Anthropogenic Global Warming Laf

 Object lesson in dogma: There exists long term global warming. It’s not cyclical per se, but is probably driven by positive feedback (hockey stick) and not negative feedback—as predominates nature, but not nuclear fission. Human activities towards human prosperity is what’s principally driving it. Problem is, none of the models that contemplate #1 and #2 have predicted…Read More

Are You In Your 50s + and Out of The Loop?

“You are out of the loop,” she told me in that linked comment. Oh, yes; I see: THE loop. But, I’m wondering just which of THE loop I’m out of. – Am I out of the Solipsism loop, were, loosely stated, only one’s own personal experience is truly valid? – Or, perhaps I’m out of…Read More

Jesus Christ: Not Even Ricky Gervais Can Get Away With Speaking Truth to the “Nude Celebrity Photo Scandal”

 Metatheme: More Relevant By The Day The article in question: EMMA WATSON’S FEMINIST RESPONSE TO THE NUDE PHOTO SCANDAL & 4 MORE CELEBS WHO NAILED IT. Question: how exactly does one “nail it” by vomiting the same regurgitate that everyone else is vomiting? Gervais: Simple Truth Backlash: After receiving a quick (and well deserved) backlash, Gervais…Read More

AWOL — Blame The Wire

Sorry for the lack of entertainment and engagement, lately. I’ve had 10 ideas for a post up here at my cabin since Saturday night, and haven’t got to any of them. …For a decade, I’ve been admonished to watch the early 2000s HBO series, The Wire, which I may have touched on in an earlier post.…Read More

Let It Grow Let It Grow Let It Grow

…There’s still something else in draft I haven’t published yet. So, just a rather pathetic ‘it’s Friday, what’s a bit weird to post about?’ deal. How about my hair? Again, it’s rather pathetic at 53 yoa. And while I’ve not yet bought a Corvette (I had one in my 20s, shipped it to France and…Read More

Robb Wolf: Call Allan Savory’s Office (Urban Forests)

Damn, I’ve had a draft of a post going for 2 days, but something always comes up and derails me, like yesterday, about how cop killings are a a good thing: one could say, an economic value—to go all consequentialist Austrian and Chicago School onya. I beat you readers up so much, so here’s something I…Read More