Toddlers With Rounds of Gut Killing Antibiotics Now Suffering Severe Allergies

I doubt Crissy truly understood how to make this Richard smile a lot on a Friday, and get her troubles out there for a social hug and crowd sourced dose of ideas and help. You can guess how, and if you can’t, fuck off.

Good Afternoon Richard,

I started following you on Facebook a few weeks ago, I have noticed you post a lot about RS. I have looked at your website before I wrote you but could not find what it was looking for. Just curious, have you heard of anyone have success with RS with toddlers? I am very tempted to start giving my toddler 1/8 teaspoon per day and maybe working up after a couple weeks. I really think that she has horrible allergies. She was very ill for a long period with a kidney infection and had several rounds of antibiotics to eliminate it and the allergies have gotten so much worse, go figure. We give her a coconut kefir for probiotics. She is an incredibly picky eater so I have not yet been able to get her to try sauerkraut, but I am persistent in offering it to her 🙂

To the point, it’s hard to find literature on this being used in toddlers. Looking for guidance I suppose 🙂 I’m probably going to try either way, more and more foods are causing a rash.

If your were able to read this thank you for your time, if not, fuck off.

Yes, she added a “just kidding” to the end. That’s why I delayed about 2 hours publishing this. Had she just done it straight up, you’d already be reading it.

I’m no expert, of course, but there is wisdom in crowds, so I’ll kick it off.

  1. There is no such thing as a picky eater. This is my #1 loath. Never force, but don’t give alternatives. Kids are picky because they are manipulating you to give them only what they want, because you want them to have the universe. But they’re little proto-fucktards. Know nothings. They won’t starve to death. Don’t force, but when they get hungry, they will eat anything you provide, literally. Let her get hungry. The hunger drive is stronger than sex, and at her age, she doesn’t have that other one yet, and her second is your demonstrated approval as a sort of surrogate.
  2. When she hits puberty, whole other deal. This is why it’s preferable to have boys. Sorry. 🙁 You only have to worry about one penis, not all of them. But get the food sorted before then. Hopefully it makes a difference in healthy behavior because otherwise, you have a storm of a fucking nightmare in front of you.
  3. I digress.
  4. I find it funny when people ask whether the kids ought get probiotics, especially of a soil—fucking dirt—nature, when unless physically stopped, toddlers get more probiotics than any other people on earth because they touch everything including outright dirt and then put their hands in their mouths. Free the Little Animal.
  5. Everyone thinks that’s awful, because humans are forced-ignorant fucktards in the service of food, drug, and antibacterial manufacturers, now—not to mention prissy females who’d faint at the sight of semen—an unclean bodily fluid.
  6. I digress for a second time.

Alright, Crissy. Thanks for the email, the opportunity for me to have a little fun, and to create a bit of crowdsource info that you can use to figure shit out.

Now go fuck off. 🙂

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  1. Ellen Ussery on June 7, 2014 at 06:14

    Okay, have to share my picky eater story.

    When stepdaughter 8 years old came to live with us, she would hardly eat anythin i put on her plate, tell me in great detail how bad this or that tasted and not stay seated at table but get up and rub around and then ask for all kinds of special food between meals. A total pain in the ass.

    I set the following parameters:

    Serve your own plate.

    Take one bite of everything.

    No negative comments.

    If you taste everything, you can have dessert.

    If you do all the above, you can have snacks.

    There was an immediate transformation. She ate almost everything served, stayed at the table and was part of the conversation and voluntarily started helping clean up after we ate.

    Clearly for her it was all about control and the way I set it up, she did have control….of what she ate, but not of me!!!

    Probably my only success as a stepmother.

    • Gemma on June 7, 2014 at 11:11

      “Probably my only success as a stepmother.”

      could you temporarily adopt my daughter too?

  2. Ellen Ussery on June 7, 2014 at 06:20


    have you read Mr Heisenbug on eczema and L Plantaurm?

  3. tatertot on June 6, 2014 at 16:25

    Good one! Gave me a smirk, too.

    Chrissy – Here is some light reading for you:

    What it says is that as babies are weaned to solid foods, one of the first sets of microbes they develop are those that utilize RS3, the stuff found in cooked and cooled potatoes.

    I’d go for underripe bananas–ones starting to turn yellow, but still have some green on them, and cooked and cooled starches…potatoes, rice, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas.

    This is more than likely how babies were weaned for millions of years. And, yes, let her put your keys in her mouth and don’t be too anal about sanitizing everything she touches. That business with them wanting to put things in their mouth has deep evolutionary meaning. “Oral Tolerance” as it’s known develops through mysterious pathways and trains the immune system. More light reading:

    Good luck!

    • eddie on June 6, 2014 at 17:20

      Go for it….. try the RS ,

      fill us in on being sick thou(what all happen)…. HOW old is this toddler exactly ?? LOOSE stools now normal ??? solid ?? bad diaper rashes around the anus??? ear infections too??

      How many anttibiotics ??? which ones…. focus in on what names and what they kill. How many rounds for such a little kid

      Richard is right…babies are picky now , because we have all become babies ourselves feeding them.. they even have baby chips now? HAHA if my kid had his way it would be candy for all meals…we need the old school way eat it or get lost…an hr later give it again. there hungry they ll eat it..

      Sounds like your kid picked up something bad early , bad luck— but to many antibiotics to early sets the path bad.. DO as TATERTOT TIM says …with the RS!!!!! try it

      Note what happens thou….watch the stools….these guys richard and TATER can tell you , IF you dont see improvement , or start getting ear infections etc rashes…. you may seek a different step– yeasts

      What age is the kid???? look back at your shots /card ??? vaccines …anything start from with in two or three weeks from one. No one thinks to look here.

      My son is 4 now, at one year… he got sick and belly pains, rashes and some sores on has back and side etc , nothing would go away. He did 2 rounds of an antibiotic..I dont remember the name off the top of my head…some liquid. It helped but months later he would cry , kick his legs as his belly bugged him.. he started getting bad rashes around his anus( very acid stools). and then a knot bump came out on his head…he would get leg craps….. They looked at his head and said keep an eye on it. at 2 1/2 it grew more.. We were set to have it cut out (the size of a dime) date was set for 3 months saw a child surgeon he looked at it.. I then gave him kids probiotics , the wife took him over seas to see her parents for two months before the surgery ..MY boy ate REAL foods… real non pasteurized milk from the cow GRASS feed, tons of potatoes (lithuanian) grass meats etc etc… borscht beet soup(butter milk)..he would eat anything….. I stayed home in the USA…my wife called said the bump went away —lost everyone.. just disappeared stool get better. He seemed to have a red rash alot from about 3 to 3 1/2 I gave him more kids probiotics giving it every other day… Today he is 4 eats tons of European bread–my wife sneaks back in…. potatos meats etc and hes been fine( I point to the RS, probiotics and real bacteria from the real milk
      that helped. My boy is again there now eating real foods til july 31th..I stopped the probiotics let him…

      Many see me talk about yeast– I dont push this on my son… or my wife. There meat and potatoes all the way-they are no need to push my way(I have a problem not them) I do worry as I carry 4 genes for gluten — he will be past on half of them.

      Any way — I point it all to a vaccine he got , I dont remember right now, but it all started after it… i dont remember the name right now but whats in it… isnt good….after researching it. look at your vaccine card /closely this may be your hidden deck of cards….. and the start

      Try the RS first…. see what happens start logging everything daily what happens to your child.. improvement or improvement. if you go down him more…then re think.. maybe do GREATPLANS stool testing you can do it for your kid.. DONT waste your money thou try the RS first…if no good do the test COMP STOOL

    • newbie on June 7, 2014 at 12:41

      Hi TT,
      I am sure I’ve repeatedly read comments from Richard saying that there is NO RS in sweet potato – can you clarify? As usual, thanks.

    • tatertot on June 7, 2014 at 14:06

      Not much RS in sweet potatoes, but it’s not always all about RS. Other fibers are important too.

