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30 Day Test of Blood Sugar Before & After Resistant Starch

Steve Cooksey is really doing a bang up job meticulously testing resistant starch as a diabetic, and getting the word out to other diabetics.

His most recent post is to compare 30 days of overnight blood glucose readings pre resistant starch supplementation and then post. What he did was first to record 30 days of readings and chart them.

30 day BG no RS

It’s very well regulated, actually. So, then he took 4TBS per day of Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch for a month in order to acclimate to it before beginning another month long test of recording overnight readings to compare.


First 7 day comparison

Pretty neat. He says:

Here is my results in chart form, through day 7, (I’ll update this periodically)

The Blue Line is the overnight fasting blood sugar number before Resistant Starch.

The Red Line is the overnight fasting blood sugar number with Resistant Starch.

As you can see the chart favors the first 7 days of Resistant Starch … so far. 🙂

a) Out of 7 days, the RS numbers were lower except for two days. One was a tie and one was higher.

b) Notice the ‘flatter’ chart of the RS line, all the numbers are between 70-80. My body seems to really like this range.

c) Day 5, I actually had a 74 mg/dl reading … that’s the DAY AFTER a “Big Ole Potato Test“, where I shaved off 100 pts after eating a large potato.

Here’s the whole post. He continues to record low 70s overnight BG consistently.

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