Another Option: Fuck BOTH Israel and Palestine

Holy doG shit, but am I sick of this stinking dispute going on decades?—all my life, really…chewing up so much productive energy for the sake of Biblical and Dead Sea Scrolls masturbation. …Nobody outside of either region ought give a runny shit and ought, in my view, let them war it out on their own…Read More

Let’s Finally Debate Lectins 4 Realz

Consider not just reflexively getting out your cross, wooden stake, and garlic necklace at its mention. …I know you’re “paleo,” totally free and all, but set aside your newfound religion for a minute or so. Got wind of a comment thread on a 2-minute Dave Asprey video. (I like Dave, on a number of levels.)…Read More

Don’t Tread On Me

Woke up to a funny comment this morning. Your system of everybody being left alone is a utopia. It presupposes that all human beings are completely rational at all times and that no one ever imposes force on anyone else. Seeing that there are people that are irrational and would love to kill you and…Read More

Hi Again

Well it’s been a brutal week of moving, just now finally getting to the end of the organization. Still a lot to do, so just wanted to wave and share something my buddy Angelo Coppola emailed me this morning. Apparently, it’s by a grafitti artist called Banksy. Free the Animal.Read More