Very Low Carbing: Let’s Just Kill This Beast

The identity of this formerly Low Carb Doc will forever be safe with me short of State torture—as will be the identities of the Low Carb Docs who have seen worse, not better, in their patients. “Spanish Caravan” (edited for style, not content) ~~~ Paleophil, the legal issue here is an example I cite because it harkens back to SAD and conventional medicine. We’ve been told that the medical establishment will never admit that they were wrong…Read More

“Tigernuts” – A Nutty Tuber or Tubery Nut?

One cool thing about having my style of blog that I get to have so many nuts as commenters. They’re distributed amongst the geeks, nerds, ne’er-do-wells, muckrakers, slackers…and plain ol’ assholes, like me. My comment sections are truly representative of the misfits of society, which is why they’re a perfect fit for Free the Animal. From time to time, the geekery reaches such insane levels that it has to have its own post. Here’s “Duck Dodgers.”…Read More

“Can you coordinate the dance of your body’s 100 trillion microorganisms?”

 Simply amazing, remarkable, must watch TEDMED. Astounding. I can quibble, because I think that the best way to get your microbiome sorted is to arm your allies against your enemy. However, the presentation is remarkable for how he shows pretty well how very amazingly complex it is. And yes, that is the general thread of our book. It only has but a single chapter on resistant starch. Here’s an article about the presenter in The…Read More

Podcast: How Resistant Starch Foods Can Make You Smarter, Faster And Healthier

Ameer Rosic is one of those people that conjure my favorite saying in French: s’il n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer. Ameer has an ever present smile, he’s high energy, and he thinks. And I always like that. I recorded a podcast with him a couple of weeks back and it went live today. If you want to use iTunes, download for drive time, or whatever, those options are available at the page. Also, I believe there’s…Read More

Writing Blues, Quick Food, Same Clothes, Vaping, and Bright Spots

Pretty much a Zombie, lately. I think it was John Durant who said, in reference to writing The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health (highly recommended, especially the Biblical parts): “Writing a health book is the unhealthiest thing I’ve ever done.” I can relate, but on a much smaller scale. I have Tim, and Tim does the dirty work up there in North Pole, AK where it’s 40 below, dark 21/7, and he has a…Read More

Don’t Worry About Cholesterol

A comment by Dr. Charlie, biochemist. ~~~ Sorry for delay in getting back to you re TC/ apoB and Gabriella’s concern over a patient who had a blip in her LDL readings. In a way I’m glad that I did because just by chance I watched again the Wisdom of Clouds speech by Tom Naughton and the lecture by Prof Tim Noakes on YouTube, entitled “The Great Diet Controversy: UCT taught me to Challenge Beliefs”.…Read More

Saturday Morning Obesity and Gut Biome Link Roundup

Spent about 12 hours offline and woke up this morning to about 250 unread emails. Everything from comment notifications, Facebook shares and comments, Tweets, etc. So, I opened up a new post window and plugged the most interesting stuff I saw as I went through it all. ~ Science Daily: How fiber prevents diabetes, obesity Scientists have known for the past twenty years that a fiber-rich diet protects the organism against obesity and diabetes but the…Read More

Food For Thought and Discussion: Root Cause of the Obesity Epidemic, with J. Stanton

J. Stanton of touched off a dispute in the comments of a previous post that I think merits further thought and discussion. As background, J and I are friends. Here’s photographic proof: J and I at the dinner table at my vacation home. The next day, just a couple of months in advance of his and my own AHS12 presentation, we sat down for a video interview that was quite well received. And this last July…Read More

A Facebook Convo With Robb Wolf

What say you? Since even before Robb himself began questioning the sanity of Low Carb as the unequivocal harbinger of objective, just-so health qua inquisitorial dogma in the context of a so-called healthy lifestyle with ubiquitous designs, I’ve been chewing just like I know he has. I blogged about his own n=1 with potato starch the other day. He’s still asking questions. I “get it”. Calories matter. Insulin hypothesis is dead. Gotcha. What I’m still…Read More

Jeff Leach Wrote:

