Keith Norris on the Anarchy of Paleo

It goes without saying that one aspect of the Paleolithic was that not only were there no central governments, but likely no “traditional” hierarchical structures amongst hunter-gatherer tribes. The first meat, fat, plant eating anarchists. I skim or read a lot of stuff out there every day. Sadly however, so much of it is merely…Read More

Delicious: American State of Torture

Just stated getting wind of the news and I love it. Bring it on. I say let the other countries have their just reward: China, Russia…resurrect Stalin and Pol Pot, maybe. They tortured too, but they did so according to practical calculations. Here’s the rub: America always professed a principled stand against torture, ruling out arguments…Read More

And The Winner Is…Hashimoto!

 So, looks like I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is attacked by a variety of cell- and antibody-mediated immune processes. It was the first disease to be recognized as an autoimmune disease.[1] It was first described by the Japanese…Read More

doG Save Me From Gun Control Abject Ignorance

This began as a comment reply to PZO, but got long and involved enough that I had a what the hell? moment, and plopped it up here as a full post, for fun and profit. Geez, Evan. What do you think happened in medieval Europe? In ancient China? In modern Somalia? In our own western…Read More

Why You Should Focus On Gaining Understanding, Not Knowledge; Honesty, Not Truth

First, juxtapose the two concepts: knowledge; understanding. Chew on it for a bit. What’s similar? How are they differentiated? Here’s a second bit of homework. Juxtapose truth and honesty. … Done yet? Don’t continue unless you’ve given your best at distinguishing each set. Alright, ready? Understanding subsumes knowledge (or makes of them anti-knowledge), and honesty…Read More

“Reason has again become treason”

Wish I’d come up with that. Does “The Land of the Free” Have Any Rational Meaning? I once knew a man who was a deacon in the Catholic Church. During certain ceremonies, his job was to raise his hand in a gesture of blessing over a church member and say some Latin words. The problem…Read More

FINAL Thoughts on Inuit and Non Ketosis

It’s in the can. Thank doG (aka Duck). It began with no goals, but a lot of posts later, I’d say that using the Inuit as a model for any sort of diet will be more than suspect. Too many non-sycophant, independent thinking people out there. They’re the minority by far, but sycophants are merely……Read More

CPT-1A – P479L Mutation in Inuit: Acknowledge It’s No Basis For A Ketogenic Diet; Recommend a “Ketogenic” Diet Anyway

Here’s the backdrop. A post by Peter at Hyperlipid. And then, A Second Post. Many comments on both threads, including Dr. Mike Eades participating in the second one. TL;DR: from what I gather of Peter’s posts: Inuit not in ketosis. It’s just a high fat diet. Let’s look into this. First, Duck and I put together a series…Read More

One Mind At a Time

I get lots of emails. Many lots. Big Lots. It’s truly what keeps me at this because blogging does get wearisome. From diabetics who’ve found a more reasonable path in flexible eating for some personal or particular enjoyment—counter to the Shiite Ketarded—to folks who’ve come to hate armed highway robbers as I do and their…Read More

Mexico Fun

This has been ideal. Weather perfect here in Rosarito Beach, room perfect, food great. The people, a pleasant joy. Some pics for your vicarious enjoyment. Living Room With a View More View Bea & I Split a Lobster Last Night TACOS MANUEL   Lunch Bea and I were here with her family back in about…Read More