    • eddie on June 8, 2014 at 15:34


      I have done two tests with them, I dont have them infront of me… the first test PH was 5 a years later I am a 7.. First test , I had yeasts and way to much microscopic yeast. If they dont culture they also so look for microscopic yeasts

      The second test ZERO detected. I also did the OAT test both times Organic acid test — My second one was way better , less yeast markers detected etc —they also look the krebs cycle , neurotransmitters, bacterial fungal markers etc etc alot … this is not mine but one of there samples

      MY bifido is fine 4x I have no lacto — lowers and lowers but i have been fine. for me Im more interested now in the “streptococcus” as this is close to nystatin and natural from what I read.
      My current probiotic is Renew life for 2 .5 years now 50 billion has Lacto and bifido … Im up and good on the bifido, but guess since I dont do starch at all — the lacto eats this RS3.

      I am thinking to try a soil based and see what happens to me.. hopefully I dont flick the switch and turn back on the crohns 🙂

      What do you recommend me trying “prescript assist ” ?????
      The yeast is under control now , from testing in many angles of testing I do.. The lining is thick as I know from the inulin and akkermansia bacteria proven and tested… I can drink hard strong coffee, eat super spicy foods as a test.- eat bread- drink tons of beer… I can eat almonds and walnuts all day long– Im not suppose to be able to do any with crohns.

      My goal is long term and to finish my experiment , which seems to be now adding the soil based probiotic to start. ??? which one

    • newbie on June 8, 2014 at 03:43

      For sure you want the other fibers and starches and NSPs, and I feel lucky to be following this blog and learning about the health value of cooking and cooling potatoes, beans and rice. But I don’t want to do it unnecessarily for veggies that don’t have RS. Your original comment suggested that cooked and cooled sweet potato, carrots and peas were the way to go. I should have been more clear in my question.

    • eddie on June 8, 2014 at 09:03

      TATOR TIM, & Richard

      I have been comparing things in researching, Can you tell me from TIM’s American gut report what is it you(Tim) are higher in
      in the yellow from your report?? thats higher then the avg person…. Actionobacteria or Verrucomicrobia , I cant tell due to the colors being so close. Please let me know , what this is

    • tatertot on June 8, 2014 at 10:54

      Eddie – My actinobacteria was approx 16% of total gut flora. Proteobacteria was less than 1%. In most people that is reversed. Bifido (an actino) was about 12%. I had like .1% lactobacillus and .07% Akkermansia.

      I did a GDX 2200 a year later and it showed my bifido was ‘about average’, so obviously wasn’t as high as in the AmGut sample at the time. Also showed I was below average in Lactobacillus. GDX indicated I had very low fecal pH (5.8) and butyrate of 27 Mm/g (high end of scale). No yeast or pathogens seen. Everything else in normal ranges.

      Preparing to do another round of testing…AmGut, UBiome, and GDX all on the same, well-mixed, turd. Results will take forever, but will be a cool experiment.

    • eddie on June 8, 2014 at 11:39

      I use great plans not gdx but looks like tbey test close things oat and como stool is what I use
      I am finding some close things as well my great plans doesnt match close to the american gut

      I too have no lacto and im really not seeing the value so far the bifido yes . As well im thinking you would almost have to do these american gut and ubio tests 3 times a turd after the other to get more acturate. .tbe lady at great plans told me even thou my last test showed no lacto or enteroc she said tbey dont always ride the turd down…hahaha

      I find your RS interesting and for you seem to be creating more favorable bacteria to block yeasts and bad bacteria.

      For me being sick and starting at a ph of 5 I have worked hard on the gut barrier lining where I think the akk bacteria lives with the deep dug in yeasts. My health is awsome now with out Rs but I suspect I get my fair share from walnuts and almonds

      I think what im doing is creating closeing the gut massive inulin and the use of herbs etc for lowering yeast. What your doing is feeding and bringing backthe good bacteria with rs. Why so many do so well ..the bad off not so well example me or maybe dave. Ive played for awhile and I think Iim close to adding in Rs but need to make sure my immune system has reset in advanced testing ..I dobt think tbe RS is for me maybewhen its time RS2 whats the best options I will test as well when I do it.

      Next month I willbe doing american gut and ubio as well my 700 advanced imunne systen testing …along with the ibd expaned panel I talk about

    • eddie on June 8, 2014 at 11:46

      Tator sorrt typing on small phone…I ment to say rs3 maybe not for me ….maybe rs2 whats the best source

      If im getting it now a little from almonds and walnuts what would this source be..alot of tmes im eating nuts while taking my probiotic

    • Grace/Dr.BG on June 8, 2014 at 13:15


      Bifido and lacto (what ur apparently low in) don’t eat RS2 well. However RS3 and cooked starches they love. Lacto are promiscuous — eats everything BUT RS2. Consider adding L plantarum when you decide on RS. It can recover original gut strains after antibiotics and prevents yeasts.

      What does Great Plains say about the yeasts? 1+ 2+ 3+?

      I question their accuracy, are they still culturing fungi? It’s very hard or impossible to culture yeasts that have gone errant and pathogenic/opportunistic, as you are aware.

      For long term small intestinal mucosal health, these two along with enterococcus and streptococcus are vital.

    • eddie on June 8, 2014 at 13:48

      Tator, Richard and Grace

      AH my!!!!!!! , I have been looking into things –with my mind wondering —
      Tator has high Actinobacteria from his Amgut. now the man bacteria in this is Actinobacteria group is one of the dominant bacterial phyla and contains one of the largest of bacterial genera, *******Streptomyces********

      Streptomyces **** is what Nystatin is made from from the soil..saoil based bacteria!!!!. <——- (or referred to as nystatin) biosynthesized by a bacterial strain, Streptomyces Nystatin is the antifungal drug I talk about for the GUT

      So from what all the stuff I read and jumping the fence away from standard medicine. My thoughts are two factors yeasts and gut barrier
      and Tim or others that started with low yeast have blocked them –people who are bad off are loaded with yeasts , I bet the real bet people if we got them to test would have no
      Actinobacteria and low Akkermansia normal is the 3 to 5 range.. But if your high in action no problem. Many will argue then I have alot of action but I still have gut problems , The other factor NO to low Akkermansia. Seems the optimal things is both.

      Tatortot tim has High Actinobacteria group bacteria which is Naturally anti fungal as it attacks yeast. Buy not having yeasts he is able to feed his other bacteria with no problems Bifido etc his Akkermansia is low , but theres no yeasts to break and root in. Does tim have a sensitive tummy to foods thou??? spicy etc ?? any foods bug him milk, gluten or soy ??

      For me my american gut I have ZERO Actinobacteria !!!!! again ZERO****** yet I have manage to kill and lower yeast with foods and herbs. But for me I see it this way , the yeast live and fight for space in the lining of Akkermansia ( the normal person should have 2 to 5 percent . ME 13 percent. Tim .7 but his yeast is blocked… I have made a thicker barrier and killed off most deep rooted yeasts/ lowered them and now all my intolerances seem to be gone!!!!!! I dont eat sugar and hardly any RS so Im not feeding them – and I have a thick barrier now from Akkermansia which has taken over and in control here. I can now drink hard strong coffee no problems, eat hot as Sh*t food spicy no problems , drink beer and eat gluten etc —two years ago and today anyone with crohns /colitis cant at all.. two years ago a bran muffin ,if i ate it – I felt hell – same with beer or even milk. And I know my yeast was high then and the lining low. I remember as kid in my teens eating spicy tacos and my stomach burning or mixed drinks in my 20's the more sugar , my stomach got upset.

      SO the puzzle— I need to get more Actinobacteria and figure out how to get this in me….. in my eyes,

      you dont hear it anywhere..but some feel that the yeasts make roots when pathogenic which then get into the blood– rob your calcium iron etc , the holes allow food particles in that give you intolerances and bad bacteria leaks in making you sick. The last part the bacteria leaking in making you sick or swelling the locations on the GI tract is what you get treated for not the cause.. —all my thoughts

      and again seems to be whats happen to me and happening to me.
      Im am jacked right now learning of TATORTIMS actionbacteria

      Any thoughts from anyone ???????????????

