Help Some Kids Get A Library Book Grant

I’m generally immune to blegs asking me to vote for stuff online. Generally, that is.

The wife unit gets dispensation. So, no, I’m not asking that you vote me the most curmudgeonly a-hole in this part of the blogosphere. Rather, I’m asking you to vote so my wife’s school gets $10,000 of private grant money to buy books for the school library. Part of the decision is how many votes their school video gets, the other part, the merits of the grant application.

Beatrice has become pretty good at writing grant applications, for private money—not tax dollars. Last year, she wrote a grant in order to get a first class gym installed in the school (over $100,000). She got it, the only elementary in CA, and it was such a big deal Gov. Jerry Brown did the ribbon cutting.

So, it’s a short video to watch, then a vote, which can be done via Facebook or email. If done by email, you can vote with as many addresses as you receive mail at. Moreover, everyone can vote once per day. Voting ends this Friday.

Go see the video: Katherine Smith School – No Excuses. Every vote counts!

Richard Nikoley

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