Dot Connecting: Glenn Greenwald And Journalistic Mench

Glenn Greenwald has pissed me off at times. That’s good and healthy.

I’ll not get into how, what, or why; and plus, apparently, we’re both moving targets in terms of what we think about some thing, TODAY. I operate from my playbook and he does too—very important for a biased journalist and 101% are.

This 45-min long Reason TV interview took me several sessions to watch—admitting that I’ll watch a similar-length episode of Sons of Anarchy straight through (or Deadwood, my latest flings). How pathetic are we, in our various forms of opium over wholesome food? Guilty. Me.

Here’s the deal: Glenn Greenwald’s Plan to Poke, Prod, and Piss Off the Powerful.

I began pausing the video to jot down uber-prescient quotes and ultimately, tossed the paper in the air because there are just too many. Way too many.

Then, I got angry over all the fucktarded duplicity exposed, over and over and over. Democrats and Republicans, both and several.

…I get very impatient with meaningless distinctions over media, which is why I no longer waste my time on any of it. Some in my own family even…who inexplicably seem to think Fox News or CNN, depending on who, is some special case of virtue. They’re all just smoking opium with general antagonism being the high; having their fantastical biases confirmed so they feel good about their ignorance and unwillingness to critically think for themselves.

It’s pathetic. I know people who literally have Fox News or CNN running throughout the day. Hilariously, they believe they’re being informed rather than indoctrinated. Idiots. …To stupid to know how stupid and uncritical they’re growing daily.

Fox and CNN (and MS-C-NBC) are both voluminously fucked—from top to bottom and wall to wall—and that they’re fucked up differently is the equivalent of liking someone’s pretty marbles more than another’s, thinking it’s somehow important on a global scale. It’s fucktarded.

These mega media companies are all super profitable big corporations whose principal aim is to make money by enticing people to watch—and they don’t care how lazy, stupid, or incurious you are. In fact, they take great aims to keep you lazy, stupid, and incurious. Fox is more pernicious, actually—probably because more of their audience can read, but I digress—in that they give all sorts of pretense about how you can check the facts yourself, knowing on the one hand that lazy, stupid, incurious people generally won’t and on the other, they’ll go “check facts” at approved outlets of “facts.”

To make matters worse, both Fox & CNN sycophants will spurn the slightest pretense of a more wide reporting of facts, even in the midst of the bias that always exists. In other words, these people are so indoctrinated that any source that has the barest smattering of a challenge (even if a biased smattering) is tantamount to suborning blasphemy.

Do I need to even get into how all the major media is in bed with the State at so many levels that when they do “rough it up,” it’s the equivalent of Bread & Circuses entertainment, just so that The Usual Morons will go on believing the myth that they’re watching Hard-Hitting Journalism Speaking Truth to Power!

What a helenahandbasket piece of crap.

I can’t help but think Greenwald is very serious, though. With any luck, CNN Fucktards will run away, accusing them of being a right-wing outlet and Fox Fucktards will run away, accusing them of being a left-wing outlet.

That’s when you know you might be getting actual journalism. And as often happens, eventually it takes the actions of fools to expose foolishness.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Junkgirl on February 5, 2015 at 14:12

    FWIW–There was a study that found that those who get their “news” from FOX are less informed about what is going on than people who watch no news programs nor read a paper. FOXtards indeed. It only took 2 weeks watching the entertainment yahoos on morning FOX to realize they were lying and misrepresenting to me. See I get my news from many sources and what they spewed just didn’t jive. Since it is simply the propoganda wing of the Rethuglican Cult, I swiftly moved on. Frankly, any news is just too stressful now, so I am on a “news” blackout. Sleeping better.

    • Steven on February 5, 2015 at 18:49

      Look at you all cute and stuff… Little Ms. “I get my news elsewhere”. You readily admit you are trusting the eyes and ears and thoughts and journalistic integrity of people that are nothing but phantoms… You should mention CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC and all other TV stations vying for ratings.

