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Some months way back I became a bit intrigued by a new social blogging platform, kinda having lost interest in Tumblr.

It’s Medium.  As a platform that just gets out of the way and let’s you blog from a web-based editor, it’s pretty great. It achieves—for me—a level of plain pleasure in just easily crafting a cool post, using images to convey metaphor…that’s just plain fun.

I put up a post back then: Do Something So Crazy You’re Afraid to Tell AnyoneAnd then tell everyone anyway.

Then I set it aside.

Needing something of a diversion, something different today, I ended up reading a post by some Aussie girl over her failed startup. Quite interesting. Take a girl who just got out of high school, started an Internet clothing business with no money and no knowledge, manages to handle getting everything sorted—including a visa to the US—gets Angel and Seed funding. Tanks anyway, but there’s a million tidbits of good info: My startup failed, and this is what it feels like…

…Don’t let the word “feel” in the title dissuade you (laf…women…). It’s a pretty good post for young folk and entrepreneurs alike.

So I got a bit inspired and decided to revamp my 9-part Anarchy Begins at Home series. A bit of editing here and there, a few different pics, banner pics and all of a sudden, I’m working on part 4.

I’ll pump ’em out every couple of days or so. For now, Part 1 is up: Anarchy Begins at Home ,  Pt. 1 — The Quality of Paleolithic Knowledge.

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  1. Goodstuff on June 30, 2014 at 04:07

    Startup girl is smoking hot. She started me up perfectly – no failure here!

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