  4. gabkad on June 6, 2014 at 16:53

    Check the kid’s tonsils. Picky eaters oftentimes have either enlarged tonsils or adenoids so food smells and tastes weird. The enlarged tonsils occupy so much space in the throat that it is difficult for the kid to swallow solid food.

    No one is born with tonsils or adenoids.

    My older kid had huge tonsils. She could only consume liquids until she had them removed. She had sleep problems, growth problems, vomited frequently when solid food would get stuck in her throat and had to be given a bit of milk of magnesia every day to prevent constipation. Finally when she was 3 years old she had them removed.

    For whatever reason, removing tonsils became unfashionable. But it’s entirely ridiculous to not do so when the tissues are obviously so overgrown that a child is unable to consume normal food.

    I had mine out at age 5. Until then, and I remember well, food tasted like pus. After they were gone it was like I suddenly had a gigantic cave for a throat. I’ll never forget for as long as I live how suddenly when I’d drink liquids, they’d actually make a noise as they went down my throat. Before that the throat space was so constricted, there was no sound at all. I’d throw up a lot too and instead of being intelligent about it, my father would beat me up and force me to eat when clearly I was sick and not trying to manipulate anyone. One time I puked egg noodles that had bacon bits and cottage cheese right back into the bowl. He made me eat my vomit. Fucktards never apologize especially to their children.

    Having lived through all sorts of crap like this, I do not believe that children are picky eaters for shits and giggles. If there was any kid who had a vested interest in not being picky it was me.

    • Duck Dodgers on June 6, 2014 at 17:25

      Yikes, Gab. My kid was an extremely picky eater between 2 and 3 years of age and had a lot of the symptoms you described. But, I’ve never checked his tonsils (I think our doctors did and don’t recall anything out of the ordinary). He’s 4, and getting more adventurous and now eats about as well as any picky four year old does. He rarely gags anymore. He’s sleeping now, but I’ll have to check ’em out tomorrow.

      Are you of the opinion that tonsils are completely unnecessary? Or just unnecessary when they are interfering with eating?

    • gabkad on June 6, 2014 at 17:38

      A lot of kids these days have under-developed faces. They are born with small throats. So when they are exposed to airborne particulate matter, the mucous which should make a beeline down the throat and in the stomach settles in the throat. This exposes lymphoid tissues to whatever irritants and pathogens and cockroach shit and airborne mouse shit (urban dwellers and rural dwellers have their co-habitants) for prolonged periods of time. The lymphoid tissues respond to this the same as any lymph nodes would: they swell up. After a while they just stay swollen because it’s a vicious cycle.

      If the tonsils get infected, then they develop little abscesses that burst. This leaves scars and pits which fill with bacteria from the mouth. Google ‘tonsil stones’.

      One of my patients brought her daughter in to see me recently because the child has bad breath. Ooopsie: huge tonsils, small throat. We made a list of all the things this causes so she has ammunition for the doctors.

      Mostly it’s about remuneration. The surgeons get paid next to nothing for removing tonsils and adenoids so they don’t want to waste their time. Meantime kids are suffering with poor sleep, poor eating, wetting the bed, lack of energy.

      One time I saw a kid who looked like hell. Her tonsils were covered in thick mucous. The parents were adamant that their child was not having any problems. The kid had big dark circles under her eyes and she was hyped up to keep from passing out.

    • Tanya on June 6, 2014 at 17:42

      I can’t speak about overgrown tonsils, but they can become enlarged due to problem foods. Quite a few people remove one or more problem foods and the tonsils return to normal size. For my daughter, it took about a month.

    • gabkad on June 6, 2014 at 17:48

      Duckie, a lot of kids get too much juice. Empty calories and then they don’t have an appetite for meals. So that’s one reason for why kids might not want to eat. The other is too much snacking. Kids need to have proper meals. All this snacking business is unnecessary.

    • eddie on June 6, 2014 at 20:01


      What were the problem foods…. that made them swell???? what did you remove and they came down???

      please do tell

  5. eddie on June 7, 2014 at 07:02

    Guys I got to chime in here…….

    I am 41 years old…. I can remember getting hemorrhoids at 5 years old for the first time… constipated etc ,( rashes on my bottom– bleeding here and there , my whole life I had them– surgeries etc yeast and mold/fungus –> yeast and fungus proteins look like to some immune systems gluten, cassien or soy. –adding the allergy mess — I have come a full circle with my gut , rebuilding -ME i will never take a YEast /mold based antibiotic ever again unless Im on my death bed.

    I carry 4 genes for gluten in gene testing— I dont have celiac nor do I have gluten problems now.when the gut failed i did…same with soy and milk.. so you see where im going. Im in the process of testing again the milk– the soy ,Im done for life here. With these extra genes– when my immune system is at its wits – i came say my body confuses the protein– which may be the case for your child

    The probiotic I take above— what I learned is certain bacteria stay in certain parts of the GI tract… when I test at american gut … I have no bifido or lacto , but testing at great plans I do but at times none detected.. the lab says things pass at different times — so its not always accurate fully.

    Its no fun holding a kid for blood draws–Ive done this with my child—he was a boxer taking 3 people to pin him… But , if your having allergies , I would start here.. IBD EXPANDED PANEL —a GI test on antibodies from labcorp test 162045 about 50 or so dollars if covered by your insurance.. the strange part the insurance classifies this as a FUNGUS test.. No doc knows this… start here , and find out what all 5 antibody reading are ALCA ASCA AMCA ACCA PANCA report what they are… you can start down a path to figuring it out.. if your if your ASCA is super high– your making antibodies to bakers brewers yeast… if your AMCA your making antibodies to manibose
    this is just a quick link all my stuff is at work..
    the kraut will help if this is the case– good probiotics , RS and yeast killers all at the same time

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 07:06

      sorry for the type o’s should have read thru it
      my probiotics
      bifido lactis
      bifido breve
      bifido longum
      30 billion

      laco acidoplis
      laco casei
      laco plantarium
      lacto paracasei
      lacto salivarius
      lacto rhamnsus
      lacto bulgaricus
      20 billion

  6. Ilaine on June 6, 2014 at 17:07

    I am going to start by making a suggestion that has nothing to do with resistant starch, per se, or probiotics for that matter.

    A lot of people who follow Weston A. Price are parents. One of the things they consume and feed their children is fermented cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil. Suggested vendor Green Pastures. The butter oil is centrifuged from butter from grass fed cows. I hesitated to buy some because I was sure it would taste vile. The fermented cod liver oil product is pretty intense, but the product mixed with butter doesn’t taste bad at all. The butter is said to make the cod liver oil absorb better. The reason I suggest it is because I had a really bad skin rash that would not heal for months, and after I started taking it, the rash started clearing up nicely and is now gone.

    On to probiotics. Sauerkraut is very acidic and intense. Sauerkraut made from beets is rather sweet. Why not make kefir at home using organically produced whole milk from grass fed cows? Some people say use raw milk but I am sort of cowardly about that. If your daughter has a milk allergy, consider kombucha or kvass. If she is not allergic to milk, a nice mango lassi is very tasty.

    On to prebiotics. The suggestions that Tim (Tater Tot) made are spot on. That said, I see no reason why you can’t try a small amount of potato starch. I am a mother, too. Both sons are full grown and healthy. I would not not object if they wanted to give some potato starch to my hypothetical grandchildren. It’s just food. Much healthier than many of the things we feed our children these days (gummy bears, Count Chocula). I would also try very small amounts of the soil based probiotics, just a smidge. They don’t taste very good, though. Maybe buy some gelatin caps and package a small dose yourself? Just once, see how it goes.

    I have read reports by people with really damaged guts who had really bad reactions, so caution.

