Shereen El Feki: Sex Happens For Arabs, Muslims; and Go Figure

TED talks are a double edged sword. So many good, so many bad. For me—and I make myself appraised of every new one—it’s the 1st 2 minutes that decides if I’ll watch the whole thing, and that’s only if I didn’t see the title/subject as stupid, superfluous (a huge percentage) or too niche interest pour moi.

This one caught my eye and Shereen El Feki got my attention in that first two minutes. Hope you like it as much as I. Though, I can quibble a lot; especially as regards all the solutions that involve institutional arrangements toward the end. I take what I can get.

The essence of it is pretty simple. You want to modernize the Middle East?

Help young men and young women to get laid a lot more often, and have it a bit more open in terms at least of the strive and desire. Learn to lie about it, at least as much as those in the West do and that will help overcome catechisms.

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