      The scary thought in all of this… FOXNEWS was proven to be the most honest of them all. I nearly tossed my lunch hearing that tidbit. But then again how reliable is an “Independent Source”?

      The only source you should trust are those that have nothing to gain except furthering the cause of being free and left alone. Most sites I visit for opinions and thoughts are not splattered with the “think this because I said so”. They all simply put out an argument and if you like; try and tear it up. Those sources you like, what are they? Are they telling you what to think? Are they stumping from a bias? How much money do they make if you buy in to the shit they sell?

      Few things I can’t stand more than someone saying how free minded they are because they don’t watch a certain news station that slants a certain way and then not even mention the other news shills that slant the other way.

      Quit being cattle…

    • Rita on February 6, 2015 at 08:51

      Wow, Steven – that was quite vitriolic to Junkgirl! You are just as full of shit to say that “FOXNEWS was proven to be the most honest of them all.” I call bullshit on that. Who is your source on that, praytell? You know why I’m so cool? My news source is Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR. (sticking my tongue out at you).

    • John on February 6, 2015 at 09:30

      Steven did effectively say that despite it being “proven” to be the most honest, how reliable is that proof?

      Regardless, commanding someone to quit being cattle because she only criticized one news outlet instead of all of them, after she said that says she doesn’t watch any news = dick.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2015 at 13:32

      Oh, so laf. I love you commenters.

      Rita: I hate to love WWDTM. 😉

      I used to be a conservative radio talk show junkie. Way back, that’s how far the fucktardedness has persisted.

  2. Steven on February 6, 2015 at 09:05

    Now Rita has an opinion and as I see it she lacks the ability of comprehension. Please do re-read the proceeding sentence. Then re-read the proceeding paragraph.

    It is called confirmation bias.

    There are several sources that have come to the conclusion that FOX is the most honest. Just as their are several sources that say it is the most dishonest. And those sources calling out the dishonesty will kindly return honesty favors to the likes of MSNBC. Go find which suits your flavor and confirm your bias.

    And NPR is by far the worst of them all. They claim neutrality but are so far left of center that they fired Juan Williams for stating a fear on FOXNEWS… (thumbs in ears waving fingers nah nah!!)

    • Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2015 at 13:40

      “And NPR is by far the worst of them all.”

      Steven, I’d be very interested to hear your juxtaposed views in watching FOX and listening to NRP, both over some years, or even months.

      Please, can you let me know from your own experience? I understand quoting studies, but much of that is because the raw data is simply beyond our grasp. But in this case, it’s simply a matter of tuning in, so I’m not so sure what any agenda is in quoting 3rd party studies when you can access raw data directly.

      Or, are you looking to substitute experience for your chosen authority?

      Nobody gets a pass here, not even me.

    • Steven on February 6, 2015 at 15:29

      Rita, your (you’re, see what I did.. ;-0 ) gonna have a field day….

      A little history first.

      I come from a very blue collar blue state upbringing. My parents are from a 3rd world country. My dad grew up i a one room mud house.

      I hated, no LOATHED, public school. I used to skip kindergarten class all the way up until I graduated high school as often as I could. I hated church and all the BS associated. I hated team sports and never was on a team other than pick up games with friends. I never attended a school function. Ever. Not a single dance, party, get together. Nothing. I did not bother with college. A waste of time. I did not bother with the military because I hated conforming. I have never been drunk nor have I ever used an illicit substance. Strongest thing I have ever taken was 800mg of Advil. And that was once. Let us just say I am not very good at conforming.

      By age 22 I was a non degreed engineer. I was working on cars. By 24 I was a designer engineer doing all automotive. By 33 (all with no college) I was working on the NASA Space Shuttle and various satellites all the way to stealth destroyers for the navy, the F-35 and still doing automotive and now product design all the while. I now have my own company at 42 (my company is now in its 7th year) and am still doing all sorts of advanced stuff for people I can not mention.