    I have had excellent results from the combination of potato starch and soil-based probiotics, but I really think the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil combo is what did the trick for my skin rash. Maybe both. I am going to keep doing both.

  7. rick on June 6, 2014 at 17:16

    Hey Richard,
    lots of great posts lately,thanks for that.
    there definitely are picky eaters, I have one.
    I have two boys,six and eight,one picky,one not.
    But you’re right, they won’t starve, if you give them real food they’ll eventually eat it, both boys eat the same food. one just does it faster and easier than the other.
    They both get probiotics and PS along with other RS foods,tons of vegetables(many homegrown),fruits, homegrown eggs, pastured meats, wild fish and some rare packaged crap if they can get their hands on it.
    So far, in fourteen boy-years not a single antibiotic or any other pharmaceutical.
    Sorry for the bragging, couldn’t help it.

    thanks Richard, Tim and Grace, for all your good work.

  8. Michael44 on June 6, 2014 at 17:33

    Hi gabkad.

    I’m sorry to hear about that stuff with your father. Jesus, what is wrong with some people?!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I hadn’t heard that before about adenoids and tonsils – i.e that we aren’t born with them.

    Any thoughts on appendixes? I had mine out when i was 9 and i want to tell myself that my body doesn’t need it :).

    • gabkad on June 6, 2014 at 17:44

      Michal44 were you a constipated kid? That’s one reason for getting appendicitis.

    • eddie on June 6, 2014 at 17:45

      I had mine appendix removed at 4 and have always wondered if had something to do with my gut , screwing up — tonsils out very early too… to me explains alot with my immune system

      These things are there to help you —APPENDIX the appendix is now thought to be involved primarily in immune functions. function of the appendix appears to be to expose white blood cells to the wide variety of antigens, or foreign substances, present in the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, the appendix probably helps to suppress potentially destructive humoral (blood- and lymph-borne) antibody responses while promoting local immunity

      the tonsils —–are part of your immune system, similar to lymph nodes (the “glands” you can feel at the front of your neck). As part of the immune system, the tonsils fight infection; they are first line of defense in the throat, and when they are doing their job fighting infections, you get a sore throat. The tonsils usually swell a bit and get red when that’s happening.

    • gabkad on June 6, 2014 at 18:20

      eddie, there is normal and there is overgrown fibrotic pitted and scarred. There’s a difference.

      Sort of like when I was 15 years old I was chewed half to death by blackflies. One of the lymph nodes in my neck swelled up and stayed that way for at least 10 years. That’s not exactly ‘normal’. Me being me I didn’t complain about it.

    • gabkad on June 6, 2014 at 18:24

      Michael44, when I was in grade 5 I got appendicitis. Temperature was 102.5 F. Pain lower right quadrant. The doctor (same army surgeon who took out my tonsils with the light from a flashlight because there was a power failure and no generator….my kids say ‘mom how come you had all the fun’……um no) put me on antibiotics and I had to lie down with my right leg on a bolster.

      Back in those days we had no health insurance. So kids like me basically got better or ended up with a burst appendix that required emergency care.

      Lucky me, the appendix didn’t rupture and the situation cleared up.

    • Richard Nikoley on June 6, 2014 at 18:57


      Most very recent research on the appendix is that it’s a safe house for gut bacteria, to reseed the gut after so e even like a food poisoning pathogenic event where your system flushes. Diarrhea, in a natural setting is a survival adaptation. Flush everything.

    • eddie on June 6, 2014 at 19:19

      Richard ,

      I feel you man… its import the appendix , for me what sucks they removed mine at 4 and there was nothing wrong with it…. they felt since they were cutting me open for intestinal intussusception Since the scare would be so close someone would think my scare was appendix (so out with it was there idea) Ive read up on this area some….I need to more..since Its gone I didnt harp on it , but would explain alot for me

      It all comes down to that Bacteria balance our standard docs are so lost on…

    • eddie on June 6, 2014 at 19:25


      Yeah I understand they need to come out , i just posted that as a general statement, I wouldnt be surprised if a good soil probiotic capsule opened in the mouth or a certain strain of bacteria wouldn’t help bring them back when there over swollen , rather then trying antibiotics –and the last resort cutting them out…. but who would try that… im sure the big pharm wouldn’t want that to work

    • eddie on June 6, 2014 at 19:51


      As well , when your tonsils are inflamed , or you have an ear infection when your a kid… the first thing docs jump to is amoxicillin…. In the world I look deep in / jumping over the fence as I call it. As docs are almost lost on yeasts they dont learn them really or know what to do…. I have to wonder , if they are not the cause in the tonsils… you have many who point to yeasts in the ear as the cause of ear infections..and sinus but ENTs jump right to antibiotics…..they tried this with the pain and ringing in my ears when my gut failed..(I said PASS) they give you an antibiotic amoxicillin most kids now a days this works but then come roaring back.. months later my coworkers kid has had multiple ear infections in 2 years… and has one right now….I see it all around me . Amoxicillin is a form of penicillin, which is a group of antibiotics derived from Penicillium fungi….. like a mold.

      Im sure no one has thought to use the SOIL BASED Nystatin fungi killer — you see the key word here….. this NYSTATIN is a —->soil based bacteria that kills fungus Streptomyces noursei.. Sometimes I wonder if the cause is the yeast, which open the path for the bacteria…

      I can prove this in my gut case….for my own crohns… and all crohnies usually are high in antibodies for yeasts –bakers brewers or candida — yet standard medicine is treating for bacteria or just giving your multiple rounds of antibtiocs hoping one will work… they usually find one that does… but months later these people are back with the same problem but worse…— just like the kids and ear infections– now your seeing the UP tip of ADHD… the fence jumpers point to yeast here too. Its shown your odds of ADHD are super high with the more ear infections you have now….

      To me a cat chasing his tail….. them giving you antibiotics and you going in a circle… you dont get to the cause…

    • eddie on June 6, 2014 at 19:52

      I meant to put a space here kills fungus ………. made from—-Streptomyces noursei.

    • Gemma on June 6, 2014 at 21:38

      what is a backfly? A node enlarged for 10 years? Lyme?

    • gabkad on June 7, 2014 at 04:24

      Gemma, a blackfly is a small biting fly. They take chunks of skin out of a person. There were so many of them, it was a feeding frenzy. Lots of my lymph nodes swelled up but one of them stayed that way.

      Lyme disease is from a tick bite.

    • Gemma on June 7, 2014 at 04:44

      OK, now I know which one it is.
      May be not over there but does not mean a blackfly cannot transfer some cool spirochetes troubling people for many years afterwards.

    • gabkad on June 7, 2014 at 06:31

      Eddie, there is a difference between acute swelling and chronic fibrotic swelling. One is soft the other tough. Once they get to the second stage, they don’t shrink.

      One guy I know had the big ones. Developed an infection that required lancing of the abscess in the tonsil and IV antibiotics in Emerg. He could barely breathe anymore and they put a pulse oximeter on him to monitor the blood oxygen levels. He was given an oxygen nasal canula. If that doesn’t work, then an emergency tracheostomy is performed.

      The whole thing somehow resulted in a severe immune system over reaction. A few weeks later the guy ate some nuts and got an anaphylaxis. He was then also reacting to all sorts of things he’d never had allergy from, like fabric softener. It was a nightmare.

      These things are not an asset, they are a liability. This case is not the only one I know about where people end up in emerg on IV antibiotics because they can no longer breathe adequately.

      When I was a kid, big tonsils were removed by routine. Nowadays, even if they create the sorts of problems I describe, no one removes them.

      We order up airway measurement studies so the doctors can find out that the amount of space for breathing is about the area of a pencil. And that’s when the person is sitting up and conscious. The airway entirely collapses when they lie down and fall asleep. Then they struggle all night to get air. Eventually primary obstructive sleep apnea becomes central sleep apnea: the brain does not recognize it is oxygen deprived and the drive to breathe goes down.

      I can’t see how this improves IQ.

