Get Your Panties in a Bunch: I Hosted Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show

I’ve gotta give Jimmy credit for this one. Way to undercut me. As I’ve kept increasing the volume on the general issue over starches—and resistant starches in particular—poking Jimmy regularly, he goes and makes me an offer to host his show, 100% confident that I could not turn it down. Well played, sir! Indeed, I had too much fun. I considered it an honor and privilege, and spent a lot of time working it over…Read More

Well this sucks: RIP Seth Roberts

I had never heard of Seth Roberts before I heard of Art De Vany. Seth interviewed him way back. Google it yourself. It was a good interview. A year or so later, all of a sudden, Seth posted on his blog about something here. I’m not going to put in a bunch of links, but it was in about 2009/10, and it was about saturated fat vs. CVD, I believe, and Seth was intrigued by…Read More

Love Making Right Out In the Open: Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Rickie Lee Jones

My wife unit arrived with the Nuke (dog) unit this afternoon, bringing April snow with them here in Arnold. CA, at 4K elev. They’re soundly crashed after the 8-hr drive. After three days of solitude up here I’m happy to have them, and I’ve been lost in music. You all know I’m a classic and prog rock guy, but tonight I wanted to hear love making. The final selection is Rickie Lee Jones, Flying Cowboys,…Read More

“Evolution Turns The Unavoidable Into The Necessary”

Chew on that title for a second, in the context of survival pressure, selection, and rapid evolution in spurts. Think back to a million years ago, with everyone sitting around wondering where the government and social services were: “how are we going to save and perpetuate genes that can’t manage a hominoid life?” Today, half of human productive income goes—in various ways—to ensure the survival of the ‘unfitest’ (and I must say: unproud). Now, cellular gene…Read More

Has Our Health Food Fixation Gone Too Far? Watch Me On HuffPo Live Today, 4PM PST

Got an email yesterday afternoon from the lovely and accomplished associate producer Francina, with whom I just had a test video chat to make sure all would be OK. She dutifully grilled me to make sure it’s a match for what she’s putting together. I really appreciate that. So it’s confirmed, and I’ll be amongst a few other guests in a live show hosted by Caitlyn Becker in a few hours. I was previously on a…Read More

What Did Indigenous People Inhabiting the Coldest Places on Earth Really Eat?

Low carb for sure. High fat and most importantly, high protein too, and it’s my mission in this, primarily, to make understood that’s why LC worked for them long term. But, also: they prized an enormous diversity of plants, when available. What follows is some comments in a couple of different posts who have used Google to discover new things, to find conflicting narrative that doesn’t come in a book designed to pitch one single narrative,…Read More

When Confirmation Bias is the Landscape, Dialectics is Your Path to Better Truth

I woke up yesterday to a bit of a surprise. Mike Eades, MD, has a new post up concerning a Twitter debate he had with one of my frequent commenters and a collaborator for a few posts I’ve published here, with a view to better understanding of things like the gut biome (glycans, “animal fibers”), carbohydrate intake (fresh kill, raw meat and sea mammal glycogen), glucose tolerance, and chronic ketosis amongst a good testing ground:…Read More

Everything Update. But Mostly Gut Microbiome and Resistant Starch

I really need to spend way more time getting the book ready for the publisher, in my eyes (now editing chapter 6 of 15, and accelerating); which means, excruciating editing at word, sentence, paragraph, section, “science sidebar,” and chapter levels. Convey the ideas in the fewest words possible. That’s the creed I go by. I truly do believe its going to be amazing; and if not, I fail. Tim and Grace both knock my socks…Read More

Honestly: Do You Really FEEL GOOD About Having Filed Your Papers Today?

If you feel really good, then good for you; I’ll leave you alone. I’m sure your wager to have others pay for you beyond your ability to pay for yourself will pay off. Your conscience—beyond the dusty items of defeat or resignation—will be clean. You’re fine. Don’t worry, be happy. Human Animals are going to take up the slack anyway. So relax.   Make sure you have your papers stamped by the Postal Bureau on…Read More

Free Will and Tabula Rasa is Dead; But So Is Materialism. Connecting Dots.