Buzz is out that Dave Asprey didn’t like his RS via PS experiment. (I would have been surprised if he had, because if beneficial, LC is an ass and he’s been wrong for a long time—which I love to be, but he’s not demonstrated, yet.) Moreover, if he actually took the months I and others have taken to be able to down bolus doses of PS, chased with beans and have no bloating or gas,…Read More

Intestinal Gluconeogenesis

One more for the low carbers, since gluconeogenesis is the only meow of the cat. A novel function of intestinal gluconeogenesis: central signaling in glucose and energy homeostasis Abstract The gut can contribute to the control of glucose homeostasis by its high glycolytic capacity and a recently described function, gluconeogenesis. In addition to its quantitative role in endogenous glucose production, a qualitative role of central signaling was recently described for intestinal gluconeogenesis. Relating to the…Read More

The Great Robb Wolf on Potato Starch

He dropped this comment on the Facebook thread on my last post, where I expressed disappointment over Fred Hahn’s convenient dismissal, since even though he found a potato diet worked wonders to lose weight, it has to be fundamentally from a low-carb perspective (read the thread). Resistant starch basically makes low carbers look like ignorants and Fred can’t have that. But it just does render them wrong. They have been essentially and fundamentally wrong for…Read More

Confirmation Bias: Resistant Starch

There were only two options. The first was for Tim & I to have our little gig in posts and comments and giggle in emails and keep it cloistered, or just put it out there and see what happens. Obviously we chose the latter. Since it’s gone Plaeoviral, there’s problems. Wow, I ate that 30oz porterhouse and I don’t feel so good. Wow, a quart of heavy cream per day and I’ve gained weight. Who…Read More

Shereen El Feki: Sex Happens For Arabs, Muslims; and Go Figure

TED talks are a double edged sword. So many good, so many bad. For me—and I make myself appraised of every new one—it’s the 1st 2 minutes that decides if I’ll watch the whole thing, and that’s only if I didn’t see the title/subject as stupid, superfluous (a huge percentage) or too niche interest pour moi. This one caught my eye and Shereen El Feki got my attention in that first two minutes. Hope you…Read More

Happy Civil Disobedience Day aka MLK Day

Forget all the other bla bla, designed to keep the ignorant ignorant and distracted by the politically expedient in terms of contrived antagonism. MLK is important, but it’s because, like Gandhi, he took Henry David Thoreau seriously and put it to the test.   Well, at least someone out there got it right. Dr. Martin Luther King: strategies and tactics of civil disobedience. Every year the third Monday of January is designated as a federal holiday…Read More

The Blooming Science of Gut Flora

This is too cool, Jeff Leach of The Human Food Project: Going Feral: my one-year journey to acquire the healthiest gut microbiome in the world (you heard me!). I think he has a way to go to top the resistant starch monster, Tim: Resistant Starch: American Gut Project Real Results And Comparison (Very Big News). At any rate, a couple of excerpts from Jeff’s post: But reading between the lines of the near breathless and optimistic reporting…Read More

Take It It All On Faith Like the Bible Tells You, Duh!

I’m so thankful on this TGIF that God made us with 100 trillion cells in our guts (and about a trillion on our skin) that outnumber our own cells 10-1, and their genes to ours, 125-1. Given that the bacteria and yeasts in the gut all give off various chemicals, and there are up to 1,000 different species of them that synthesize these different chemicals, it’s comforting to realize that this is an astronomical, exponential…Read More

You’re Only 10% of Who You Think You Are: The Tim & Richard Book on The Gut Microbiome, Resistant Starch and More

Well, I used news of our fist public announcement of a book coming soon in Angelo’s Latest in Paleo Podcast as a hook to get you to listen. Hope you did. But if you didn’t… The Title of the post is not necessarily—and probably not—the title of the book, though that’s the working motivation. Once you have this realization firmly in mind, it becomes about writing a book about the 90% that’s not so well…Read More

A Quick Lesson in “The Dose Makes The Poison”

Or, Sometimes Even A Dose Doesn’t Make the Poison Sometime back a hefty comment thread got going on arsenic levels in white rice; in particular, rice from the southern US where arsenic based pesticides were once used (stuff soaks into the ground, stays there, gets soaked up by rice crops…you get the picture). Accordingly, some people brought up the fact that certain brands of parboiled or converted white rice, e.g., Uncle Ben’s Original, had been shown…Read More