Reflections On My Weekend Blogging Marathon

I think it was Thursday when I got the idea and announced it here. I’s done it before years back (a dozen posts in a day) and recall how fun and intense it was. So the plan was to start Friday afternoon and just blog may ass off until Sunday evening.

It begins here: “Experiments With Intermittent Fasting”

To browse through them all, just hit the link to the right at the top of each post to get to the next one. In all, I did 20 posts. I only did 2 on Friday, then seven on Saturday, eleven yesterday. On Saturday and went until 1:30 am on Sunday, got started again at 8 am, went to 2:30 am this morning with the last few hours catching up on comments and emails and such.

An average day of visitor traffic is 3,000 to 3,500 visits. It got started slow, with only about 3,700 on Saturday, but then yesterday rocked with 8,000 visits and 12,000 page views. And currently, today, at only 11 am, I’m at 9,000 visits so far, 11,000 page views, with 13 hours left to go in the day.

Not bad. Thanks, people.

So I think I’ll make this a semi regular thing, maybe once or twice per month on a weekend day or two where I’m just doing the homebody thing.

The most popular post of the marathon? Frenchman and MovNat Founder Erwan Le Corre Gives Some Americans a Needed Moral Lesson in Being Prudish Little Crybaby Children. It has so far garnered over 1,400 social shares.

Richard Nikoley

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