Build It And They Will Come

Scott and I had a pretty decent dorm room in Finley Hall, Oregon State, in 1981. Here’s the floor plan, only our room was reverse. BTW, this is kind of a follow up from this post, the other day: I Loath General Covens of Ineptitude; And The Inept Generally Run Paleo.   First year, Scott and…Read More

Can You Win a Debate?

No! Not when it’s couched that way. People only come to your side when you’re not personally trying to persuade them; when it’s not in the context of: ‘I’m right and you’re wrong, and the only acceptable outcome is that you admit it.’ Rather, what you do is chip away at foundations, with a long…Read More

Quick Erection Update: 2014 Midterm Foolishness

I literally only just heard that that the Republicans took the Senate and now have majorities in both houses. Well, with a Democrat in the White House, hopefully there will be enough gridlock to keep the rubber checkbook somewhat tightened. I recall getting fooled once. It was 20 years ago, the 1994 midterms where, I…Read More

Podcast: I Get Uppity About Stuff

 New podcast. With Danny Lennon, Sigma Nutrition. Episode 32: Richard Nikoley of is on the show talking about the problems with dogmatic view around low-carb, ketogenic and paleo diets. We also discuss the importance of the microbiome and the emergence of resistant starch and prebiotic fiber as a means to imrpove gut health. [Note:…Read More

Erection Day For The Impotent

Nothing disgusts me more than a human animal that seeks to live at the expense of another by proxy, rather than just killing them themselves, starting a fire, and getting a rotisserie going. Fuck every “voter.” Worthless and pathetic. They are the core of all social problems. What would happen if they held an election…Read More

Sitting Back and Watching; Eating Beans and Reflecting

I call out Dr. Eades explicitly; and what, I ask, would you expect to happen? I expected a lot different but the comment thread demonstrates otherwise. People (enough) are tired of hubris, laziness, dismissiveness, dogma, intransigence, and the list could go on. It’s a Brave New World and it’s not designer. I’m not designing. I’m just reporting,…Read More