Thanks, Jimmy Moore

In retrospect, I don't know exactly why I went after my longtime friend so publicly and sternly (here and here). I suppose I like to think it's because that's what I got out of listening to hundreds of his podcasts on the road. I heard him over and over again entertain virtually any relevent thing, and put it out there for his readers to decide for themselves.

Admittedly, stirring damn Potato Starch—that's pennies per dose—into a glass of water and downing it is fucking ridiculous. Who the fuck comes up with this shit, anyway?

But it works, and Tim and I laf all the time about how unlikely that is, and what a tough row it is that we have to hoe because it's just stupid. You actually hope for far more modest testimonials, because as it stands, the testimonials are so damn profound that, given the foregoing paragraph, it becomes embarrassing. People will laf at me. People...laf at me.

But, let them, because it's true. There's comments on the blog, comments in FB, Tweets and G+'s from many, all saying the same thing; and today, in particular, was a banner day for both Type 1 and 2 diabetics.

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