      Most of the automotive work I do is in advanced studios dealing with artists. Most of the aerospace work I do is dealing with engineers. Think MSNBC vs FOX. Daily. I hear the discussions and I stay out most of the time but for fun I play devils advocate. Tell a righty the Hannity is nuts and step back. Tell a lefty that Sarah Palin was correct about anything and watch them implode. I do it to be a dick…. Here’s to you John.

      I listen to NPR all the time. WWDTM is funny yes. Click and Clack love…. Diane Rheems is classy. Science Fridays are to die for. And of course the ever popular All things considered.

      I like/love 3 shows from FOX. Stossel, The Independents and the now defunct Judge Andrew Napolitano. The one very interesting thing about FOX is the amount of lefties they have on air. It makes for great vitriol and cat fighting on air. Although I do not watch TV and have not for years, I can thank YouTube and some video posters. Also I will go to FOX Business for the 2 shows that I like.

      I read CNN and various other sources NY Times, Huffington and such for the liberal bastions. I do Newsmax and Drudge for conservative stuff.

      When I want to go get the real deal (in my mind) I go to

      Just to name a few.

      I listen to a lot of stuff as I am driving from LA to San Diego 1-3 x per week. So I sit and listen and hope to laugh but most of the time I get angry and rage and then when I am finally out of the car all is good. For me it is a little cathartic listening to all noise.

      All of that being said I am a simple non-believer. Can’t stand atheists because they are spiteful. Can’t stand the left because my recent tax bill is $50,000. Can’t stand the right because my recent tax bill is $50,000. That is not including all the sales tax and BS taxes on everything else. I do not believe in a single movement except for my own Bowel Movements. I do not believe any one should pass any law that affects me. You have no idea how to live my life and you have no idea what I need/want. Voters are singularly the most ignorant, idiotic, uninformed low life’s (Rita, I am not good with apostrophes. Help).

      Your life is yours to live. Rise up and live it.

      BTW Richard, when are you back in San Diego. I have the best lentil soup ever you need to taste.

  3. Mordwa on February 6, 2015 at 13:25

    Watch whatever you like; just be sure to supplement with the No Agenda show (a podcast hat deconstructs why stories are presented the way they are. Also teaches you how to find original sources so you can fact-check for yourself and recalibrate your bullshit meter).
    Not intending to be an ad – but it really is a useful resource that more people should know about)-!

  4. Rita on February 6, 2015 at 13:36

    Well, Steven, what I lack in comprehension, I make up for in grammar (THERE are several sources…).

    Ha! Point for me!

  5. T33CH on February 6, 2015 at 14:05

    The only reality I know of is the one I can sense immediately around me. Everything else is speculative, especially if you didn’t experience it yourself.

  6. steve W on February 6, 2015 at 21:42

    wtf happen to the quality and quantity of comments and fta? jeewiz, what a bummer. check back in another 5 weeks…

    • Rita on February 7, 2015 at 06:09

      Steven – we have more in common than you’d think. Thank you for sharing your story. I think we can agree that most news is bullshit, but if you know that going in, then it can’t hurt you. Viva la revolution. Anarchy & justice for all!

    • Rita on February 7, 2015 at 06:11

      Oh and to Steve W – the only comment lacking quality was yours

    • Richard Nikoley on February 7, 2015 at 08:01

      Happens on some posts sometimes, steve w. Actually there’s lots of comments been going one lately way back on the tiger nut posts.

    • Steven on February 7, 2015 at 15:37

      How about you add something rather than complain?

      Explain what you feel/think is lacking perhaps.

  7. Bret on February 7, 2015 at 11:59

    Fox is more pernicious…

    Really depends on the criteria chosen for evaluating perniciousness.

