Paleogate: Loren Cordain’s Honey Coverup

Loren Cordain—author of The Paleo Diet™—doesn’t want you to know some key things any serious anthropologist knows. He has a history of this, even beyond animal fat demonization in favor of canola oil. Remember Tiger Nuts? Yea, well, he’s very well aware that many serious anthropologists and the National Academy of Sciences believe that the carbon isotopes…Read More

Sunday Church For Human Animals: Je Suis Charlie

By request, from a very special person I can’t refuse. Here’s a reference for those who don’t get it. And these.     It’s difficult to express how weary I am over fucktarded Islam. …Muslims in general, and their faux victimhood and offense taking. …Hordes of 14th Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages.  I literally do not care…Read More

Nestle Invests $65 Million In A Microbiome Fad

Or, take your pick: maybe they stepped up to back up the FDA in putting the kibosh on fecal transplants. Or, maybe the FDA decided to let 100,000 or so more people die from C. diff in the name of drug company profits, which would absolutely be the first time anything like that happened. Nestle…Read More

Does The Complexity of Canadian Maple Syrup Show That Low Carb Advocates Are Completely Incurious?

We’ve already done honey (another sort post coming on that, specifically). The Health Benefits of Maple Syrup: Why You Should Replace Processed Sugar with Maple Syrup. This time, let’s put the references right up top. Nahar, P.; Driscoll, M.; Li, L.; Slitt, A.L.; Seeram, N.P. Phenolic mediated anti-inflammatory effects of a maple syrup extract against…Read More

Your Daily Radical: “Legalize Drunk Driving”

Just another radical mind worm for you, in case ever, you care to evaluate shit and put your thinking caps on vs. just regurgitating the same thing and expressing the same outrage everyone does. Jeffrey Tucker is a consumate, bow-tie wearing gentleman I admire greatly. He thinks for himself, too. Most people have been there:…Read More

Whole Grain Teff Polenta

The other day I touched on the ancient Ethiopian, gluten-free grain called teff. Decent nutritionally, too—since it’s the smallest grain and hence, a higher proportion of the nutritional germ part to the rest of it. I could only find the flour locally, so . It’s weird stuff. The grains are the size of a .…Read More

Foot Fidgeting: Taking Standing Desks To A Whole New Terrain

It’s really a pleasure to introduce this to you. Some of you may remember Kit Perkins from a few years back—arguably one of the most pronounced young man Paleo/Primal transformations ever. He hasn’t been sitting around, literally or figuratively. As I always stress, I only promote stuff I like and use myself. So let me…Read More

The Hormesis Files: Who’s Afraid of Unrefined Sugar?

Part 1: The Hormesis Files: Chronic Ketosis and The Case of The Missing Glutathione. Here we have Part 2, an in-depth look at unrefined, whole-food sugar in an evolutionary context—an enormous blind spot in “Paleo” going back to the very beginning. “Duck Dodgers” is once again the lead man for the piece, with lots of research…Read More

Monterey Bay Outing

I’ve got  a major post coming tomorrow, part 2 in the hormesis series. In the meantime, just a couple of photos from the Monterey Bay area which is characteristically beautiful this time of year. Yesterday we headed down to attend Holly’s wedding at the Monterey Plaza Hotel on Cannery Row. Beatrice was her teacher for…Read More

Taking A Look At Medicinal Mushrooms: Chaga and Reishi

Trying to take an honest, objective look at anything that’s within range of the SUPERFOOD!!! radar is a big PITA, let me tell you. There’s 1,000 wide-eyed, hyped “articles” for every one that’s measured and cautious. …I get emails almost every day from people wanting to send me products to try, in the hope I’ll…Read More

Things I Grew Weary Of in 2014

I was really at a loss over what to blog about, New Year wise. Perhaps part of it is I’ve just never cared a wit about NY eve parties. I’ve probably slept through more ring ins than I’ve celebrated. So whilst driving to Whole Foods earlier today, listening to NPR, it hit me: 2014 was a…Read More