My Last Two Meals in Mexico: Steak and Quail; Machaca

Both the beef and the quail are local baja raised and hunted. I’m sure the beef was grass fed. Decidedly leaner than the Stateside supermarket stuff.

Bea and I split this, as well as a flan for dessert.

IMG 2753

I don’t think I’ve had quail since I was a kid and a Spanish Basque uncle and I killed a bunch using a sheet of plywood propped up, with grain spread underneath. I think it was several dozen birds in one swoop. What didn’t go into the freezer was treated to one of his recipes where they were slow braised until meat fell off the bones. Delicious bird.

Machaca is basically pulled roast beef with scrambled eggs, with some onion and tomato. Notice how the starch portion sizes are reasonable, unlike what’s so typical at a Mexican place in the states where the refried beans and rice are 2/3 of the plate.

I was hungry this time. Devoured the entire thing, including the corn tortilla and glass of orange juice.

IMG 2755

Kept me going until turkey and taters time.

…The 49ers game was an unmitigated disaster. Some college teams would have put up a better showing. Their season is likely over, and justifiably so.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Marc on November 28, 2014 at 15:09

    My dad would make quail in a calvados sauce.
    Tasty stuff.

    Thanks for sharing Richard. The tacos on the other post made me drool


  2. gabkad on December 3, 2014 at 16:58

    Grilled crunchy quail……………..I bet they taste better than the farmed ones from around here. By the time I’m done with one of them little beauties, there’s maybe a sternum left on the plate.

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