Cops in the Crosshairs

Isn’t it about time that the most significant threat to your well being—pigs in lipstick, robed in fashions and military gear—got theirs? It’s happening. I submit for evidence in the court of public opinion, your honors: Take it over 1,000 That’s the number of shares in my recent post: Skokie Thug Cop Michael Hart Needs to Go to…Read More

Paleo Cinnabon!!! That’s What Tears it For Me

When a few early Paleo enthusiasts stopped being enthusiastic, I laughed and dismissed them. When a few of those, and others, wrote posts of divorce, I laughed and dismissed all of them again. See, I’d written several posts prior—seeing what the low-carb Junk-Food “Revolution” Atkins had become—about what I eroneously took to be tantamount to…Read More

Saturated Fat & Cholesterol Worries are so 2009

I love evolution, but particularly in thinking. It’s not an issue of right vs. wrong but a process hallmarked by honesty. Evolution happens in large swaths of time, such that discrete changes at any point in time are hard to identify short of outright re-evolution. Then one day, you realize that everything has changed. To…Read More

Russell Brand and Jeremy Paxman: Oh Myyy!

I must have received 2 dozen emails yesterday or day before making sure I saw this interview of Russell Brand by Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman. Let me make this quick: Not Impressed; What a Mess. Brand is basically just spouting reformulated commie drivel regurgitate…with the added spice of not doing another Chernobyl or any of the other…Read More

Go Outside and Work—Where I’ve Been The Last Three Days

Isn’t there a “Go Outside and Play” meme that goes around? Background: We moved into a place about three years ago, around this time of year (early September). The backyard was a principal thing for me, other than all wood floors inside…because wall-to-wall carpeting is the stupidest fucking thing ever created by man and demonstrates…Read More

Perhaps This Informs About My Passion

For 18 years now I’ve watched hang gliding videos. Originally, they were DVDs (I think an AHS or two as well). I only blog the very best. You won’t even believe the amazing Austrian scenery as he’s doing his aerobatics. I don’t do that stuff. I can launch on a yawn from the same place…Read More

Resistant Starch Ingestion Has No Effect on Ketosis But Blood Glucose Blunting Effects are Highest in A Normal Diet

For my next installment on Resistant Starch, the following post documents an N=2 (two study subjects) collaboration to record blood glucose readings in different states of dieting, with and without RS. The following was assembled by regular commenter Marie (a real life scientist in her day job) and ‘Tatertot Tim’, the guy who brought RS…Read More

The Dr. Terry Wahls Interview You Don’t Want to Miss

This is categorized both under health & fitness and politics & culture for a reason. The first is obvious. The latter is revealed in the last segment of the interview. Unless you’re an Original Vampire that Nicklous staked for some reason and missed the last few years, decades or centuries until just now, you know…Read More

Is Sexual “Perversion” Paleo?

I skimmed Sex at Dawn way back when. Skim, because I saw so much of it as pretty self evident to me, especially in the context of having two long-term relationships with non-promiscuous but nonetheless: “cheating” women—in the context of “social norms.” One lasted 7 years and encompassed three countries on two continents. I pretty much…Read More

The Inessentials

It’s hilarious for me to point out to various people that because what they do is on federal government furlough, it’s safe to consider them inessential. Can someone please pitch a new TV program: “The Inessentials.” It involves a “The Office” cadre of laughably incompetent fucks; but, unlike real bottom-line business where such could never…Read More

I might be taking a week off from blogging

At least that’s how it seems at 2:13pm on this Monday. I can call it off at any time, of course, but if I don’t, at least you’ll know what’s up. I need to occupy my limited mindspace with a few other things for a while. Anyway, next post up will be the data Tim…Read More

No, Really: Fried Egg Sandwich on Gluten Free Bread with Pastured Butter and Cornichons

OK, that’s exactly right. I’ve been working on a post about my take on some of the more funny dissenting comments from my 3 political-religious-government-shutdown-axis posts yesterday, but just couldn’t put it together in a way that made me happy: Dot-Connect of the Day: Government “Shutdown” = Big Fat Yawn Government “Shutdown” Juxtaposition (Real Hunter…Read More