Bitcoin Puts the Guy in a Mud Hut in Zimbabwe on Equal Monetary Policy Footing With the Most Coiffed & Suited Zurich Banker

This will perhaps be my last entry on Bitcoin for a while, but as I alluded to in my last post, my chief motivation in this is to get some of my readers—just like Resistant Starch—to say ‘wait, someone who’s given me good advice in the past is onto something, and so I want to know more about that.’

Get it? I’m a “Trust Agent,” but I’m only saying: check it out.

Here’s the last two posts:

Both are getting some interesting comments, but the one I wish to highlight is something I’ve not covered explicitly, yet, though I had intended to in a comment, then forgot.

But Howie covered me.

For westerners, Bitcoin is a neat experiment with a lot of promise. For folks in developing countries who have experienced fiat currencies at their worst (e.g. Zimbabwe’s trillion note), this is a Dogsend. Imagine the revolution for the small farmer who will eventually use his cell phone to send money using SMS text (developers are working on this).

Ah, indeed. I replied.

You win my smart man of the day award.

Took the words out of my mouth. In fact, I just published a comment where I had intended to say much the same—about the leap frogging ability of the 3rd world—but forgot, and as soon as I hit send, I saw your comment, as though to rebuke me for such an oversight.

Yes, BTC actually puts the 3rd world on equal footing. Completely equal. A guy in a mud hut in Zimbabwe on exactly equal monetary footing as the most coiffed and suited Zurich banker.

Brings tears to your eyes when you consider the implications.

But don’t take a look. Those poor brown skins might have a way to outmaneuver you when you’re busy doing all the stuff fiat currency and your vote have provided you.

NIMBY alert!

In short, I will love it when, someday, hopefully, I’m on my beach in a tropical area, using my phone to trade, to take in BTC, and pay BTC, all having to do with my 12 bungalows, where we spear fish in the morning to cure the previous night’s hangover, and get drunk in the evening to rewind, around the campfire.

To secure a reservation in my exclusive resort—with only ceiling fans and cold running water—you’ll have to score 100% on one of my various tests covering everything, just so I know I want to get drunk around the campfire with you—and trust you with a fish spear the next morning.

I have no doGs. That includes government and its monopoly money. I do as best I can in the interim. What I’ll love the most about it is if I can see the Nomenclatura of all sorts in all of the 1st world starving to death, and smaet folks in mud huts prospering.

Ah, you always thought my free market-anarchism was about getting more power for the powerful, didn’t you? Or, you thought it was about another silly bloodletting where the poor and downtrodden get scammed again, a-la Castro. Nope. I want them to have real power on a par with anyone, which is the ability to trade in a viable medium of exchange that is actually a MEDIUM of exchange. And then they’re on their own.

They are going to kick your lazy privileged asses. Is that your fear? I’m not, because I want to live more like them, with meaning.

Like my Heinleinesque bungalows.


Richard Nikoley

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  1. Dan on May 20, 2014 at 03:48

    Perhaps the book can be your first commerce venture using BTC?

  2. Woodchuck Pirate on May 20, 2014 at 07:51

    The perception that freedom can not coexist with government was crystallized into reality, by the bank, insurance, and fascist union corporate car manufacturer bailouts following the 2007 collapse.

    No valid philosophy can’t be practiced to the nth degree. Only corruption bank-rolls aversion to principle. The greatest threat to oligarchy is small business, therefore not only does small business not matter to statism, it can’t matter. Oligarchy owns statism. Freedom exists only beyond the reach of oligarchy and its implementation of statism (slavery). Patriotism is a religious embrace of statism.

    Freedom arises in correlation with anarcho-capitalism, never established by collective action, but only by individuals rejecting the norm. I can understand the anectdotal examples Richard puts forth incorporating bitcoin as vehicle of empowerment. I have been searching for evidence of technology presenting new challenges against the status-quo fascism of statism. Statism is implementing global chaos and warfare to weed out any remnants of freedom that may inspire self reliance rather than total dependence upon statism. Dependence is obedience. Patriotism, statism, obedience, dependence, reciprocates only when the circular chain remains unbroken. A conscious person dispels all 4 of these elements lest the chain (worm) rebuilds itself with each step of devolution toward unconscious behavior manifest through pragmatism (aversion to principle).

    Is the success of bitcoin (or a crypto-currency) guaranteed simply by the fact that there is no alternative path to sustain freedom?