The Enlightenment idea of Free Will, or Tabula Rasa, is one in which humans are deemed to have been born clean slate, no intrinsic behavioral programming. It’s often juxtaposed with the observed unlearned behavior of animals, called instinct. On the other end are the materialists, who essentially hold that we’re merely a product of genetics that call forth certain cellular chemical processes that effect brain processes, and everyone is just a product of an evolved…Read More

“Paleo” Is An Exclusive and Not Inclusive Diet: What Are You Eliminating Rather Than Including, Next?

One way to chew on that title is to realize why Low Carbers have had success infiltrating Paleo Ranks. They merely restrict a macronutrient (carbohydrate); so, if they have no allegiance to paleo, They can eat as much cheap soy-oil mayonnaise as they like, while scoffing at your super expensive grassfed butter. It’s an extreme example, but serves to illustrate the difference between just excluding a macronutrient (carbohydrate) and going Big, excluding lots of bad…Read More

The Best General Explanation of Resistant Starch Yet; Eye-Popping 4-Minute Video

There’s nothing like someone making something as simple as possible, but not too simple. It’s perfect, and right after I post this, it will be added to the “Newbies’ Primer” on Resistant Starch. The Hungry Microbiome: why resistant starch is good for you Really, share this one around big time. It’s short & sweet, and carries a powerful message.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login…Read More

The American Food Project Rings in For a Commenter and Not Good (Why Resistant Starch Doesn’t Work for Some)

Tatertot Tim put this together for us, in collaboration with Dr. BG (Grace) (link removed) What’s Lurking in your Guts? Potato Starch as Litmus Test for Gut Health Earlier this week I was copied on an email from frequent FTA commenter Nancy, who had some important news. Her American Food Project results were in and she was a bit concerned: Subj: Results from American Gut: my innards are quite f*cked up Results attached with crude…Read More

One Thousand Nails in the Coffin of Arctic Explorer Vilhjálmur Stefansson, and His Spawn

This is yet another Duck Dodgers post…. He and I collaborated over answering Dr. Mike Eades’ tweets in counter to my post: To Reiterate, Just In Case You Missed It: No Elevated Ketone Levels in the Inuit. Duck came up with most of it. ~~~ Ask any ketogenic dieter about the Inuit’s eating habits and they’ll tell you to “read Stefansson.” Ah yes, Vilhjálmur Stefansson—easily one of the least capable Arctic explorers and well known for stretching…Read More

A Little Blog Redesign

Earlier today I put up a bit of a bleg (now taken down). I was trying to install a more modern commenting platform (Jetpack) that features things like users being able to log in with various accounts they have elsewhere, like Twitter, FB, G+. Problem is, it uses different stuff to call up the form, as well as display comments, while my old Cutline theme uses the old way. Initially, I figured I’d get in…Read More

Flexible Good Food Eating

Just a dump of photos of the sorts of things I’ve been eating mostly, lately. Nope: not particularly paleo, not particularly low carb, not particularly high carb, not particularly high fat, not particularly low fat. Etc. It’s not particularly anything at all. Rather, at different times, places and circumstances, it’s one or more of all of those because it’s simply…omnivorous. I will add that achieving the dietary flexibility to have highly satiating starches lately has…Read More

THE Weirdest thing just happened

I was in the car, listening to the local NPR affiliate as I always do—when not classic rock, or Top-40 Hits. It was a forum with a host and several local professionals; least, that’s what they call themselves—professionals. They really like to use the word a lot to describe themselves. I was told these professionals constitute a $10 billion industry, so good for them, I’m guessing. They were talking what seemed to me to be really weird…Read More

How Barack Obama Becomes The Greatest President In US History Without Killing 750,000 Americans

That figure was news to me. I’ve been winging it with ~650k American “Civil” War dead (don’t you just love that oxymoron?) for two decades of writings when I bring it up. Perhaps that’s what it takes to be the greatest president, in The Land of the Free. Kill lots of people that lots of other people don’t like. Simple equation. Little history lesson. Letter from President Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greely, editor of the New…Read More

I’ll Be Hosting the Famous Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show

April 28, 2014. Tim Steele and Dr. BG “Grace” are my unconfirmed but planned guests and they are going to get a grilling about this whole resistant starch deal. My role, in respect of my benefactor, will be to play it military pro and straight, for his audience. April 28. Update: No, folks, it wasn’t and is not an April Fools. More accurately, given all the emails, tweets and FB comments by those who were…Read More