Revisiting the Changing Paleo Landscape in Real Food Starches, Resistant Starch, and “Nutritional” Ketosis

A few days back I somewhat reluctantly called out Nora Gedgaudas for what, in my judgement, is a resistance to various revelations that have come to pass over the last few years and been widely adopted in the general Paleoish community: Juxtaposition: Dallas & Melissa Hartwig vs. Nora Gedgaudas. Since I’m very busy with a complex move (I’ll be splitting time between three places) I thought I’d just toss up some of my favorite smart comments…Read More

Nobody Is Safe

So I redesigned the blog, substantially. Yep. you see ads. They are served up randomly by Google and a couple of others I’m testing out. I like them, and I’ll tell you why. They make me money for my efforts They aren’t fake It’s that second point that’s most for me. Everybody else does affiliate shit and I won’t do any. That’s where they have a code for “paleo Brownies” or some such other “Paleo”…Read More

Over Easy Omelet?

Yep. Indeed. Omelet with a warm, runny yolk Take three eggs, separate the yolk from one, beat the other two plus the white. Make an omelet. When it’s ready to fold, gently place your yolk in and just as gently, fold it over. Along with a little cheese on hand So there you go.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at…Read More

Hit & Run: When Will We See The End Of Kings?

Is it just me? I only got this because, owing to flying airplane stuff, I get email alerts from my local peeps. Hello everyone, We have VIP movement in the area tomorrow in case you are flying. Please check the TFR’s and take caution. Obama the Choom Master—probably with his Stupid Bitch in tow (that post is from 2007)—will be gracing our presence in their Public/Private B-747 tomorrow evening. Ever asked yourself why, since it’s “public property,”…Read More

Taking an Accounting of the Folks You Do Business With

 Something is Missing The TeeVee A Sony 42″ flat screen LCD HD TV used to be strapped right up there on that articulating arm. We’re moving soon, and as such, have been selling stuff via garage sale and craigslist like crazy. No, the Denon Amp and Boston Labs speakers are not for sale. Ever. I love them, and I loath all surroundsound bullshit. I like my music delivered like a concert. In front of me.…Read More

Juxtaposition: Dallas & Melissa Hartwig vs. Nora Gedgaudas

Way back when, I took a first-impression dislike to Dallas, Melissa and the Whole 9. They were annoying. Came on the scene quick, rose just as quickly, and they were fucking strict; and those were the reports I was getting in my comments. But I didn’t have much time to look into it. “They’ll go away.” They didn’t. Then one day I looked, looked some more, and I understood. There is a time and place…Read More

Apple Cider Pork Chops Sous Vide

Last time I did double-cut, bone in pork chops sous vide it was the Jack Daniel’s recipe fron chef James Briscione. This time, this one. First step is big meat. Double cut, bone-in from Niman Ranch The recipe is pretty easy INGREDIENTS For the pork chops: 4 extra thick pork chops 8 thyme sprigs 2 apples, peeled and sliced For the sauce: 5 tablespoons (75 ml) butter 2 cloves garlic, peeled and minced 1 teaspoon (5…Read More

Juxtapositions in Image

So after getting my CSS custom code sorted thanks to a commenter, I’ve been wanting to get up as many banner images as I can juxtaposing the more natural human life—that of the Animal—and the neolithic, central-authority-based life of a minion and a tadpole. Just reload about every 10 seconds. I think there are about 2 dozen thousand-word pics, now. You have everything from African cat kills to church and state. This one makes me…Read More

One Neolithic Mind At A Time

I get email. I had never considered anarchy or what it is before reading about your views. Government was always assumed in my political thinking before. I could write on and on about my past issues with “the general public” and their views on religion, government, and everything else. I’m sure you already know everything I’d say about that moment where your nebulous thoughts that would seem crazy to everyone around you realize into your…Read More

Blog Redesign

You may have noticed I’ve done a bunch of design stuff over the last few days. But I wanted to change the header image, so finally got to it today. I think I have about 6 now, and they load up randomly. I’ll be adding more pictures-worth-a-thousand-words over time (do reloads or click different internal links to see what’s there now). Suggestions or submissions welcome…but I only work with images that are a minimum of…Read More

The French “Smash” Sandwich

Back when I lived in Toulon, France in the early 90’s I discovered a curious sort of sandwich popular in the southern region—always made-to-order in small, charming sidewalk stands. They call it sandwich américain. It’s not only one kind, but rather a style, of which there are lots of variations. My favorite was a ground beef patty on a baguette, SMASHED with shredded gruyère in your basic panini maker. Then, you open it back up, slather in…Read More

