Probiotic Fibers And Flatulence; My N=1

Way back in the beginning of experimenting with resistant starch via supplemental  the most common side effect by far was rather impressive amounts of gas, or “fartage,” for most people. Some couldn’t tolerate it while others, like myself couldn’t help but laugh uproariously. Unless you’ve experienced it yourself, it’s tough to describe the volume and…Read More

The New Nutritional Starvation Diet

Is the horse I’m beating dead, yet? Well, get it while it’s hot, I guess. Dogpile! So yesterday’s installment was about how difficult it is to source a lot of fat from animals in the wild, most places. Duck added a supplemental comment as well. And, what with Chris Kresser (Is a Low-Carb Diet Ruining Your…Read More

Hunters Of Wild Game Can’t Remain In Ketosis

Below, I have another Duck Dodgers post for you, derived from a comment on a previous post. But first, you’ll recall a recent post; wherein, I made mention of Part 1 of a Catalyst episode on the gut microbiome: Australian Catalyst: Gut Reaction; It Signals The End of VLC and Ketogenic Diets For Everyone. Part 2…Read More

Life Drain? Money Drain? Or Both?

I ought to have learned this lesson from my The-Great-Depression surviving maternal grandparents; or, from my WWII surviving paternal grandparents, who managed to immigrate penniless to the former “Land of the Free” with 6 kids; to Ellis Island, in 1952. Greyhound Bus cross country to their sponsored settlement in Reno, Nevada. Five of them still…Read More

Just Piss In The Italian Wedding Soup Then

I’ve always liked the sign above the cash register in cafes throughout America: “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service.” Freedom Of Association means nothing in the “Land of the Free,” anymore. Government to Farmers: Host Same-Sex Wedding or Pay a $13,000 Fine But the New York State Division of Human Rights doesn’t see things…Read More

Podcast Interview: Paleolithic vs. Neolithic Social Power

Finally, someone interviewed me about something other than food and guts. Moreover, something I think I speak with more authority, as I’ve been studying and writing about this stuff for 23 years and there’s not an argument in the universe I haven’t seen 100 times. Justin Wisor is a young fella of about 21 but…Read More

Richard Ridiculous

I lafed at myself over the podcast interview I did yesterday, beginning about 35 minutes in, here. Spent a good hour being interviewed by John Harris and Andrew Weaver, two pretty funny guys. We basically talk about gut health in general, Paleo diet, barely get to resistant starch in the hour we had. But it…Read More

Gut Biome Book Update: Intestinal Fortitude

Intestinal Fortitude is the working title. Credit: Mark Sisson for the idea. I like it. I feel compelled to give an update about the progress of the book originally launched by Tim “Tatertot” Steele and I last December, incorporating Grace Liu as Science Editor in February. The reason is simply that I keep getting emails…Read More

Why Are Americans Such Fucktards About Food For Kids?

I’ve blogged about school lunches a few times before. Here’s my favorite: It’s The Crap; Just Eat Real Food. American School Lunch Industrially Manufactured Frankenfood America: the fucktarded land where kids can’t even get a freshly made fucking PB&J sandwich for lunch; no, they have to come industrially assembled in a factory with bulk-purchased, cheapest possible…Read More

Newsflash: Whores Work for Money, Not Votes or Wishes

 It is so laf. STUDY: You Have ‘Near-Zero’ Impact On U.S. Policy A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” And… Who…Read More

Robin Williams

 It is truly heartbreaking. For me. …Just another one in the million or so blog posts about him, but I’ll make it brief. I wasn’t going to say anything at all, but then I heard an interview with a “mental health professional” on NPR just a bit ago during a round-tripper to the market. “Nobody…Read More

I’m Officially a Nomad

In the planning for a while, now. At the end of July, Beatrice and I moved out of a 3-BR house and took a small, 2-BR apartment near her work. For the month previous, we did three garage sales and sold countless things via Craigslist (with 100% success—that service is an amazing value). The other…Read More

Survival of the Richest (AHS14 Supplemental)

Later, I hope to blog about the “missing links” at what is supposed to be a symposium of ancestral health, which implies what did we eat to be healthy? Which further implies: who ate it and who were their offspring? I don’t attend AHS anymore. I was privileged to promote it highly in advance of its…Read More