No Miracle

Sorry folks. Was all excited about starting the money series today, but feel like…crap…so I can’t do a good job of it, pretending otherwise.

I think it might be it for Rotor, my buddy. He made a great recovery from the spinal stroke last summer that kept him immobile for 10 days, but he’s had a relapse and while I don’t know whether it’s as severe or, he can move around more because he’s got the neurons for it, or he doesn’t want too, much.

…And I told Beatrice long time ago that so long as he’s enthusiastic about eating, I’m all in. It appears to not be the case, now. Not interested in eating anything at all—even a little peanut butter on a finger.

No Miracle. Take it away Roger.

By the grace of God Almighty
and the pressures of the Marketplace;
The human race
has civilized, itself

I can only hope he does another whole Wall-esque opera one of these days. I’m not as cynical, but I like to pay attention to those who are.

Richard Nikoley

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