You’re Welcome To Join In: What Is RAPE, Exactly? The Bill Cosby Files.

No idea this would touch off a barrage of lots of stupid—mostly from men (I guess, writing what they surmise women want them to write).

I engender discriminating and distinguishing minds. I have little use for equivocating minds.

I’ve disabled this post from comments. The previous post on the Bill Cosby rape allegations is where any comments need to go.

So come take me on, if you have the spirt. Be sure to integrate a 35-year timeframe if you wish for me to take you seriously. Know that you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. You must deal with ALL the known and not fantasize about the unknown. Furthermore, you must weigh evidence, fallibly, as we all do. But, you must do your best.

Richard Nikoley

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