Latest in Paleo 97: Tatertot Tim Steele and I, on The Gut Biome and Resistant Starch

Angelo “Scorsese” Coppola (it’s 2h, 15m long) dubbed it Perfect Resistance because we think Paul and Shou-Ching Shih Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet is probably the most perfect “compromise” between rigid Paleo and SAD. I explain why in the podcast…Plus, it puts the entire low-carb community in the short pants they deserve to be in. I’ll begin…Read More

Raucous Podcast with

I’ve done quite a number of podcast appearances over the years and in some respect there’s significant repetition. You know: what’s your story, tell me about paleo, intermittent fasting, yada yada. This one, a relatively new podcast by Justing Manning of the “CaveManning” Health. Performance. Life. Blog, was a raucous good time. No punches pulled,…Read More

Ron Swanson

How come I never heard of this character before? Here’s a 30-minute collection of what are reputed to be some of Ron Swanson’s best an funniest clips from Parks and Recreation. See if you can stop watching. I couldn’t. Funniest shit I’ve seen in a long time. And yes, I most definitely identify with Ron.…Read More

Mainstreamish Media Musings vs. Entrepreneurial Podcasts, Male Onset Baldness, and RNikoley and Tatertot Tim Book Collaboration

Dealing with mainstreamish to mainstream media is a pain in the ass. And I’ll juxtapose that with the joy and ease of working with niche podcast entrepreneurs—where you’re treated like royalty and everything is easy and goes off without a hitch every time. First, the HuffPo Live deal I FBd and Tweeted about earlier is…Read More

Wolfpack Fitness Accepts the Animal Challenge

Time to have some fun and breed a few smiles. Way back in early November I got an email from Luke Robinson, a fitness entrepreneur in Auburn, Maine. Here’s what he wrote: ~~~ Hi Richard, My name is Luke Robinson, owner and founder of WolfPack Fitness in Auburn, Maine. I was sent the following paragraph…Read More

Thai Massaman Beef Curry “Stew”

Those who’ve been around for a long time probably remember that I have lots of uses for Massaman Curry Paste. You should be able to easily find it at any Asian market or grocery, or, Amazon has several brands. Aroy-D also has it (not in Amazon for some reason) but that’s what I’m using now…Read More

Give a Liver a Break

I’m in. Anyone else? Our liver vacation: Is a dry January really worth it? “DRY January”, for many a welcome period of abstinence after the excesses of the holiday season, could be more than a rest for body and soul. New Scientist staff have generated the first evidence that giving up alcohol for a month…Read More