Diabetics Going Nuts Over Blood Glucose Regulation on Resistant Starch Supplementation

All while there are some posting stuff like this, from some curiously imagined perch of "authority"—by which I mean: delusional—...

“Cannot wait for the resistant starch fad to pass. Oh by the way, know what a huge cause of IBS, GERD, etc… is in the SAD way of eating? Wait for it…. resistant starch!”

...I have serious business going on in actually helping real people—by the hundreds, including Type 1 and 2 diabetics. Reports flowing in hourly and daily (see below). I understand that it's very unfortunate I've sucked what little Mt. Everest-esque blogair this commenter had, out of this Little Shiite LC Blogger's existence...(still zero comments on his December 12, 2013 post, 12 days ago). Laf. Nope. Won't link it. You can figure if you like (don't bother / not important / object lesson). I really only mentioned it for a good laf and ridicule...because I'm kinda asshole like that...and...I'm only happy if he's not happy.

I gloat, and am prepared to be subject to uproarious gloating! ...If that's not a Monty Python line somewhere, it should be.

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Richard Nikoley

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