  9. Ilaine on June 6, 2014 at 20:49

    Huh. They took my tonsils out when I was 16. I used to have golf ball sized tonsils speckled with cheesy white stuff. I would shine a flashlight down my throat and pick at them and pick off yellowish waxy lumps. Smelled bad. I kept having appendix problems in my 20’s and eventually it was cut out when I was 23. Problems started after I moved to New Orleans and switched from low carb and organic to typical New Orleans food. I miss both my tonsils and appendix, albeit more from nostalgia than reason. They probably did good things for me, although I can’t say that with certainty. Oh well.

    • gabkad on June 7, 2014 at 06:05

      Ilaine, there’s lymphoid tissue all over the upper respiratory tract. Your body does not miss those golf balls. When they look like yours did, they are a source of infection not a means of protecting you. And causes fetid breath odour as well.

      I’ve seen a kid with 4 tonsils: the second set were further down the throat. Only time I’ve ever seen anything like that. The child had serious learning and behavioural difficulties. Diagnosed ADHD.

      Having tonsils like that blocks airway and during sleep the blood oxygen levels fall. The brain needs oxygen.

      Another young man with huge tonsils had a sleep apnea index of 35 per hour, each lasting 50 to 55 seconds. Unlikely that’s particularly good for the brain. Also asthma because during the night, the effort to suck in air against a collapsed airway resulted in acid from the stomach coming up into the throat. On the in breath, acid would go down the trachea, burning the tissues. Blood oxygen saturation would go into the high 70s low 80s. That’s horrifying. People like that are disabled.

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 12:58

      gabkad ,

      What are you thoughts on yeasts causing the the tonsils to inflame ?? and then bacteria infecting them. ( this is my theory in the gut)<—-from what i can tell from thousands of dollars testing. With this whole Ordeal, I shot olive leaf extract spray, and grapefruit seed extract spray up my nose….(while fixing and treating the gut) I snored BAD and to the point , i was chocking in my sleep.. as well woke up with headaches. as time went on this all went away treating yeast–while adding in bacteria!!!! MY mother and grandmother had sleep apnea.( bad lungs mucus and gut etc) I was ready to do a sleep study, as one night I gasped so bad i sat up couldnt breathe. Today gone…….I sleep well, I dont snore( my wife is happy) once my sinus cleared and wasnt inflamed—ENT always looked and said fine—i never bought it…(spraying to kill yeasts and adding coconut oil..) I began taping my mouth shut (lips) with medical tape to train myself to breathe through my nose…..been great ever since??? my wife laughs the nights I put some tape…but it forces the mouth shut and makes you breathe thru the nose.

      It makes me wonder if some form of yeasts as the real issue in the sinus tract too. they never culture anything, and when they do the local labs are so poor…. as a test my local lab checked my stuff..poo. great plans checked it and I had lots of yeasts. ( its so far over looked)

      I wonder as , I know the yeasts in my gut , fought for control over akkermansia bacteria(lining)… from what im doing . what also has me perplexed is many studies pointing to polyps in the nose (from reaction to yeast) yet when you get to the GI track its said to be that BAD red meat… I dont by it.(one GI's dont believe in yeasts to start— and they dont look at them , they cant , from what I read too microscopic and deep in the lining…. the lower GI is useless here there camera. If they can cause it in the nose , why not the GI track and mouth.( tonsils) just my mind wondering …many say hemorrhoids are caused by yeasts. again I had these too and there gone… 35 years fighting them and surgeries ??? gone…..

  10. NessC on June 6, 2014 at 21:20

    For what it is worth my now almost 4 year old girl had many rounds of antibiotics for persistent ear infections when she was a baby. Exposure to antibiotics probably started for her at 2 weeks old when I took antibiotics while breast feeding her. She was evidently intolerant to milk by age 6 months, getting agitated and eczema with just a little milk. I tried every so often to re-introduce dairy to her since then only for the same results. Six weeks of some greenish banana and rs3 sources and prescript assist, she can now tolerate dairy fine. No behaviour problems, no eczema. May be coincidence but I think not.

    • Chrissy on June 7, 2014 at 05:23

      NessC, it’s worth A LOT! Knowing this had worked for people and hearing how they went about it is encouraging. I have much to learn.

    • NessC on June 7, 2014 at 14:30

      I simplified my original comment but my daughter also got pink cheeks and other rashes. I think soy was also a problem (When she consumed some at other houses) and some sort of histamine intolerance or whatever of the 100s of things in foods that can cause problems for the sensitive individual. Dairy was the worst though. I guess it is a case of looking at the common denominator once it gets beyond 1 or 2 sensitivities – gut health – so I think you are definitely on the right track. I had tried giving her other probiotics but it wasn’t until I gave her soil based probiotic that things improved. It also did wonders for her constipation. As for rs2 and rs3 sources, I am pretty laid back about it. I dropped some of my more paleo ideals and started giving her thoroughly frozen white bread (in context to a healthy diet blah blah), reheated cold potato, parboiled rice. I figured if every starch I offered was a semi decent rs3 source she would get enough. I opened the capsule of prescript assist and mixed with jam. For rs2 she basically has 1 greenish banana over each day but I don’t stress if none are available. Sometimes she has some raw cashews too. I know it can be hard when you look like the overprotective crackpot mother when you know something is wrong, you know that diet can help but don’t know exactly why or how (so many variables!) and no one in your non internet world believes you. But go forth, you have found a good site as a base in my opinion and feed her to the best ability that you can. Oh, one thing – cows milk seems v filling for youngsters – could you give her minimal in the short term at least, to increase her appetite for the starches?

    • NessC on June 7, 2014 at 14:34

      I simplified my original comment but my daughter also got pink cheeks and other rashes. I think soy was also a problem (When she consumed some at other houses) and some sort of histamine intolerance or whatever of the 100s of things in foods that can cause problems for the sensitive individual. Dairy was the worst though. I guess it is a case of looking at the common denominator once it gets beyond 1 or 2 sensitivities – gut health – so I think you are definitely on the right track. I had tried giving her other probiotics but it wasn’t until I gave her soil based probiotic that things improved. It also did wonders for her constipation. As for rs2 and rs3 sources, I am pretty laid back about it. I dropped some of my more paleo ideals and started giving her thoroughly frozen white bread (in context to a healthy diet blah blah), reheated cold potato, parboiled rice. I figured if every starch I offered was a semi decent rs3 source she would get enough. I opened the capsule of prescript assist and mixed with jam. For rs2 she basically has 1 greenish banana over each day but I don’t stress if none are available. Sometimes she has some raw cashews too. I know it can be hard when you look like the overprotective crackpot mother when you know something is wrong, you know that diet can help but don’t know exactly why or how (so many variables!) and no one in your non internet world believes you. But go forth, you have found a good site as a base in my opinion. Oh, one thing if it is a problem – cows milk seems v filling for youngsters – could you give her minimal in the short term at least, to increase her appetite for the starches?

    • Grace/Dr.BG on June 7, 2014 at 14:46


      Keep chugging. Modern healthcare will make it worse, not better

      Love hearing your baby girl’s story. I was in the same boat — but my first born was C section then formula at 8 mons. Upteen million rounds of antibiotics her first year in daycare. Unfortunately I understand too much (like Eddie) the devasting effects this has on immunity and health now. Do you garden? Have healthy organic root vegetables from your CSA or farmer’s market? These are great sustainable ways to incorporate the microbial load that mimics our ancestors and continues to replenish our gut

      Good for you on the dairy front! My kids appear to tolerate both gluten and dairy without problems after the protocol. There are some residual issues but slowly everything is improving. We are chelating mercury gradually; from vaccines and mega amalgams in the mouth. When we stopped GLUTEN, all their cavities stopped. My 2nd sometimes doesn’t even brush her teeth (kinda primal).

