Well this sucks: RIP Seth Roberts

I had never heard of Seth Roberts before I heard of Art De Vany. Seth interviewed him way back. Google it yourself. It was a good interview. A year or so later, all of a sudden, Seth posted on his blog about something here. I’m not going to put in a bunch of links, but…Read More

“Evolution Turns The Unavoidable Into The Necessary”

Chew on that title for a second, in the context of survival pressure, selection, and rapid evolution in spurts. Think back to a million years ago, with everyone sitting around wondering where the government and social services were: “how are we going to save and perpetuate genes that can’t manage a hominoid life?” Today, half…Read More

A Little Blog Redesign

Earlier today I put up a bit of a bleg (now taken down). I was trying to install a more modern commenting platform (Jetpack) that features things like users being able to log in with various accounts they have elsewhere, like Twitter, FB, G+. Problem is, it uses different stuff to call up the form,…Read More

Flexible Good Food Eating

Just a dump of photos of the sorts of things I’ve been eating mostly, lately. Nope: not particularly paleo, not particularly low carb, not particularly high carb, not particularly high fat, not particularly low fat. Etc. It’s not particularly anything at all. Rather, at different times, places and circumstances, it’s one or more of all…Read More

THE Weirdest thing just happened

I was in the car, listening to the local NPR affiliate as I always do—when not classic rock, or Top-40 Hits. It was a forum with a host and several local professionals; least, that’s what they call themselves—professionals. They really like to use the word a lot to describe themselves. I was told these professionals constitute…Read More