Mark Sisson Jumps On Board With Resistant Starch

In today's Mark's Daily Apple we find, Dear Mark: Resistant Starch, Zinc Deficiency, and Something New.

This is what it's all about, folks. Changing your mind when exposed to new information.

Resistant starch is a starch that resists digestion by regular digestive enzymes, passing through to the colon for fermentation by gut flora. In a post way back in the day, I addressed resistant starch and lumped it in with other prebiotic fibers like inulin, with the reasoning being that while it was certainly helpful and important, it was not some essential, magical nutrient. It seems I underestimated it. Resistant starch offers some interesting properties unique among other prebiotics. [emphasis added]

Well there you go, and that's why Mark enjoys the tremendous following he does. Honesty goes a long way with people. The great thing about being wrong or incomplete about something is that once you correct that, you're closer to being right, which means better for yourself and better for those you're influencing.

Mark adds, with a number of links to this blog:

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