For Better or Worse: Honesty Log Time; Grace Liu and the History with “Paleo King”

By mutual agreement, this post has been taken down.

Beautiful Anarchy: I Had A Public Dispute. She Asked Nicely. Resolved

Update: Well, the truce didn’t last long. I have permanently severed all ties with Ms. Liu:

Fear of Raw Potato Starch Ingestion is Probably Irrational

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  1. Gemma on December 10, 2014 at 02:17

    Private stuff aside. I wish to discuss gut bugs.

    tatertot said: “I did share all of my gut test reports, health concerns and bloodwork labs with Grace as a friend, not a doctor, and gave her permission to discuss as she saw fit.”

    Except we see no discussion. We see a never ending monologue using you as an example of gut failure because of “high-dose PS, which resulted in fatty liver, gout, depleted Akkermansia, animal Bifido, hamster gut” and who knows what else.

    And lots of people get very concerned as a result, request YOU to clarify WHY Dr. Grace seems to think what she writes, will PS kill me, am I turning into hamster, as it is not clear by reading her blog. Despite all your attempts to explain that the gout happened in result of your summer experiment with high dose cocoa nibs which are high in purines and caused a mess, that the PS you take is no high dose in the context of your OVERALL diet, that your high Bifido species composition is as it is, and that you feel healthy and fit.
    If I get this part wrong, please clarify 🙂

    Dr. Grace’s writing is not clear to me, either. I tried. First I thought it is my English. So I read some more papers and such. Still no sense. The gut microbiome science is still scratching the surface only. Therefore, I think NOBODY should make any premature conclusions at this phase, given that:

    1. Fecal sample analysis might not represent the mucosa inhabitants (Akkermansia, Bifido) precisely.
    2. I think it might not matter so much what species are there (except the clearly pathogenic ones). It matters what they DO, what genes they express. This is not reflected in AmGut or Ubiome reports, of course.
    3. There is something called horizontal gene transfer. It can easily be that the bacteria exchange (=steal) the needed genes and when doing that, they do not politely ask: “are you Bifido or not? Or, are you animal or human strain?” So it might be that the particular species composition expressing the right genes is performing its role just fine.
    4. Some “animal” Bifido were shown to be even better in displacing pathogens and protecting the mucosa then “human” species. I see no reason in celebrating some strains only. Everybody is different, displays different glycan composition and attracts or needs different bugs.
    5. When discussing the available info on mucosa guardians Angelmansia, pardon me, Akkermansia, it was proposed that they maybe show up when needed by us, in case of emergency. Maybe it is the opposite: they are high when there is enough for them to eat, and they also increase their numbers and provoke the creation of richer mucosal layer when THEY feel hungry, e.g. when an animal is hibernating and/or starving. They are predators, they do not care for us, they care for THEMSELVES, the little devils.

    And we could go on…

    Personally for me the whole discussion that started on resistant starches opened the door to lots of fascinating information on the overall importance of real food and fiber diversity, in my own diet too. I am still learning (and sharing what I learn, from time to time, if you do not mind).

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