A Bit of It All On a Saturday

Wednesday morning I spur-of-moment loaded some shit and dogs in the car and headed up to Arnold, CA, where we maintain a vacation rental and for one of a very few weekends over the year, it wasn’t rented out. I had to mail some guy’s clothes he’d left in the dryer back to him when…Read More

Careful Those Who Want You To Fail and Starve Your Microbiome

I literally have almost no time to blog (I’ll blog about that later). For a long while I’ve noted those who do an “experiment” with resistant starch, have any number of initial issues—mostly very low carbers—and proclaim to their audiences that it’s shit. So, go back to starving your carb-addicted gut. Now, I know why…Read More

Now That the Self Flagellation Over Dumb Memorials is Over, May I Have Your Attention?

Does anyone actually think for themselves, anymore, in the “Land of the Free?” Or… Regurgitate That’s how I largely view America, now, especially including stupid-shit-flag-waving, nationalist displays like Memorial Day. That capital—earned in WWI and WWII—against no-shit geopolitical crises, was spent a long time ago and people ignorant of history are just pretending like they…Read More

Dispensing with Ayn Rand Statism—with its Concrete Bound Mentalities—and Typical Ignorance Regarding Bitcoin

I’m not going to go all bitcoin crazy geek on you, but yesterday, I posted something that only some of my eclectic collection (colleclectiction?) of readers are interested in. However, as is my way, I’m principally interested in engendering particular interests among those who, at any particular time, aren’t particularly interested in the slightest. I’m a…Read More

A Quick Primer on Bitcoin

Some time ago I wrote that I would write about it. Unfortunately that hasn’t come to pass and I don’t have the time to delve very deeply into it, but for a few observations. Instead, Jeffrey Tucker (also, his FB) and a few others just did an appearance on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and basically gave…Read More

Outcompete God and Country

 Here’s how you could better grow your one and only life, in my view. Outside the Busybody Box Since 1991, I’ve had this metaphor in my head: outcompete god. On levels, it’s hilarious to me that people pray to a skygod for so many of the things man routinely manages and fixes. To state it another…Read More

The Resistant Starch Revolution in the Swedish LCHF Community

Some years back, everyone following the goings on in the U.S. Low Carb community was made aware of the goings on in Sweden, surrounding the institutional trials and tribulations of Dr. Annika Dahlqvist, reminiscent of what Dr. Robert Atkins encountered in the early 1970s here. Since being vindicated, a rather substantial LC Community has burgeoned in…Read More