Simple Infrared Grilled Chicken With Mashed Potatoes and Chicken Stock Reduction

Before I explain the meal and in particular, how I grilled it from raw, on high, without torching it, just a bit of blog admin. The other day I explained that I had decided to revive the Free the Animal Facebook Page. That’s gone well and I’m generally limiting posts to the general evolutionary diet, fitness, health realm. At the request of a reader, I’ve also created a separate page to serve as an outlet…Read More

Free The Animal Facebook Housekeeping

Just a quick note to let folks know that I’ve resumed posting to the Free The Animal Facebook Page. A little background. Some months ago I stopped updating the page and instead opened my personal profile to following/commenting for all of my public updates. (Note: I only accept friend requests from actual real life friends/family—people I know in person; hence, I have a perfect hunter-gatherer number of 34 friends to keep track of.) So, since…Read More

Evidence Mounts on the Therapeutic and Healing Benefits of Fasting

I used to blog about this all the time. About 230 posts going back to 2008 that are either about fasting, or mention it in some way. There were several things that intrigued me. Off the top of my head: Makes weight loss pretty easy Once adapted to it, most people find enhanced mental attitude and clarity Many religious institutions have various fasting regimens. Hmmm… It may confer the hypothesized longevity benefits of chronic caloric…Read More

More Uncovering of the Inuit Myth: Stefansson and Anderson Belleview Experiement; Compromised Glucose Tolerance

Here’s a followup to this post: To Reiterate, Just In Case You Missed It: No Elevated Ketone Levels in the Inuit. In retrospect, I wonder what the reaction would have been had I titled the post different, like: “Inuit have normal glucose tolerance on their natural diet, but it goes to shit when in objective ketosis.” In that post, I showed that at no time have Inuit been measured to be in ketosis. It’s merely assumed.…Read More

Yoko Isomoto, Woman’s World Hang Gliding Champion

Yoko Isomoto of Japan won it, there in the carnage of alps flying in Annecy, France. Haven’t seen shit like that in nearly 20 years of being around this stuff. Numerous serious injuries, and 9 reserve-chute deployments in 10 days (all survived, but deployments are very rare events—vast majority never do it in a lifetime of flying). Several collisions, and a death. Alps flying can be very unforgiving for tailless aircraft. It’s the terrain. Basically,…Read More

Faux Independence

Sorry to rain on your picnic, but America will never be a free country until hot dogs and buns come packaged in equal numbers. So I must speak out. It’s probably good they have holidays like this, in a bread and circuses kinda way. Religion isn’t the only placating, pacifying opiate of the masses. Patriotism is second. When it can be said by any country in the world, my poor are happy, neither ignorance nor…Read More

Groundbreaking: How to Easily Remove Nightshade Toxins From Potato Starch

Ever since the beginning some percentage of people trying out supplemental resistant starch in the form of  have complained of nightshade tolerance issues, primarily headaches and joint pain. This was a mystery, because some of us, including myself, were operating under the belief that these toxins were water soluble. Turns out not so. I’ll let Ken Willing explain, as well as deliver a very simple solution (literally). ~~~ Contrary to widespread belief, the nightshade glycoalkaloid…Read More

I Think The Results Of This Moderate Carb vs. Low Carb Study Are Pretty Meaningless. How About You?

A Randomized Pilot Trial of a Moderate Carbohydrate Diet Compared to a Very Low Carbohydrate Diet in Overweight or Obese Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus or Prediabetes Laura R. Saslow, Sarah Kim, Jennifer J. Daubenmier, Judith T. Moskowitz, Stephen D. Phinney, Veronica Goldman, Elizabeth J. Murphy, Rachel M. Cox, Patricia Moran, Fredrick M. Hecht Published: April 09, 2014, Plos One From the Abstract: We compared the effects of two diets on glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and other health-related outcomes in overweight or obese adults…Read More

Sweden Update: Resistant Starch On The Rise, LCHF Stefansson Myths On The Ropes

A couple of months back, Swedish reader and blogger Per Wikholm put together a post for us on the goings on in Sweden in reference to resistant starch. Today, I received this email from him concerning further developments. I think it’s safe to say that he’s stirred things up quite a bit over there. ~~~ Hi again Richard! The RS issue is really cathing fire here in Sweden and is now a big trend among…Read More