The N=2: Tatertot Tim and Commenter Marie Test Potato Starch on Ketosis Part 1


Starch...while in ketosis...on a ketogenic diet? It's an oxymoronic contradiction in terms, right? After all, isn't the LC catechism that even severely restricted amounts of starch or refined sugar can knock you out of ketosis? And now, with "nutritional ketosis," the recognition that even protein can knock you out? After all again, "excessive" protein is the new carbohydrate in terms of staying in ketosis.

Here's a crazy idea.

How about 30-40g of starch, plus a decently highish protein meal, and you STAY in ketosis, if that's your goal? How about if the starch actually enhances the stability of your metabolic ketosis? I say 'metabolic' instead of 'nutritional', because replacing whole protein with isolated fats is not adding micronutrients. It's actually taking them away in the hundreds of percent, replacing them with relatively empty calories that low carbers often see as virtuous because of desired metabolic effects, and not necessarily optimal cellular and hormonal feeding and function—save for the single of many hormones they seem to care about: INSULINZ!!!

That was commenter Marie's quest.

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