Resistant Starch Fixes The Same Old Low Carb Diet Problems

From Diana in comments, where this 10-year type 2 diabetic talks about losing and gaining back the same 20-25 pounds for the last five years...but guess what happened over the last 6 months of supplementing with resistant starch, plus upping carb intake with no adverse impact? Read to find out.


Hi Amy:

I just wanted to give you my N=1 with regards to RS and weight loss. Like you, I have been on the roller coaster my whole life. Always losing weight, gaining it back and then some...wash, rinse, repeat. Average of 130 pounds overweight my whole adult life. Now, at age 44, I finally feel like I have found what works…for me.

I am a Type 2 diabetic (10 years), and have been controlling with low carb for about 5 years. It was never easy to stick to for me. I always had those cravings for what I couldn’t have. (Low Carb was great for my blood sugar numbers, however.) I had been gaining and losing the same 20-25 pounds in this time also. Not a good situation. Then came Richard, TaterTot and Potato Starch, and nothing has been the same since! I re-started a good clean low carb diet on May 20, 2013 as a foundation. I started supplementing Bobs PS at the same time, beginning with a tablespoon in my Kefir or Yogurt for lunch every day, as well as a tablespoon in water before bed (oh the dreams!!!). Long story short, 6 months later I have lost 60, yes SIXTY pounds! I supplement 3-4 tablespoons most days, skip every once in a while too, and always have some with a fermented food. (Yogurt and Kefir mostly, but I have been known to dip a Bubbies pickle in PS as I eat it, as well as mixing in with Kimchee too!).

I am truly amazed at how I feel. RS has totally erased my cravings and controls my appetite like no other!

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