    Given that fascism is not based in reason, rather the growth of fascism is guaranteed only when derived through status-quo pragmatism (aversion to principle), doesn’t the paradigm reveal itself as bitcoin versus fascism?

    Given that 99.99% of the human race is pure scum by choice, insisting on socialism not freedom, it seems the target market for bitcoin is by definition anarcho-capitalism, because aversion to principle will destroy the infinitely exclusive code that requires 100% agreement to function. Statism can not coexist with bitcoin. To suggest statism can coexist with statism would be to define statism in pragmatic terms, and I reject aversion to principle.

    From a marketing standpoint, this appears to be a unique challenge, as selling freedom to the sheeple negates their status-quo, and as history reveals dragging mules up ladders is a waste of time. All you end up with is a mule up a ladder. By default, only the corrosive effects of suffering will awaken the herd to consider bitcoin as vehicle of freedom, while suffering under statism (slavery). Unconscious folks love their pain, it’s their comfort zone. It’s easy and predictable, not like freedom with all the focused energy, morality, ethics, and of course book-learnin’. Even after clearing such obstacles, freedom is only valuable to those that use it.

    The goal is sustainability. Statism (slavery) is not sustainable. I own land off the grid and I can tell you that the ability to communicate and sustain private economic freedom while maintaining physical presence in a desolate location would be revolutionary. At present it doesn’t exist. Statism can’t let it exist, now or ever.

    May we live in interesting times.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  3. Howie on May 20, 2014 at 14:05

    And the first SMS-based BTC wallet is ready for launch:

    Combine that with the growing spread of BTC ATMs in Africa, it’s a go:

    • Richard Nikoley on May 20, 2014 at 14:13

      That almost brings tears of joy to my eyes, Howie.

      I’m absolutely certain you know what I mean, and why.

    • MC on May 21, 2014 at 16:39

      I’m not very familiar with Bitcoin as of yet, so not sure if this is a stupid question, but wouldn’t they have to purchase Bitcoins using their own currency, so they are still tied to their government dollar, unless they get paid directly in Bitcoin by an employer or customer?

  4. Jordan on May 20, 2014 at 14:45

    Hey Richard,

    Have a question not relevant to this post, but wasn’t sure where else to put it:
    Unfortunately need to do a round of antibiotics for a bacterial infection. I know it is wise to take probiotics during this time. Should I also be taking RS??

    Thanks you.

    • Richard Nikoley on May 20, 2014 at 16:19


      I would only take antibiotics if life threatening, which of course includes living as I am accustomed. So, be your own judge on that, of course.

      But yea, if that was the case and I saw no way out, and medical marijuana or shooting heroin wouldn’t help, I’d be pounding the SBOs, PS, and all manner or other plant fibers.

      Plus an apple a day.

  5. SteveRN on May 21, 2014 at 00:43

    Woodchuck helped me sort of reach a conclusion I had been slowly circling around, these last few days concerning Bitcoin/crypto currency. A few years ago, with Richards prodding, I finally realized how worthless my vote was. Now, sorry to say, I still voted last time, I just realized it was pointless. Why I did is a debate for another day. But I started to think maybe what was more important than my vote was putting some money to what I believed, that my money spoke for more than my vote ever could. So I threw what dollars I could here and there, to Fair Tax, NRA, whatever. And maybe it matters, maybe it doesn’t, I am not sure. But, I am starting to think, maybe putting my money/time/effort into Bitcoin could make a difference in a way nothing else ever could. Taking that money out of the control of too big to fail banks to grab in a bail in or bank failure, taking a small bit of power out of the hands of a central bank to control, and making it harder to track what I buy, when I buy it, who I give it to. Even if Bitcoin fails and I loose whatever, if I really believe in taking power away from people trying to tell me how to live, this may be the biggest chance to do something that makes a difference I will ever have. Not to worship at patriotic idols, but maybe losing everything in pursuit of a crypto currency is the modern version of falling on the field of battle in the Revolution. If it helps us get there in the end, to a truly free society, for those that want such a thing, anyway, maybe it is worth it. Like you said, it might be Bitcoin, it might be something else, but every time someone buys into this, a system not under the control of a government or corporation, it is one small step in a journey to freedom. When Mike, or whoever, made a point about you having a stake in the success of this because you have, what, a few hundred dollars , he missed the point of what you had at stake in seeing this succeed, I think. Just making assumptions from what little clues you have given through the years, but I do not think you are throwing your entire future away with a few hundred in the pot. Maybe not, maybe it is everything you have. I think your stake, everyone’s stake, is in seeing us get one step closer to being truly free animals, in the powers that be having one less way to control our dreams, hopes, futures, and day to day lives. Way more important than making a little interest on your currency.

