The Gut-Brain Axis and Narrative Complex Dreaming with Resistant Starch (even X-Rated)

I'd say 90%+ of N=1ers have reported the same thing—vivid dreaming when taking potato starch at night before bedtime. Longtime commenter, Dr. Gabriella Kadar, has newly discovered X-Rated Dreams, just in case anyone might be interested in that sort of thing.

The dreams: Totally X rated. I don’t know if that says something about me or what, but it’s every night. Not problematic, just not the usual. I was really wondering if I should add this but what the hell, for the sake of slightly embarrassing accuracy it’s not just ‘vivid dreams’. Or maybe other people were using the term ‘vivid’ to mean the same thing. I was wondering if besides effects on neurotransmitters there’s an effect on hormones.

Here's another commenter, just in this morning.



I decided to try potato starch based on the reports of sleep and vivid dreams. I Jumped right in, getting a bag and some Lifeway "greek style" plain (full fat) kefir from whole foods last night.

I figured start off full speed ahead, to see what a full 4 tablespoons would do right before bed, after never consuming raw potato starch before. So 4 tablespoons PS, 1 cup kefir (quite thick!). First, I noticed absolutely no increase in flatulence. I was actually quite shocked, given the reports. I hope this isn't a bad sign that my gut is dead, haha. Moving on...

I drank this at 2:30 am. I had fallen asleep at my girfriend's around 11, woke up, drove home, mixed and drank, then went to bed. I had difficulty falling asleep (always happens when I wake up and drive at 2am). What was different, though, was that I quickly started feeling a sense of well being, and energy. Perhaps the calorie load, or the assorted milk mood properties, caused this, but as I was lying there, I felt an increasing sense of well-being, an increasing sense of energy, and an increasing sense of relaxation (I'll call it mild euphoria). Finally fell asleep.

Dreams were exactly as you described.

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