    Fox is so patently a den full of arrogant right wingers that it naturally has a smaller audience, all others finding it truly repugnant. The flip side here is that their smaller audience is much more committed and indoctrinated. I suppose you could say the same of MSNBC, replacing right with left.

    CNN seems to be the opposite. Way less of an obvious bias, and fewer true believers.

    In any case, though, many people seem to have this disease that their chosen outlet of information, as well as their own personal enlightenment, is absolute truth. Anyone who disagrees is biased. In reality, of course, we are all biased, and pretending otherwise doesn’t change that…it just makes us stupid and biased.

    …all the major media is in bed with the State at so many levels…

    Absolutely. There is simply no other explanation for the lack of coverage of the endless corruption, waste, and fraud that goes on within the state.

    Many elitist, self congratulating journalists seem to think they’re doing their civic duty by busting corporate buffoonery, but stop short of giving the state the same perspective. From what I can tell, their intuition tells them that agents of the state are (a) well intended, (b) unconstrained by the realities of human limitation, and thus (c) exempt from such criticism as the aforementioned.

    No big deal. Those governmentally skeptical constitutional principles of ours are 240 years old. “Things are different now.”

    • Richard Nikoley on February 7, 2015 at 13:16

      “Many elitist, self congratulating journalists seem to think they’re doing their civic duty by busting corporate buffoonery, but stop short of giving the state the same perspective.”

      Let me ask you this, Bret, in that context: Would an explicit state-controlled media be worse or better?

      (I’m asking knowing your response already, but this is for posterity in comments).

    • Bret on February 7, 2015 at 14:01

      It arguably wouldn’t be much different from the implicitly state-sponsored media we have now, Richard. A codependent relationship is a codependent relationship, whether it is admitted in public or not. It would certainly be more ridiculous and less watchable, so fewer people would watch it. You could say that’s better, but the information would be worse. Zero sum.

      On the other hand, in the last comment I left out the undeniable revolution in media involving the internet, which has decentralized people’s sources of information, which is great. Fox, CNN, etc are pissed and desperate, because they are losing eyeballs, even if they still brag on themselves. People and their information sources are still biased and silly, but at least all the power, revenue, and attention doesn’t flow to a limited group of government-blessed crony douche bags.

      That doesn’t mean we’re going to live happily ever after. The state will adapt to this new competition and try to clamp down on free speech on the web as well. At the very least, the process will be interesting to observe.

    • Steven on February 7, 2015 at 15:35

      The way I look at the news and media is that if it is not directly state sponsored (NPR) it is state sanctioned (CBS, NBC, ABC MSNBC, FOX etc…). That state sanctioning body has a vested interest in making sure all sanctioned entities follow a certain paradigm. In other words they are all part of the zeitgeist. They must follow the rules or be shut down. If it were truly a free press then how is it some group tells them how to operate?

      I listen to them, knowingly, that I am being lied to. Sort of like the way the PALEOSPHERE has it’s rulers that dictate who is in the in crowd and why Richard tossed those shackles a long time ago.

      Blogs and bloggers tend to be far more useful as news sources… Why??? The honesty of the person running the blog is at stake. If they blow their (Rita help please) credibility they get nothing.

      I follow FTA because Richard has proven his worth as far as his honesty goes. When the paleo world started trying to reign in Richard he simply shrugged them off with the extension of his middle digit and provided a reliable resource for simply bettering yourself.

      It is a large reason why I do not belong to any group and simply call myself a non-believer. As soon as you belong you must conform. To hell with that.

  8. James on February 8, 2015 at 00:01

    Off topic, sorry. But I thought this Cordain interview about honey was really funny.

  9. Richard on February 10, 2015 at 07:08

    Let’s not forget that not only does Greenwald have his own media overlord to please (Pierre Omediyar, owner of First Look Media, is a long-time friend of the current White House), he’s not all that honest in his own reporting. Both Pando Daily and The No Agenda Show have cataloged his reporting foibles, he’s just our modern Janus.

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