What I Learned Living Off The Grid

It’s a follow-on to these posts: Los Zacatitos Wildlife-ing in Los Zacatitos (incl. a short story of a rattlesnake encounter) Done Deal. Moving to Los Zacatitos, Baja Sur, Mexico. Many Pictures I’m purposely writing this while never having read a single thing about the ins-&-outs of living off grid; i.e., away from municipal electric, gas,…Read More

Laf Bruce Jenner

Look, I could give a shit whether he’s found he wants to publicly suck donkey dicks whilst getting pounded by gay Catholic priests from behind…while nuns look on doing little circles. …It was only recently that I even was aware of the deal at all, but Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield’s post crossed my email and made…Read More

Los Zacatitos

Should I rent the place, I’m going to be anxious picking up guests at the airport and bringing them back. The 10-mile drive from San Jose Los Cabos to here takes 45-minutes through rough, barren terrain. I can already palpably feel their uncertainty and trepidation. Where on Earth is he taking us? Well, pressed for…Read More

Los Tiempos Van Cambiando

The times they are a changin’ You know it, you see it. Je suis fier d’avoir appris à parler français à 30. …Voy a aprender a hablar español a los 54. I’m starting with music.Read More

My Lawnmower-Powered Aircraft Has Arrived

 Just yesterday.   The manual has been read cover-to-cover, everything quite intuitive if you already know how to fly a hang glider safely. I’ll be busy getting a few things sorted before flying it, such as having the emergency parachute integrated into the harness, then getting all attachment points fitted to my wing. Soon…Read More

Why Do I Go Out Of My Way To Beat You Up So Much?

Because I care. But understand. I don’t give a putrid, runny shit about what you think. Not a one of you. There’s precious little in comments that even ever raises my eyebrow when it’s in contradiction. I care about what you value; because, I know what you really value. And it annoys me that so many…Read More

My Bird’s Eye View of Land’s End Baja Has Shipped

While others rent cars, this is how I plan to explore the tail end of one of the world’s longest peninsulas. Don’t care to dispute which is truly longest between Malaysian, Kamchatka, or Baja. They’re all fucking long. Once I hit TJ (which is about 8 hours drive), it’s 21 hours drive time to Cabo.…Read More

Damn, I Have To Fly Down to Cabo San Lucas Again, ASAP

Once you’ve made a real decide, things move quickly. And guess who’s become the great catalyst? Beatrice. After years of trying to get her to take her CTA retirement designed for Bay Area California, move abroad, live for pennies by comparison, and mock American slaves paying for it via W2 safety-net deductions, I think she…Read More

Going Clear HBO Documentary

Just a quick note to recommend the thing. Watched it this morning under my new HBONOW subscription, that frees you from being tied to a cable or satellite near GovCo monopoly. Cool also is quick signup under my existing Apple account. Nice work, gentlemen. Anyway, having been on the Internet and in particular, USENET, since…Read More

I Will Not Bake Or Sell You A Gay Wedding Cake. Now Go Fuck Off.

I’ve been the handy-man-on-call for an elderly coupla dykes. Happy to do it, and they asked nicely and we were friends. And yea, lots of gay friends over the years. I understand how, like having black friends, that actually makes me anti-gay and anti-black—a total transparent, grandstanding mess for public opinion. Because, as you are…Read More

Update: Can’t Get Enough of Mexico

I’ve been back from Mexico for 5 days, headed out in 4 hours to go back. Rosarito. Just like the last time, same place. We’ll stop off in Santa Barbara tonight, pick up Bea’s Mexican-heritage parents in Vista tomorrow, and make a weekend of it. In the meantime, here was my dinner two nights ago, Boeuf…Read More