The Comment Dr. Michael Eades Doesn’t Want You To See

Well first, from a best-laid-plans scenario, this was supposed to be the final post in this matter: Lies, Damned Lies, and The Inuit Diet. That’s an excellent background overview. But then, Dr. Mike goes and posts this comment on his ironically titled “Beware the Confirmation Bias” post, that begins in what has become his typical dismissive…Read More

Public Memo to Dr. Mike Eades

Sir Dr. Mike. There’s a substantial comment in your moderation queue on this post. Perhaps in the business, it’s been overlooked. It’s a very serious 10-Point treatment about how you’re wrong on all 10 points. But, Duck is always good about being nice, even from a Toni sock puppet. It’s Monday. If I don’t see…Read More

C4 Grasses and Sedges In Human Evolution: Gatherer-Gatherers

Here’s an example of the intransigence I see so often when considering new pieces of the puzzle, or even considering new perspectives on existing ones. A Grassy Trend in Human Ancestors’ Diets …But new studies show that human ancestors expanded their menu 3.5 million years ago, adding tropical grasses and sedges to an ape-like diet.…Read More

A New Svelte Dr. Robert Lustig

I get endless shit over being a friend of Jimmy Moore. Let it stink. I’m also a fan of Dr. Robert Lustig. Go pound a pound of sugar. Way back when, Dr. Bob (I hope he hates that) came on the scene with this, blogged in 2009: Dr. Robert Lustig on Fructose: “Alcohol without the buzz”.…Read More

Refining The Starch-Based Paleo Message: No Added Fat

First, here’s the background for review, if you’re just getting wind of all this. See the first sections of this recent post on Tiger Nuts and consider that it’s very plausible that starch consumption played a major role in our big brain / small gut evolution. Tiger nuts, a starchy tuber, have roughly the same…Read More

What If You Ruin A Vegan Potato Salad With Chicken Stock?

Well first of all, I’m floored. …No, it’s not about Lyle McDonald’s revelation today over living a double life as a porn producer. Nope, I’m talking about yesterday’s post: What If You Modified Dr. McDougall’s Program To “Starch-Based Paleo?” I was prepared to duck for cover; but as it turns out, the comments are not that at…Read More

Monday Morning Laf & Mok

1. The United States, once considered a bastion of economic freedom, now ranks 12th in the world. Either get by, get your asses out, or whatever. I don’t really care. Well, the only thing I do care about is abject moron fucktards spouting that ‘land of the free’ meme. I don’t even bother to capitalize it,…Read More

Sunday Random Hit & Run – Health & Fitness Edition

Just another mishmash of links and commentary 1. Am I imagining things, or did Dr. Mike Eades just dismiss by implication, a few dozen arctic and Inuit researchers going back over 100 years as “lack[ing] an understanding of basic biochemistry?”  Eades After all, it’s quite clear, if one actually reads the post, that it’s almost…Read More

Chicken Soup With Apple

Yes, apple. Click for higher resolution I make all my chicken soup with leftover rotisserie chicken caracas, with skin & bone. In this case, there were two of them. I do different variations—Paper Thin Chicken Soup (with paper thin onion and lemon, including the rind) is one of my favorites. So, two of them, a…Read More

Lies, Damned Lies, and The Inuit Diet

Below is likely to be a last installment from “Duck Dodgers” on the true Inuit diet, a series of posts that began last March on the subject of “animal starch.” This only led to more and more revelations about the Inuit diet; about their purported high fat, ketogenic way of life. None of it turns…Read More

Quick Bolognese Sauce

There’s a million variations and the classic calls for a mirepoix, but what if you don’t want to bother with all the chopping, the longer prep, etc? What if it’s 7:15 and you want to be eating by 8? Here’s your plan, then. Olive oil 1 pound lean ground beef (I use lean in sauces;…Read More