Gut Microbiome and Resistant Starch Roundup

First a bit of The Book update. Tim, Dr. BG and I have completed the first draft and 95% of the content that’s going to be in it, is in it. Also, longtime frequent commenter (about 950 comments, going back to 2010) Dr. Gabriela Kadar, DDS contributed a chapter on non-gut microbes (mouth, skin, vajayjay,…Read More

The Numbers Matter and Only The Numbers Matter

I didn’t need to look far and wide to find the usual hysterics over this post: How Eating Heaps of Safe Starches Cured My “Diabetes”. It’s good enough, though. Hate still = passion, and I prefer a mix of both just to keep things real. Nowadays, I only just skim that kinda stuff, looking for something…Read More

Indian Gooseberry “Amla” vs. Diabetes and Cancer

I typically don’t go in for “superfoods.” I typically make fun of the idea. While I’m sure a lot of them have their benefits, the marketing hype is just always beyond the pale. Remember Goji Berries? How about Acai? A few weeks back, and I don’t recall where, someone sent me another video by Dr....…Read More

You Heard It Here First Update

The number of posts here are over 90, now. The body of research is is 30+ years old, encompasing thousands of studies and I and my book collaborators—the amazing Tim, who just did an update with Angelo, and Dr. BG, “Grace” (link removed), who just recorded with Dave Asprey (Tim & I are scheduled to go…Read More

“Life is Ours, We Live it Our Way”

Typically, I use my Facebook to post my randomness, including a selfie now & then. Today wasn’t any different, in the joy of deleting 212 comments from someone who insists on being a disvalue to me; insists that I enjoy it, or tolerate it, or that I take her seriously because she has fingers. Those…Read More

How Eating Heaps of Safe Starches Cured My “Diabetes”

I’m almost reluctant to post this because I get a perverse pleasure out of seeing myself diagnosed as an “obese diabetic,” in caps, on the Internet. Both are lies, of course. Eventually, all will be revealed but for now, let’s dispense with the “diabetes” claim. As background, I was occasionally getting high morning fasting BG…Read More

Good Religion. But, I Still Want to Go to Hell

Good Religion:   A small handful of mind worms: Is there a God? No. Is there a god? Yes. If you see The Budha, then kill him. Is the Bible true? No. Is the Bible the truth? Yes. They’re all basically equivalent, so up to you to connect the dots and figure out what I mean,…Read More

St. Paddy’s Day Corned Beef & Cabbage

I’ve actually never made it before! But yesterday, I went to TJs for a few things and they were sampling their own corned beef that’s uncured, pre-cooked, all you have to do it warm it. Tasty, tender, reasonable list of ingredients, so I though ‘what the hell?’ I know nothing of St. Patrick, nor do…Read More

The Great Paleo and Primal Books I Like Roundup

I simply don’t have time to do substantial book reviews, anymore. Just impossible. On the other hand, there are a number of books that come out—amongst the many I receive—that bear mention and recommendation. So, I have decided to periodically mention those that meet my standards as well as point to other substantial reviews by…Read More

No Miracle

Sorry folks. Was all excited about starting the money series today, but feel like…crap…so I can’t do a good job of it, pretending otherwise. I think it might be it for Rotor, my buddy. He made a great recovery from the spinal stroke last summer that kept him immobile for 10 days, but he’s had…Read More

Bitcoin: I’m Finally Going to Blog About It

But I promise you this: It will be the whole next week, a fast and furious series on the very fundamentals of what money really is…and why it’s not only just a “medium of exchange,” which is only what they want you to think. That’ll be the first couple of days; because, I also have…Read More