Teff Flour Has Resistant Starch

I’ve known Injera—made from teff, an ancient Ethiopian grain—are gluten free, but not that they have other benefits too. . From an SBS piece: “Ms Radd said Teff is also nutritious and can be used for a variety of things. ‘It tends to be a bit higher in a trace element called Manganese, and Copper…Read More

Ina Garten’s Warm French Lentils

I watch quite a bit of Food Network when I don’t really want to search for anything to watch, so it’s whatever comes up. One of the shows I tend to like best is Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa, at least when she prepares simple rustic cuisine. So the other day, I saw her make a…Read More

Oral Glutathione Supplementation Is Bioavailable After All

Way back in 2007, Art De Vany used to talk about his glutathione supplements and upon looking into it, I heard from numerous sources that it’s simply not bioavailable taken orally. Glutathione is generally regarded as the body’s master anti-oxidant. Glutathione (GSH) is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea,…Read More

The Story of the WWI Christmas Truce

Last time I brought this up was a Christmas time post in 2006. Time to haul it out again. WWI Christmas Truce, 1914 From Wikipedia (a worthy cause to donate to this time of year) The Christmas truce (German: Weihnachtsfrieden; French: Trêve de Noël) was a series of widespread but unofficial ceasefires along the Western…Read More

“Paleo Approved” Fat Gluttony is Still Gluttony

 This popped up in my Twitter feed last evening, by Angelo Coppola.   Then, I see “That Dead Paleo Guy” do a wisdom add deal on it, beginning right here. The behaviour we are seeing with people drinking fat shows who is mostly to blame for the diet advice of the last 30 years. We…Read More

So Much Love to Life; Life Love

Just a stub for a post, what I’ve been up to and I do this because above everything else, this is the season to be having lots of fun with those you love the most. I was up at the cabin last Tuesday, tout seul. Got arranged for cleaners (actually, the old cleaners, but I groveled…Read More

Sunday Church for Humans: Look Ma, I’m a Doctor!

I encountered a very strange phenomena when I was about 10 and my parents discovered the wonder scam of having all your sins washed away by the blood of Jesus, commonly referred to as being “born again.” Chief among the peddlers of this cultish, separation racket (divide and dominate) are the Fundamental Baptists. When the…Read More

Partisanship Rots Your Brain

No wonder it’s so popular, the “ideal” way to organize society—into ideological factions where the “winners” get to loot from the “losers.” Now and then I get a comment on the blog and I just know I have to blog something about it. Recent research explains the paradox of why VLCers/Ketoists see the evidence that Eskimos…Read More

Autoimmune Diseases and the Gut Biome

After posting this morning about “winding down,” I ended up wanting to add a sub-section to the Autoimmune Diseases section in Chapter 8 of the book: The Gut Microbiome In Disease Pathology (html version). Thanks to Tim Steele for his major contributions to this as well. Hopefully you’ll see that the intended style is layman accessible, but well…Read More

Winding Down For A While in a Room With a View

I’m up here at my brother’s place in Placerville. View from my office window this morning.   As you can see, it comes completely decorated and includes a resident Shih Tzu named Kobe. Arrived last evening after a day and night at the cabin in Arnold, where “Groker” (Jaime Perez), “Nicole Ocampo,” and “Stark Soze”…Read More

Prof. Art Ayers On Autoimmunity; Celiac and Hashimoto’s Version

I had a chance to discuss this previous post with Art Ayers of Cooling Inflammation. Now, apparently, someone thinks my light, layman’s description of the basics of thyroid function wasn’t exhaustive. Duh! again. It wasn’t intended to be. Once again, for Who?-ever may be listening: I am interested in hacking at the root, not treating the various downstream…Read More

Thanks For All The Dumb People in Comments

Over the last days, given my activities, I have had tons of comments. None got through, except those known to The Club. So you haven’t seen them. Unlike folks like Dr. Michael Eades and jimmy moore, I have never, ever not put through or deleted a comment that was on the science, no matter how…Read More

Autoimmunity, Genetic Engineering, and the Gut Biome

Here’s what I’m up to in terms of drilling down on my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I’m reasonably familiar with the hormonal / enzymatic “pathways.” Duh that the principle TSH feedback is T4, which is why the synthetic T4 I was on from about 1998 – 2007 brought the TSH right down. However, assuming I had the…Read More

Fear of Raw Potato Starch Ingestion is Probably Irrational

Unfortunately, a certain blogger still seems more interested in promoting that irrational fear. I’ll leave it to readers to discern motivations. So, first a little housecleaning. I waffle back and forth between regretting taking down a post laying out my beefs with Ms. Grace Liu, and being relieved because of the involvement or proximity of…Read More

Roasted Chicken and Pinto Beans

 It’s so Paleo Anarchy. 2:00 PM “Break Fast” …Makes me feel sorry for the paleo Rabbits with their bales of greens and a side of hubris. Could this kinda thing help you break through that “LC Stall?“Read More