Probiotics: The Genetic Component of Obesity

[Please do read and integrate this, but here’s a thinking update, April of 2015: Gut Bugs, Probiotics, Prebiotics…And how our microbes make us who we are. This is a process.] In the obesity debate, you generally have: You eat too much, don’t move enough. Lack of discipline. Can’t resist reward. You eat too much fat. You...…Read More

Down the Rabbit Hole: When Phytate Becomes a Nutrient

Morpheus What I outline below I found almost humorous. Really, I laughed out loud when I read it. One of the most sacred tenets of paleo is that of phytate, or phytic acid. It’s a Very. Bad. Thing. Primarily found in higher concentrations in cereal grains, it binds to important minerals in our food, such…Read More

Alec Baldwin to the World: ‘Fuck You I Quit’

Well, this was one helluva read first thing this morning and I loved just about every bit of it: Good-bye, Public Life, penned by Alec himself and aptly published on a site named “Vulture.” The Look Think what you will about Alec, and I know he’s such a lefty commie ideologicaly, but I always can’t help…Read More

Looks Like Dr. William Davis Was Right in Wheat Belly

Well what do you know? I’ve been following Dr. Davis for a long time and have really applauded a lot of the work he was doing over the years getting really good results for people, primarily by getting them off wheat and getting their vitamin D levels up. The results often showed up in significant…Read More

Famous Suicide

Warning to all the new folks: This is Free the Animal. Nothing is off the table, nothing is taboo. Ever. In fact, I embrace opening the door to in-your-face rational discussion of anything and everything; and if for nothing else, simple refreshing contrast. …I was on my iPad anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl—home alone and…Read More

A Quick Revisit of the Resistant Starch Research

Even though there’s a thousand or more (Amazon PS purchases) worldwide now on various forms of resistant starch (potato starch, mung bean starch, green plantain, green banana, tapioca starch, and even hi-maize) and so far—in compiling anecdotes for the book—positive experience outnumbers negative better than 9-to-1 in self reporting in comments, there are naysayers. Most…Read More