    • NessC on June 8, 2014 at 03:59

      I have been thinking of hitting up the farmers market for some dirt. Despite living in NZ I live in a relatively urban area and being unable to drive due to epilepsy I don’t get us out into some mud as much as I would like. I can get to the farmers market on Saturday though. Terrible state of affairs when you have to make some effort to get a bit of dirt. I have focused on my daughter but my own health has made great improvements with this approach.
      I agree with you on the teeth front too – I haven’t observed it being particularly gluten, though I wouldn’t rule that out as the cause (phytic acid overload?) – if my kids eat whole wheat products there teeth look terrible within days and that never happens anymore. So much emphasis is on sugar but I have observed a far stronger effect with wheat. My kids teeth are great and I’m not great at enforcing teeth brushing.
      Mercury chelating you say? off to go find out about something new with an open mind! Only cos I like your work.

    • Grace/Dr.BG on June 8, 2014 at 13:21

      NessC~ I know I’m an urbanite at this time and our future house has a limited/zero backyard! It’s ridiculous. All the green space , elementary school, & municipal park that I’m aware, every swath of every inch of acreage is covered with Roundup or equivalent nasty herbicide…

      “if my kids eat whole wheat products there teeth look terrible within days and that never happens anymore. So much emphasis is on sugar but I have observed a far stronger effect with wheat.” Very interesting! I think when i was growing up, perhaps Wonder white bread was actually healthier lol!

  11. Gemma on June 6, 2014 at 22:01


    you are not saying the age of your child, if you had antibiotics before pregnancy, what you were eating, and how long you were breastfeeding and what foods you introduced at weaning. It would help to form the picture.

    All those with young children should listen what Richard says about teenage daughters. Sneak RS into her food so that she does not know of it – no problems, what a great smoothie, mum! (kefir + black currants + banana + PS + inulin + honey + probiotic capsule all mixed). Try to explain her the reason for that, and she will run away screaming: but I will not eat that starchy thing, never put it in again, it tastes horrible. The boy: no problem to understand it and accept it.

    • Chrissy on June 7, 2014 at 05:20

      A very interesting discussion. 
      Gemma, I love your smoothie idea for sure. I’ve indeed made many mistakes in my journey as a parent. Amy is 19 months old and was born with a slight fever that went down minutes after being born, I had a fever as well while in labor cause , well, that shit is hard so it seemed normal to me. The doctors insisted that she be given antibiotics” in case”. When me and my husband were being inquisitive of why or if we could wait and observe we were treated like we were hippie dippie irresponsible parents and the situation actually got a little hostile. So Amy ended up right off the bat, getting a round of antibiotics. More than likely amoxicillin. She always had little clear rashes on the skin, sometimes a rash around her butt. She had another round of antibiotics near age 1 for an ear infection, and than most recently at 15 months she had 3 different rounds ( one intravenously administered) to kill a very resistant e.coli. strand that was in her UTI . MANY POOR CHOICES on my part. I myself have not had antibiotics since 2006. She was in daycare until 16 months.
      Her diet has generally been some of my better decisions, or at least I hope. Before she turned 1 she would eat ANYTHING. It seemed to change after she was really sick with the norovirus (we all had it, yuck) , I think I was so desperate to get her to eat again I offered tooo many choices and never corrected my behavior. We eat generally only whole foods. I even home-make my own mayo. We do not eat grains generally with the exception of rice. I do not give her juice, only milk and water. I also give her a cod liver oil, I approach this carefully so I only give her it every other day. Grass fed beef and pastured products are staples and her milk is almost always grass fed with a few exceptions. She has had a cupcake once for her birthday when grandma-in-law peer pressured me and I didn’t have the spine to hold firm to no. I do let her have rice puffs in a pinch if I’m wanting to buy time, lol, that’s about once a week. Other than that she is a milk-aholic. She was breast-fed to 5 months and supplemented with milk for what I lacked. I wish and know it needed to be longer.
      As of right now I can get her to eat avocado along with most ripe fruit easy peasy. Meat is tricky, if I make a red curry and blend the beef and veggies to remove the texture , she’ll eat it sometimes. And Green beans and asparagus on occasion. Oh and she’ll eat bacon…. it’s just organic, not pastured.
      Gabkad- I know when she was hospitalized for the kidney infection many people checked her tonsils but no one mentioned they looked big. Her dad has shockingly large tonsils though that always get a response from doctors  So I will keep an eye on that. She did eat well at one point so I’m not sure if that would be an issue but I will keep an eye on it. She does have a lot of gagging and choking which I thought was normal for her age but maybe she is supposed to be through that by now? I would never force her to eat, I’m sorry that you had the experience you had with that.

      All-in-all, she’s always had slight eczema and what I suspected was a little bit of a dairy allergy. But since the last round of antibiotics her cheeks, arms, back, and butt are almost always lighting up and now I can’t tell what’s what. I know strawberries and tomatoes are a big no-no and make it the worst. Also her cheeks started becoming very pink all the time (horrible in the sun), my mother a naturopath said that was a big red flag for allergies. I’m thinking I need to cut dairy out of diet at least for a short period to observe, it seems like a daunting endeavor, and add some natural sources of RS.

    • gabkad on June 7, 2014 at 06:17

      Chrissie, if she’s getting UTIs it sounds like she’s in a poopy diaper for long periods of time. Same goes for the rash on the bum: diaper rash. …..daycare workers are not always as reliable for keeping babies clean. If they use wipes after a child’s bowel movement, then that’s not good enough.

    • Gemma on June 7, 2014 at 11:06


      a nice article by Ed Yong on gut flora development in babies.

      Feed you daughter well, pre/probiotics is a must. Keep on offering, mash those foods she refuses. Frement at home, it is fun.
      Refuse antibiotics if she is not dying, or you can start it all over. Eddie brings a lot of god advices.
      BTW, 16 months is the first great moment to teach toilet habits. Can she go without diapers at home?

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 11:42


      This is a good cartoon for you to watch on the microbes .. npr article for those who want to watch very good scroll and click on cartoon (the article is not so interesting but the video is)
      PLEASE WATCH!!!!!!

      I only point out all my stuff Chrissy as I dont want any one to learn the hard way the SLOW way— like i have. I say it all started as a kid..(passed on from mom and to many antibiotics) thanks to my fathers genes Im guessing I have fought thru it all the way till 38 like a engine low on oil…(today the engine is rebuilt) and have been lucky. I wish someone told me in my teens.

      At times you have no choice in taking antibiotics, but when you do , you knock the wall down and have to start all over……putting the block back.

      One thing i have noticed , in my gut testing i have no cyanobacteria- which spits out it own like natural antibiotics.( which im sure antibiotics in general killed off) in comparisons to other people l have none. right now the last two months I have been adding spirilla bacteria to my gut —spirilla bacteria s a cyanobacteria type which believe it or not— blocks yeasts time will tell , it is also a good iron source they guys do something with iron

      Anyone thoughts??? As well Chrissy you testing is expensive in general — the american gut project doesnt test yeasts , but would be very interesting for you to test at 99.00 for your child to see what things are coming out of her or him?????

    • gabkad on June 7, 2014 at 11:46

      Gemma, true. A UTI that is E. coli happens from feces getting up the urethra. Wipe front to back and wash. I would wash my kids every time they pooped and bathe them every evening before bed. Used Zincofax on the skin. Went through at least a dozen diapers per day. Even if they didn’t pee, if they sweat a lot and the diaper was moist, off it came. Thankfully one thing they never got was a UTI.

      Just so glad my kids are adults now because disposable diapers are so expensive, people keep them on the kid for too long at one time.

      Maybe I’m a bit OCD about certain things, but everyone should wash their bumhole after having a BM. Bacteria from feces kept in a nice warm moist place like underwear love to migrate into places a person would rather not have them around. Shitty underpants are way not cool.

    • newbie on June 7, 2014 at 12:50

      I’ve seen many entries in these posts about adding probiotics into a smoothie. My Vitamix pulverizes everything. I wonder if I put the bacterial caps into my smoothie, am I not just killing any chance of their intact survival. Better to swallow the capsule whole, with the smoothie as the liquid, I think. Any comments?