    • Itchy Wmd on May 23, 2014 at 10:19

      Great post.

      This is the exact reason that got me interested in Bitcoin also. And now, I have practical uses for Bitcoin as well.

      I first became interested in Bitcoin as a way to remove my money from the government controlled systems. I believe that the current banking system represents the biggest obstacle to freedom that the world has ever seen, and I don’t want to have any part of it. Of course, up until recently, I have not had much choice but to participate in the money system such as it is. Bitcoin is beginning to change that.

      So, although I still do not hold a large investment in Bitcoin, I have found a very practical use for it. I currently work in North Dakota, but I am a Canadian who still lives in Alberta, Canada.

      Without going into tremendous detail, a situation arose where I needed to send money home to my wife as soon as possible.

      I’m not sure if anyone here has tried to wire money internationally before (quickly), but it can be quite a pain.

      To use Western Union, I could send an “instant” transfer with a limit of $1000. This cost $200US!!! Also, I had to tell them all of these things:
      -Who I was sending the money to, and her relationship to me.
      -What the money will be used for
      -If I had sent money to her in the past, or if I plan on sending money to her again at any time in the future
      -When was the last time I had communicated with her, and if the money transfer itself was the topic of our conversation
      -How had we last communicated, text, phone, email, etc

      Another option I had was to do a wire transfer from my US account in North Dakota to my wife’s account in Alberta. I could do this transfer up to a $10,000 limit, and it would cost me $50. I still had to tell the bank my relationship to the receiver, and what the money would be used for. But one more thing, international wire transfers all have to be routed through New York. In my case, the money is sent to Bank of America, where they skim some fees, and report to Uncle Sam. I was told that the transfer would take 2-3 business days. (But I have used it a few times, and it usually gets there overnight.)

      I know some of your readers will come up with cheaper and easier methods, but on this occasion, I had to send it NOW.

      Anyway, it wasn’t just about the fees or the speed, it was about the privacy. In both cases, I was felt as though I was doing something wrong, and was forced to divulge my personal business.

      A long story short, I can now “send” money to my wife anywhere in the world instantly, and for free.

      I put the word “send” in quotations, because by using Bitcoin, I don’t actually send money to my wife at all. I simply buy Bitcoin and deposit it on a network. The Bitcoin network is borderless.

      Also, (and I know I will get some push-back on this), with a little planning, my transactions are untraceable back to me, despite the blockchain.

      Isn’t freedom wonderful!

  6. Doug on May 23, 2014 at 06:23

    Richard –

    Bitcoin fascinates me. I have been reading about MtBox, but I don’t understand what happened. I would be interested in your take.

  7. Woodchuck Pirate on May 23, 2014 at 07:03


    Was there personal relevance that motivated your choice of Zimbabwe as reference for this post? My son had an english speaking pen-pal from Zimbabwe in the 70’s with martial arts as common ground. It’s really the only country on the continent my family has discussed.

    When I was very young watching black and white TV, I dreamed of going to Africa. However over the decades since, I’ve lost interest as wisdom (focused misanthropy) became key to survival. However I don’t see my world view finding evidence for exception anywhere in Africa. I mean with China and the U.S. established fiat and force hell bent on carving up the continent, is there any incentive to seek solitude there versus Arizona high country, or Montana? Bear in mind I’m 55 years conscious and make decisions based in full acceptance of personal mortality. The status quo environment of treason maintained by government in the U.S.S.A. is as objectionable as it gets. However is there anywhere better suited to freedom in 2014, without same prognosis of devolution?

    Some say Africa will receive intense focus from the beast as a means to extend the fallacy of ever increasing consumptive economy. It seems a reasonable person (benchmark 55 years age) would select geography characterized by present or imminent empire collapse rather than the final venue for genocide over natural resources.

    What say you?

    Perhaps you might have resources (network) to assemble and present an analysis of where an individual could, or could not embrace anarcho-capitalism with qualified chance of avoiding being slaughtered by statism? That would be a very useful post.

    Enjoy your day.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  8. SteveRN on June 11, 2014 at 04:43

    I heard this on NPR today, and it made me think of your posts regarding Bitcoin.
    I would be interested in your thoughts. I think you said something in one of these posts regarding almost getting a lending venture started your self. Seems something like Bitcoin could only make it easier.

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