California Enacts ‘Yes Means Yes’ Law, Defining Sexual Consent

One fucktarded, regurgitated story, here. “Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent,” the law states, “nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time.” So, is “yes, Yes, YES, YeSSSSS safe haven? …Close to the most anti-animal, ridiculous fodder for jilted cuntfmales...…Read More

Cold Rice and Bean Salad

I arrived back to San Jose yesterday afternoon, after a week away giving Beatrice time off from attending to two very spoiled and ornery rat terriers (she spoiled them; see how charitable I am IRL?). Checked email when I got back and a blog reader, Brian, had a link for me: Rice and Bean Resistant Starch...…Read More

Weekend Random Links and Commentary

Now that Facebook doesn’t have me to kick around anymore, I’ll be doing more link roundup posts of various sorts of things that I formerly put out on my Facebook profile and two pages. I’m thinking I’ll primarily do this on weekends. Perhaps sometimes under a single theme or category, other times just random. Let’s...…Read More

Learning More and More By Knowing Less and Less

Normally I might just share this on Facebook with a rude sentence or two, but I don’t, anymore. Wolves can change rivers…I suppose, like butterflies can set off hurricanes? They—wolves—can change a lot of stuff once human fucktards begin to understand that they understand almost nothing, fundamentally. They are, however—humans—pretty expert at the “forensics”—imprecise and...…Read More

The Incredible Edible Tigernut

Having touched on the Tigernut previously, I thought it time for a complete review to encompass not only the aspects of its evolutionary roots in the human diet and impressive nutrition—both macro and micro—but also practical applications in our everyday lives. On that note, I have some interesting Tigernut food and drink experiences to share...…Read More

The War On Tastebuds

Today I bring you another post by the remarkable “Duck Dodgers.” It’s part overview of the current state of the anthropological science in terms of hunter-gatherer diets, part critique of  the current state of the low-carbohydrate Paleo fantasy that refuses to keep up with said advances in scientific understanding. In typical Duck style, he does his homework, so...…Read More

7 Bigger-Than-Ever Challenges Everyone Should Know About Low-Carb Ketogenic Diets

Jamie Koonce Responds To Paleo Criticisms Of Ketogenic Diets (a Jimmy Moore Podcast) I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the prevailing dogma in the Paleo community that women need more carbohydrates than men and should avoid ketosis and intermittent fasting. These claims don’t seem to be backed up by any research. (At least I’m not...…Read More

No Worries. Scientists Get Busy. They Have to Take Someone Else’s Word On It.

I really did laf out loud. You’ll have to get about a 3rd-way through to laf too. Nick says: Nobody cares what you think of climate change Richard. Richard Nikoley says: You do, apparently. Didn’t look at the link, obviously you’re enamored of Argumentum ad populum, and so dunning kruger you don’t even recognize...…Read More

A Memo on Slavery and Imprisonment

To: Fellow Slaves In the Zoo Human From: Richard Nikoley Subj: The Story of Your Enslavement Extra credit: The Philosophy of Liberty That’s all. Update: Oh, except that 11:00 into the first video, the prosperity of America, combined with a level of Statism that surpasses anything else on the planet is adequately explained: “Freedom metastasizes the cancer...…Read More