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 13:05

      Well , my answer would be, depending were you want those probiotics to make it… high or low many are made with caps to withstand the journey farther in the acid of the stomach

      I d do the cap alone

  12. eddie on June 7, 2014 at 07:15

    some key factors the rashes,,,, bladder infections, ear infections… using a yeast/ mold antibiotic to kill other yeast/molds (penicillin) I bet a full deck of cards —your kid has antibodies built up to molds and yeasts now.—- and molds on strawberries– you cant see (high in sugars)

    look at sugar foods you give,,, or things that can resemble mold/yeast proteins SOY milk and gluten) read labels — 90 percent of foods have soy lectin added –adult and kids —-sugar feeds yeast(JUICES are trash– if your doing alot of juice water it DOWN).. you can react 3 days after eating something not detected in standard IGE allergry testing (why so many fail here), only picked up in ELISA/ACT bio IGG IGA IGM TCELL and IMMUNE complex testin( testing all at the same time) for responses

  13. DajM on June 7, 2014 at 07:20

    I have a 15 month old son. Unlike some of the previous commenters, he has never taken antibiotics or drugs of any kind. He had a really bad ear infection once but we let it work itself out and it did. However, the doctors in the hospital did put my wife on penicillin during her labor, against our wishes – I’m sure we could have fought them more but were tired of fighting by that point and that is a discussion for another time.
    We’ve been experimenting with RS in his diet for a few weeks, now. We give him about an 1/8 teaspoon of potato starch in a smoothie in the mornings and a 1/4 green banana when they’re available about 3-4 days a week. He has not had any diarrhea and no adverse reactions. He does tend to drop a deuce shortly after his smoothie when it has RS in it. He also gets cod liver oil, and a probiotic that includes FOS. He is breast fed twice a day and eats lots of fermented foods, as we make our own Kimchi, sauerkraut and other fermented veggies. He loves them all. We plan on continuing the RS and monitoring how he does on them. I will say that he tends to sleep better on days when he has his RS.

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 09:13


      Man you are doing it right!!!! in my eyes , from the hell , i went through and back,

      Kimchu, sauerkraut , veggies a probiotic a little FOS and the RS… you my friend are set up for a good healthly kid in my eyes….
      You wont be able to get your kid to eat oils /olive oil.. but try some asparagus (inulin ) get that in more too.
      In the long run….long haul but bet your kid will be sick less,, less good ,,be more focused and listen more then other kids… and low yeast…

      in my eyes if you have to in the future an antibiotic see if you can get a none penicillin one … man I LOVE IT all what Ive done to come back , except the RS — which will be soon down the road

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 09:14

      I meant to say onions cooked in olive oil

    • DajM on June 7, 2014 at 20:50

      Thanks. My kid eats just about everything, actually. He’s never really eaten baby food. He’s been eating the same food we eat since he moved to solid food at 4 months. Everything is an experiment. I’m just trying to feed his gut the best I can.

  14. shtove on June 7, 2014 at 08:52

    OT: Anyone considered the effect of magnesium on gut flora? I googled freetheanimal magnesium, but all refs seem to be pre-RS experiment.

    Maybe it’s old hat on this blog, but the association is raised in this book with some good observations on body deoderisation from mag supplements – published in 1971. It seems to have a simple confirmation involving beetroot:

  15. eddie on June 7, 2014 at 09:28

    Shtove ,

    I played with it , while I was at my worst… for me I found it better soaking in it…. salts and or putting oil.. I used it , but it can mess you up internal , diarrhea there a fine line on calcium and mag.. and vit d all work an 3’s

    If your low on one the other two dont work right and so on. Alot of the calcium supplements are rough to with the poos .. I point back to the lining fix this and all this lines up…. youll absorb everything you need when the lining is right and villi on the tract. — just my experience, maybe it did something for me… dont know

    I have osteoporosis in my neck and osteopenia
    in my left neck and hip… after starting yeast killers I gut craps and pain in those areas over time.. MY whole gut is fixed, sinus , headaches , skin, nails are very good time to time some yellow on one toe nail as its growing out.. almost gone. I have not listened here as well… on taking calcium. the Japanese have lower fracture rate among Japanese than among their Western counterparts but do in take all the calcium we do…. no mag from things.. I get mine from foods nuts etc.

    this is the last thing im trying to fix…and my guess is a several year thing as they say you grow new bones over time and almost shed.
    in 2.5 my Phosphoric—Bone Metabolites score –in great plans is rising up and up….
    Im rolling dice but so far on the others i have won… for me , the mag goes in the skin soaking— to me to rough internal supplements

    • shtove on June 7, 2014 at 10:43

      Thanks for the reply. Does anyone doubt the benefit of Mag supplements?

      I go transdermal – half-fill a cheap soap dispenser with epsom salt, fill up with water, shake, and squirt. Works great on mood, in my experience.

      The linked article is to do with oral intake affecting gut flora. More googling shows it’s not a common topic, but here’s a study:

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 10:52


      Stick to the soaking or oils/ soap…. when my gut was a mess….I got the leg cramps etc eye lid thing… etc once your good dont over do it .
      you can get from food…

      I can say soaking in the cheap salt helped.. as for the study — my great plans lab says my bifido is great more now then I had over a year ago. I dont get those bad cramps any more

      link for you

    • Gemma on June 7, 2014 at 10:56

      Mg bathing/ingesting:
      If I remember well the low levels of Mg in blood are due to bad gut flora stealing Mg from the food so it never reaches the tissues.
      Therefore bathing in Epsom salts is better. As the gut flora recovers, the need for extra Mg is not so high any more.

    • eddie on June 7, 2014 at 11:09

      Gemma ,

      Sounds right as taking it internal…wasnt to good for me….. soaking hit the spot , I dont soak any more and no more problems with cramps. I think they say left leg –mag low right leg calcium low for cramps I dont remember. If your low on mag….. i will bet the bank roll $$$$$ your low on vitd3 as well. Just from my experience. Today I am a 50 for vit d3 and hang there. When my gut was Down and out it was a 18 or 20 the test I use at LABCORP range is 30- 100 being normal — me 50 , I take 4000 IU lanolin/ oil based d3 daily 28,000 IU weekly , I factor this helping jack up my immune system as well . I have read 70 is were you want to be, from some but I dont want to push it . I have a lot of data as I have logged everything Vitamin s mineral iron etc the 2.5 years

    • shtove on June 7, 2014 at 11:55

      Thanks, Gemma.

      I’ve just started the oral – man, epsom is bitter! A tsp in a glass of water, once a day. That’s in addition to soaking twice a day. I’m staying home tonight.

    • shtove on June 7, 2014 at 18:38

      Just to add: I take 2 Tbsps of RSP in the morning with milk kefir + 2 egg yolks. Will report back.

    • shtove on June 7, 2014 at 18:39

      Just to add: I take 2 Tbsps of RPS in the morning with milk kefir + 2 egg yolks. Will report back.

  16. eddie on June 7, 2014 at 09:30

    man i need to proof-read HAHAHA to excited typing to fast

  17. Michael44 on June 7, 2014 at 16:52


    No, I wasn’t a constipated kid, but I did eat alot of refined grains – white bread, cornflakes – with sugar added. I suppose it’s no surprise that I got appendicitis really.

    It sounds like a medical doctor just has to make a judgement call on when tonsils or appendixes are too far gone and do need to be removed. The thing is gab, as you know, so many of these doctors do not have the knowledge a doctor like you has. As if they are able to make an informed decision when their own knowledge is so lacking. – I am speaking the obvious, I know.

