Success Story: Tim Steele (Tatertot)

You ‘ve known him from dozens of posts about resistant starch and the many comments. Perhaps you saw his hunting and fishing success here.   Moose in the garden Halibut, Bass and Goldeneyes But here’s what he looked like in 2009 at over 230 pounds. Tim Before Tim After I think he clocks in at about 160 pounds, now. Also, from very bad blood glucose regulation in the pre-diabetic or solidly diabetic ranges, to normal.…Read More

Photographic Evidence: Low Carb is Over!

Well, it’s been over for quite a while. But I might as well make it official. My first “bulk” purchase of rice & beans. Smart & Final is great for that. Costco prices with medium size bulk items, like in the 10-20 pound range. And also, it’s not fucking Costco. There’s that, too. Rice, Beans, Potatoes, Bananas and Apples Do notice that this is rice, legumes, starchy veggies and fruit. It’s not bags and boxes…Read More

A Short Resistant Starch to Popcorn Analogy

Two of the most common questions about resistant starch, particularly in the form of Potato Starch taken as a supplement: How come you can’t cook with it and get the sam effect? What do you mean it’s not digested by us as starch and so doesn’t affect blood glucose? The answer to both questions is basically the same, and the analogy goes like this: …Suppose you take 1/4 cup of raw popcorn kernels and just swallow…Read More

Parboiled White Rice: More Nutritious, Half the Glycemic Load, More Resistant Starch

It has long been thought in Paleo circles that white rice—if consumed as part of a Perfect Health Diet styled Paleo (Paleo + starch as white rice)—is basically just a means of providing carbohydrate but not really much of anything else. Though it’s fine to get a reasonable amount of starch carbage (30% of kcal daily is a good mark) via something that’s actually food-like, I think it’s not quite accurate to dismiss potential real health…Read More

30 Day Test of Blood Sugar Before & After Resistant Starch

Steve Cooksey is really doing a bang up job meticulously testing resistant starch as a diabetic, and getting the word out to other diabetics. His most recent post is to compare 30 days of overnight blood glucose readings pre resistant starch supplementation and then post. What he did was first to record 30 days of readings and chart them. 30 day BG no RS It's very well regulated, actually. So, then he took 4TBS per…Read More

Tahoe Travel, Food Pics, a Book, and The Quintessential Major Award

Headed up to South Lake Tahoe end of last week for three nights. Not a bad view.   That was at the brand new The Landing Resort & Spa. So new, in fact, that we were there on opening day and were the very first guests to check in. My valet ticket was 0002. The owner is Greek and so naturally, the restaurant is Jimmy’s. They weren’t quite prepared to open that first night, but…Read More

Link Drops—Mostly About Resistant Starch—and Christmas Greetings

Open browser-tab dump. ~ Steve Cooksey, a T2 diabetic who undertook his own resistant starch experiment and, just a couple of days ago, reported on the amazing blood glucose regulation of a T1 also trying RS, is still at it. He's done a "flex test" with a big baked potato. Punchline, but do read the short post: Typically, he'll hit 260+ at the one hour mark after eating a big tater, but this time, only got…Read More

The Importance of Human Breast Milk for Gut Microbiome Development

Here's a little guest post from Tim "Tatertot" Steele. ~~~ When you start looking at RS and gut bugs, here's a connection I recently came across that I will be exploring further for merit. In human breast milk, there are hundreds of compounds called Humans Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOS). There are also hundreds of bacterial strains present in breast milk, presumably through the entero-mammary pathway. This combination of pre and probiotics results in rapid structure of…Read More

A Brief Word on Resistant Starch Critiques

Inevitably, critiques of resistant starch are beginning to show up here and there. This is a good thing. Everyone—and I mean: EVERYONE—is highly biased, cherry pics, etc. The myth of objectivity exists merely to give the impression that scientists are somehow above or more trustworthy than any regular dude or dudess who experiments. All humans navigating a life experiment all the time, and since such experiments have actual application to their everyday lives, they are…Read More

Must Read. Type 1 Diabetic’s Resistant Starch Experiment With Continuous Glucose Monitor Data

This is so huge that I'm beginning to believe that what Tim "Tatertot" Steele and I have been promoting in therms of Resistant Starch—via nearly 50 posts and thousands of comments since last April—may constitute nothing short of a revolution for 300 million diabetics worldwide, 30 million in the US. Of course, if it works for diabetics, you don't even need to ask whether it's beneficial for virtually everyone in terms of blood glucose stability…Read More

