Escaping Your Environment Changes Your Paradigm

  Posting the pics of myself Thursday night was an impulse encouraged by Beatrice. When she saw me after five days she kept mentioning my appearance; and not just physical, but spiritual—for lack of better word. Sure, I’d been on “vacation,” but it’s also been a working vacation centered around a business I stumbled upon...…Read More

A Rare Picture of Richard

It’s rumored that I’m afraid to post pics of myself, for any number of reasons, and I’ve heard them all (obese, diabetic, hypothyroid, alcoholic…a complete mess…even sarcopenia in a recent comment on Eades’ blog). The fact is, I’d rather it really not be about me personally, going forward. On the other hand, some insist, so...…Read More

Paradigmatic Juxtapositions

The other day I was approached by an older white dude in Cabo, as I was out and about and in a tank top. “Sir, are you a veteran?” he asks. “Of what?” I ask back politely, even though I knew what he meant—having a certain disdain as I do for the outright hijacking of a...…Read More

Cabo San Lucas – Day 1

Here’s the kickoff post from yesterday and the full set of photos of The Gand Solmar Land’s End Resort. First full day was spent getting a lay of the land, and lots of pool & sunshine. And, of course, lunch by the pool. $10, including tax and tip.   Of course, some people come to Cabo...…Read More

Los Cabos

Got in yesterday after a great flight experience, for once. San Jose – Cabo, direct, on-time 9:22 am departure, 2 1/2 hour flight, $50 upgrade to 1st Class. Then, an effortless $17 shuttle ride to The Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa. As I may have mentioned, I’ve been renting out my contract rights...…Read More

If You Can’t Buy Your Own Government, Migrate to a Place Where You Can

I like Mafia movies; principally, because it’s just a form of alternative government and indoctrinated people make meaningless distinctions about it. Everybody pays for government. ‘Mercan fanboys and girls say stupid shit like, in making bad distinctions: “it’s a protection racket.” Well, what do you think the fucking US Feds are—with their endless election spectacles—dumb...…Read More

Kids Want To Learn, But Probably Not What You Want To Teach

It’s always hilarious to me: reports on poor classroom performance, poor test scores, and on and on. Thing is, that’s a “report card” on teachers, administrators, bureaucrats, politicians, collectivism, socialism, and society’s just-another-brick-inb-the-wall meat grinder in general—not on kids. Accordingly, it almost always comes down to MORE MONAYS! (for teachers, bureaucrats, administrators, et al.). This is...…Read More

“Land of the Free” Update: US[SR] and The Curious Case of Mohamedou Slahi

Sometimes you really need to think in terms of essentials. Are the great, integrated-with-human-nature ideas and ideals of Enlightenment—where a state ought to be subject to the same moral code as citizens—the most important thing? Or, is the most important thing the actions of a State that was supposedly-specifically founded on such ideals? The critical...…Read More

Is It Time To Move The Fuck On?

Real Food. I get it: meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, starches. I mean: I really get it. It’s rather easy…so say billions of hominoids, 4 million years and counting. I don’t get this, anymore: Here’s my PS story: I’ve never been obese and today I’m lean (4-pack) with good insulin sensitivity (low fasting insulin)....…Read More

I Keep Getting Owned By The English

I’ve blogged about it—Sons of Anarchy. Just basically spent around 100 hours over several weeks watching the thing, getting so absorbed I dreamed about it over and over, every night. Ever done that? Spend a chunk of your life so cut-off that you really can’t explain it to anyone, but you have to see it...…Read More

Doubt and Certainty

Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love. — Wilhelm S.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and is a preview. Login or Join to access the rest, as well as all…Read More

A Traumatized Doggie Story

I can do a stream of conscience on sacred institutions. I can do a stream of conscience on the distinction between anarchism and nihilism. But I can also blog about domesticated dogs. My Rat Terriers. 30 seconds. Something happened yesterday, and it made me take account of the push-pull, profit-loss, ins-&-outs of caging them. First,...…Read More

Beautiful Carmel Highlands and Big Sur

Here’s the post I actually started to write yesterday, got off on an iconoclastic tangent over the rather silly institution of marriage, went with a stream of consciousness on that, hit publish before I chickened out. The way things roll, sometimes. It’s a real blog, not made up to suit anyone’s particular fancy, not even...…Read More