  18. Dave on June 8, 2014 at 04:53

    I had my tonsils out at 39 years old. They got infected and I spent a year taking antibiotics trying to get rid of the infection. In the end, nothing worked so they yanked them out. I have a long history of sinus and strep throat infections. Several times I had multiple rounds of antibiotics and penicillin shots in the hind end to end the infection. I was taking potato starch and several probiotics. Sinus trouble struck again. And ear infection. So I am completely eliminating dairy. I do not drink milk, but use kefir and some cheese. Also stopped potato starch wondering if I got the nightshade thing going on. Ordered the banana powder, waiting for delivery of it. Sick of living with sinus trouble and feeling run down all my life. I am in my mid 50’s and feel like I am 90.
    Plan to play with the elimination diet and get back on RS when the banana powder comes in.

    • eddie on June 8, 2014 at 06:00

      Hopefully your taking probiotics with the RS
      Its hard, and you will not fully find accurately everything that bothers you without high priced expensive tests…which is sad. But your case could be closer to mine , except the gut failing.

      If you have a lapcorp in your area , try and get your doc to to run this test— IBD EXPANDED PANEL labcorp# 162045 if your insurance doesnt cover anything if it does the discounted rate is about 34.00 ( for me with the new OBUMA care I use to be fully covered) now I have to pay out of pocket up to 2600 for the family before insurance kicks in… But I only pay the discounted rate 34.00

      By doing this test , it is an antibody test but also a fungus test at the same time. If your producing antibodies AMCA or ASCA you could be screwed up immune wise / yeasts – several hear me harp on this , as soy, cassien or gluten can resemble yeast proteins, add in all the penicillin shots and antibiotics most likely amoxicillin ( which killed off all your other good bacteria ) plus its made from a yeast/mold , It wouldn’t surprise me if your fighting a war , and you cant get of the hill. —yeasts and created antibodies to them– as well all the similar foods soy milk and gluten dont help you.

      Why i keep saying for the small amount of people who dont get better or feel better antifungals , probiotics , inulin , RS , and good fibers would help…. WEED, (antifugals,) SEED (PROBIOTICS) fertilizer(Inulin and RS) FIBER more fert — just my two year experience what I went through.

      doing this blood test will give you a starting point. if your high there … then maybe seek and use things like caplyric acid(lowers yeast /kills it) a cheap— supplement thats about 13.00 NOW FOODS is a good brand or head for the stronger drugs nystatin for the gut and diflucan for the blood. From what I have found if you dont close and fix the gut, it will just keep going in the blood. My thoughts are the yeast move in deep in the gut barrier and out number the gut barrier bacteria, Why the probiotics are so important and INULIN-foods,- to tighten up the barrier with bacteria– and anti fungal s to kick out the squatters

      Every one promotes soil based Probiotics which feed from the RS. Maybe not use the RS3 and use RS2 ??

      Richard and tator can explain those in far detail the difference —there the experts or as well Grace and can help you picking one.

      If you fix all this the milk, etc things should work itself out . To me the gut and sinus work hand in hand,,, if your sinus is over ran your just re infecting your self. give seagates spray a try for your sinus to start as well grapefruit seed extract spray Rotate them….they both will kill FUNGUS and BACTERIA in the sinus. where all those antibiotics focused on just bacteria.

      Work on all at the same time– GUT, and Sinus.
      If your a mess, you will feel WORSE before you feel better while killing flushing and fixing things. You may notice your sinus go wild, draining like crazy , same with the Stool with caplyric acid.

    • Dave on June 8, 2014 at 10:18

      Thanks for your reply. I am going to try some of your suggestions. At times, it seems like no one understands the run down feeling. I seriously doubt that any of my doctors would give much support to the subject of yeast, RS, … They give me that blank stare when I mention all the sinus infections, meds, run down feeling.

      I bet that I had strep throat 3 times a year as a teenager. In my 20’s I got strep so bad, I was getting 2 penicillin shots at time. Then I got pneumonia, more shots and pills. Then the infected tonsils and tonsillectomy. More sinus infections. Then at 51 I had cancer. Surgery and radiation. I have read that cancer is (or caused by?) fungus. Yes, I guess that my condition is a mess. I started on the potato starch and Primal Defense about 2 months about. I had some stress in my life and ended up with a sinus infection and ear infection. With prodding from the wife, I ended up at the doc. A 2 week dose of Biaxin. And I didn’t feel any better after. The only relief that I seem to be getting is to stop dairy and use a couple drops of baby shampoo in the neti pot. I also think that I have a nightshade thing going on so I stopped the potato starch. I have some banana flour on the way. I am going to try the caprylic acid. I am pretty much gluten free too. I hope to get my health back (like I ever had it?) and not feel run down 24/7/365.

    • eddie on June 8, 2014 at 11:20

      I will tell you go with you gut feeling …docs are not always right they also dont have the time..the fault of the system not the doc.

      For me I began to question everything ..if you pile all your symptoms on a sheet of paper it will jump out at you…atheles foot..or yellow toe nails bad skin on feet . I began to question my gi doc the end he yelled at me…as I walked out. My whole life at the ent it was antibiotics and have my nose cortieized for bleeding. The last time there I said screw all this its like a bad mechanic working on my car

      I went back to my gp he was lost as well I said screw all these docs im in charge now please do what I ask of you and run what I ask. I will be doing many non standard tests / advanced test I will need you to sign off on them. I told him I didnt expect him to know or even understand them.
      When I said fungus to my gp be was just as dumbfounded as the gi…unlike the gi he listened. I said if what I do fails ill do what ever you want me to do but for now im in charge

      So its been 2.5 years my gp is floored wants me talj to johns hopki s to explain and show my story in paperwork im not interested as they could care less before the future it will be NIH for me.

      Dave many of the things you have can be related to fungus and you must be searching it if you found tbe cancer links..I dont push all my thoughts

      If your turely never recovering and if you have money that you can use out of pocket I would do the greatplans labs oat test and comp stool there 645.00 if your insurance pays nothing. Doing this will give you ammo to take back to your doc and point to yeast and get the drugs.. from there the expensive elisa act will help you figure out whats going on in the immune system and blood another dreedful 550.00 insurance doesnt pay..the final you can find out what fecal reactions your having at enterolab again another 550.00 by doing all these you can remove what your reactive to blood/fecal all foods to give your immune system time to rest and repair while you use the correct drugs to help you along with the probiotics inulin and rs.

      The other usefull test insurance may cover performed at lab corp 162045 ibd expaned panel your gp can run now your doc will five you sone bullshit I dont know this test ..its a pass or fail in readings
      Ill give you my email if you want
      All your history your a lucky man and seemed to cheat and beat cancer already..look at doug kauffmann he talks alot about cancer and fungus his diets and advance may benefit you greatly

      On that…at the 3 year mark I plan to make a GI appt so I can walk in and say hey remember me ..the guy you yelled at …..fungus and low bacteria is what you should be looking at ..not focusing in on bad

  19. Ian suderman on June 11, 2014 at 06:34

    Watch out with giving a child anti biotics. My son just over a year got very agreesive about not taking his meds. We had to hold him down to do it.

    We told an ex public health nurse about about the behavioural problem. What drug are you giving him and what dosage? No… NO!!! that would be harsh for an adult. Don’t just trust these doctors blindly ask questions look up the technical name.

    He is a teen now but I still remember his screamming at taking the meds.

    If a child is taking antibiotics for allergies I would be on the highest alert. My son had one kidney trying to shut down working at 30% at birth there was no antibiotics. If there is alot of drugs and no sucess my thought is he is experimenting – remember the doctor is practicing medicine not curing problems. Fully complete the antibiotics but get second opinions.

    As a parent I have learnt some stuff about young children and medicine. What concerns me is the damage caused by a long period of antibiotics followed by another because a doctor wants to give the patient something to comfort the parent.

    My theory on allergies is we don’t have all the details. Its a widely flung label. For me though and the arena of people who have what I call allergies it involves constriction of airways causing the person to collapse and frequent over night hospital stays. If people aren’t preparing to dial 911 I don’t really call it an allergy. But others call the mildest annoyance a medicine treatable disorder.

    The other proglem I see with allergies is I think it crosses multiple causes. My guess is its to wide a brush with many symptoms, different things sets it off, a range of severity to be one cause. I think it groups together several into one label.

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