Diabetics Going Nuts Over Blood Glucose Regulation on Resistant Starch Supplementation

All while there are some posting stuff like this, from some curiously imagined perch of "authority"—by which I mean: delusional—... “Cannot wait for the resistant starch fad to pass. Oh by the way, know what a huge cause of IBS, GERD, etc… is in the SAD way of eating? Wait for it…. resistant starch!” ...I have serious business going on in actually helping real people—by the hundreds, including Type 1 and 2 diabetics. Reports flowing…Read More

Thanks, Jimmy Moore

In retrospect, I don't know exactly why I went after my longtime friend so publicly and sternly (here and here). I suppose I like to think it's because that's what I got out of listening to hundreds of his podcasts on the road. I heard him over and over again entertain virtually any relevent thing, and put it out there for his readers to decide for themselves. Admittedly, stirring damn Potato Starch—that's pennies per dose—into…Read More

A Gut Microbiome, Probiotic, and Prebiotic Resistant Starch Primer

Take 4 minutes to watch a truly eye-popping video that will make the whole subject and importance of Resistant Starch as simple as possible for you—but not too simple. Then, when you begin going through how to incorporate it into your diet, remember that you need to actually have the bacteria present to get the benefit. Some don’t, often because of antibiotic treatments…so pay close attention also to the information about Soil-Based probiotics, a completely…Read More

Two Quickies. With a Lesbian, then a Judgy Bitch.

I’ve been a forever fan of Camille Paglia. I first encountered her in a print copy of Reason Magazine in 1991, sitting on my canapé en cuir in the south of France. Big Girls Don’t Cry. Later, I took in Virginia Postrel’s Interview with the Vamp. Here’s her new—pretty short and to the point—piece in Time: It’s a Man’s World, and It Always Will Be — The modern economy is a male epic, in which women have found…Read More

Why I’m All Over Jimmy Moore’s Ass

Yea, it continues, mostly on Twitter. Here's what's funny. I've been writing that "I've written a dozen posts on resistant starch" for a while, now, but actually just counted them. There's 45 of them since the first one back last April: Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile. And it's a long time now since I published some of the best research Tim and I had come up with out of hundreds, going back…Read More

Everybody: Why Resistant Starch Has to Be Raw & Cold

We get this question all the time in comments, so here's something to refer to next time someone says something dumb, like, "great, gonna bake brownies with potato starch next time." You have to take it raw. This means, stirred into any cold or warm beverage or food of your choosing. If you take it with any of the foregoing that's fermented and let it sit for just a while, here's what happens: NSFW: Probiotic…Read More

“Have we come in from the desert?” – 40-year Low Carber

It serves to remember that low carbohydrate dieting is just as restrictive as veganism. The "virtue" for both is in its approach; whereby, rather than forbidding a food group (animals-VG), the other forbids a macronutrient (carbohydrate-LC). But just basically extreme on both counts, and let me show you how I now view it. It's always interesting to me how very much in life can be described in terms of "Bell Curves" or Gaussian Functions. For…Read More

Resistant Starch & Gut Biome: A Family Science Project

One of the known limitations in posting Tim's American Gut Project results a while back was the fact that there was no "before" picture. While his results are pretty dramatic and way statistically suggestive of a large benefit conferred via his supplementation of resistant starch, it would still be nice to have a before & after comparison. So now we have a chance to see that done. Allen Folz has created an indiegogo fund drive…Read More

My Twitter Dustup Over Resistant Starch with Jimmy Moore

Let me make no bones about it. I'm a fan of jimmy moore. Why? It's very simple. He helps a lot of people and he gets the word out from literally hundreds of others who help people too—both from his blog and podcast (I've been a 2-time guest myself). I'm not a perfect as enemy of the good kinda guy...and babies need a good drying off and cuddle after a bath. I'd go so far as to…Read More

Resistant Starch: Promise for Improving Human Health

Just published in the journal, Advances in Nutrition. Diane F. Birt, Terri Boylston, Suzanne Hendrich, Jay-Lin Jane, James Hollis, Li Li, John McClelland, Samuel Moore, Gregory J. Phillips, Matthew Rowling, Kevin Schalinske, M. Paul Scott, and Elizabeth M. Whitley Abstract Ongoing research to develop digestion-resistant starch for human health promotion integrates the disciplines of starch chemistry, agronomy, analytical chemistry, food science, nutrition, pathology, and microbiology. The objectives of this research include identifying components of starch…Read More