GoPro: Lions, Spotted Hyenas and…Hang Gliding

I really can’t get enough of the video. Kevin Richardson is he; he walks among and lion-hugs lions in the wild, as well as spotted hyenas that are seemingly as lovable as domestic dogs…and incidentally…HOUSE CAT INDIFFERENTs: watch your evolutionary great great great great grandparents demonstrate cat-to-human affection, you comfortable, moody, lazy, and nearly worthless high-maintenance…Read More

Does Wheat Cause Coronary Heart Disease?

This post is contributed to Free the Animal by French IT Engineer, Alexandre Cesaro INTRODUCTION Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of deaths worldwide – killing 7 millions people every year. In the following text, we will see that wheat consumption is probably a risk factor for CHD. Conventional Wisdom on Wheat Most health…Read More