Did Impotent Give a National State Welfare Speech?

I was delighted to learn that I’d missed all media reference to a Grand State of The Union speech before it happened. Next day, I heard whispers of aftermath and I’m like: ‘cool, it’s not important anymore.’ It’s not. It’s pretending to be important. I like how Matt Welch put it in a bit over a minute: Obama’s 2015 SOTU: Magical Pain-Free Prosperity For Everyone!

My fave:

Obama’s economics are stuck in the 1970s, without the added benefit of wide lapels and airline deregulation.

He’s a fucking commie, married to a stupid bitch. I said it way back and it still holds true.

barack obama smoking weed1
Your POTUS: While millions sit in prison for that

I didn’t even bother to look up the percentages of people wasting their time on the annual show in ’75 for the peanut farmer.

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It’s all up to the AARP In League With The NAACP Now

One thing you can count on the MSM for, and that’s having a sense of no longer being able to garner more ad revenue from the SOTU address than Mork & Mindy reruns and besides, Robin Williams has always been more popular that your average president. RIP.

Janet went off on some of his pandering, commie-era, AARP/NAACP moronism:

…The one that struck me in particular was his suggestion that community college tuition be reduced to zero, and I was left shaking my head that the goddamn President of the most successful capitalist, free market economy in history does not appear to understand how markets function.

Hey, parents: give your kid a free car too; and pay their insurance, gas, and maintenance…while they go off to community college, stay in your spare room, eat your food, and insist the TV is channeled to UFC, rather than Navy CSI and Bluebloods.

Live the dream.

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  1. Bret on January 22, 2015 at 20:09

    He’s a fucking commie, married to a stupid bitch. I said it way back and it still holds true.

    Richard, that 2007 Obama post was fantastic. Beautiful articulation of the ‘public masturbation’ you have referred to recently, not to mention the undeniably commie belief system of Obama himself.

    And, it made me smile to see you refer favorably to (I presume Ron) Paul at the end of that post, given your recent “fuck the Pauls” rant. 🙂 Ron’s enduring significance was (and is) in his ability to inspire people to think for themselves. Doesn’t matter if he or any of his descendants ever win any big elections. He’s basically a martyr, having sacrificed his own electoral success in order to tell the plain fucking truth. My respect for him accordingly is nearly endless.

    • Richard Nikoley on January 22, 2015 at 20:34

      Ha, I actually got close heat from that post enough I took it down for a few days.

      Put it back up, never looked back and have linked to it a dozen times.

  2. Richard Nikoley on January 22, 2015 at 20:41

    …oh, and I concede that you crowed me about Paul. 🙂

    ….the downside of having a 4,000+ post blog that is on the record.

  3. Thomas on January 24, 2015 at 09:37

    LOL The only time I ever voted was when I was 18 in the 1980 prezidenshel election, and that was only to get laid. Dated a girl who admired the peanut farmer so I helped her campaign efforts. People don’t understand why I don’t vote. They’ve been so thoroughly indoctrinated it sometimes still boggles my mind.

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