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The Dr. Terry Wahls Interview You Don’t Want to Miss

This is categorized both under health & fitness and politics & culture for a reason. The first is obvious. The latter is revealed in the last segment of the interview.

Unless you’re an Original Vampire that Nicklous staked for some reason and missed the last few years, decades or centuries until just now, you know about paleo and about Dr. Terry Wahls. I blogged about her TED talk here (now at nearly 1.5 million views), catching and riding the wave that made her sensational.

And as I describe in the introduction to the interview, I accidentally ended up in email with a family acquaintance over something her kids were doing. She’s suffered badly from MS for years and guess what she told me before I had any idea? She told me that she was seeing good improvement and progress with Dr. Terry’s pre and pro-scriptions (keep that in mind: do’s and dont’s). She had no idea I already knew, or knew anything about paleo.

Then we get into the meat and offal of the interview, and Dr. Terry describes how she’s come up with a real food formula for folks with these kinds of problems. I’ll put it this way: you could get on a dietary regime that shows significant potential to greatly ameliorate or even reverse MS, which is A BIG DEAL. For the why and the key, simply watch the interview.

We really delve into nutritional density, which has been a thing of mine for a long time, as long time readers know from my challenge to vegans on liver vs. fruit, and then later work I did for V2.0 of my own book comparing with grains. I ask her to compare The Walhs Diet or, Wahls paleo Diet with Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet and sorry, but you’ll have to listen to find out her evaluation and judgment.

She fields a couple of reader questions, too. What would she do if Surgeon General?

Finally, since it’s Free the Animal around here, I have to have something for my free roaming animals to chew on, so we go all social. I ask her to talk about her son Zach who, as you may know, still has his mom beat, coming in at nearly 3 million views on his video clearly demonstrating before a governmental body and the world that what it really takes to raise a competent young adult is competent parents who care—regardless of their immaterial gender or preferences over which kinds of genitals they prefer to live and bed down with.

Alright, just to recap, there’s a book coming out: The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine. It’ll certainly be in my library, as well as short list of books to give others.

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