My Twitter Dustup Over Resistant Starch with Jimmy Moore

Let me make no bones about it. I'm a fan of jimmy moore. Why? It's very simple. He helps a lot of people and he gets the word out from literally hundreds of others who help people too—both from his blog and podcast (I've been a 2-time guest myself). I'm not a perfect as enemy of the good kinda guy...and babies need a good drying off and cuddle after a bath.

I'd go so far as to say that in the early days (2007/8), for me, Jimmy's podcast was the absolute most varied sources of information on an important health theme that I could find; which, in those days, was primarily focussed on the angelization of saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet as a means of counteracting the CW demonization of same.

Then he embraced paleo. To me, that meant more, varied information. His podcast became even more interesting and complete. Others saw it differently, but I never gave a care to that. They're just stoopid and short sighted, worried about what, I have no clue.

At the same time, I have never backed off from stating my disagreements with Jimmy. Done it a few times. Couldn't take his chocolate cake/protein comparison, so there's this: "Protein is the New Carbohydrate,” and Why to Ditch the Low-Carb Catechism (Sorry Jimmy). There's maybe a couple of others—far 'moore' where I've defended him—but even Jimmy has noted that I never attack him personally. I never will. To me, his accomplishments far outweigh his errors, difficulties and troubles along the way.

I have my own glass house.

OK, so I think he just dismissed the issue of resistant starch out-of-hand, and probably because of the word "starch." I began a Twitter exchange with him here.

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