started 4 Tblsp potato starch per day. Within 5 days my temp started to climb daily. I took my temp this morning. It was 98.6.

Spanish Caravan // Sep 29, 2013 at 14:44

Hey, you know, I think I’m noticing the same thing. I’ve been only been doing it for 10 days. I just noticed that my body temp is higher, around 98.2, which is very high for me. I’m usually at 97.0. Wow.

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