Doing Fine In Baja

See? Hair tied back in a man-bun, back of head, cool like. …My newest friend, a Canadian expat, just 200 yards away, drives a Harley, has 3 enormous Dobermans, plays Pink Floyd loud, and has a sign on his gate that proclaims: NO SNIVELLING Whenever I snivel? I go down to the beach—5-minute walk away—so that I’m automatically reminded about what the fuck I’m doing and why.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly…Read More

Sorry Blog, But I’m Living for a Living

 Long story short: Bro and I crossed the border in Tijuana on 6:30 am Wednesday morning. Goal was about 750 miles down the road at Loreto. We made it to Santa Rosalia, a Mexican New Orleans. Check it out. Stayed in Hotel Frances, the former French administration building for the copper mining and smelting operation, left 5 am. Got to Zac at about 3pm. I’ve driven cross country a couple of times, including in 3…Read More

Good Morning Mexico

  And remember, no looking back, just forward. Trip began Monday at noon from San Jose where I hit the 101 south to Santa Barbara, stopping off in Montecito for the evening at the invitation of Drs Mike & Mary Dan Eades. She had amazing sous vide ribeye steak at the waiting, accompanied by roasted asparagus, cauliflower puree, and a fantastic caesar salad. I provided the old vine zin. Sat around the table and chatted…Read More

What Precisely and Explicitly Are You Memorializing?

Or, is it really just a day off? What would you wager that her memorials don’t trump yours? Or, how about her infant’s eventual resentment over lack of birthright memorials compared to your Memorial-Day beer pong?  ... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

How Food Enrichment Made Us Fat, Diabetic, and Chronically Diseased

OK, thats’s indeed a bold title, but this is a TL;DR post. See, this one was drafted a good while ago. The Duck Dodgers decided to prefigure with a few things that have been posted—like this and this—but then there were more revelations, so what we have is this one, about 900 words and way incomplete, and a 4,000 pound whopper coming up next week. So here’s the “Too Long; Didn’t Read” version for the lazy…Read More

I Dare You To Not Make This Your Staple: Mixed Bean & Polish Sausage Soup

This is an effort to pay back Angelo Coppola and Stephan Guyenet; both in terms of a recipe for leurs-mêmes, but also to pay it forward to you, because it really hits a lot of the bases they cover in a podcast that you’re missing out if you don’t take the time to listen to. …Frankly, it took me three days to get through it, but what that means is that even though I got interrupted…Read More

The Fall Of The Jimmy Moore “Webpire”

That last word in the title is tongue in cheek, of course. For years—before I got tired and banned her—I had this commenter—Eat Less Move Moore (get it?)—who literally made reference to jimmy moore in each and every of several hundred comments, and was the one who first used “webpire” to describe his online activities. Of course, it put her into context. Nobody knows how well Jimmy does $$$-wise with his spare bedroom Low-Carb business,…Read More

Moving Beyond “One Trick Pony” Paleo

In many ways the Paleo playbook in retrospect—back to when I got involved in 2008—models a tendency in humans to have easy, formulaic answers and solutions to complex problems—rather like church and state as just-so solutions to complex philosophical and social problems. At various times and places, the predominant emphasis was on one of these things: It’s the grains It’s the high PUFA vegetable & seed-based oils It’s the toxins and anti-nutrients It’s the corn…Read More

Rare Newsletter Update

Haven’t done one in months, but as a lot is changing in life, thought I might toy with putting one out there every few weeks to a month and see how it goes. Latest Issue. Topics covered: Everything has changed I love paleo but I’m not really Paleo I’ve embraced lots of starch in the diet I had a public dispute with Dr. Mike Eades …And Mike and I buried that hatchet Are you eating…Read More

FODMAP Prebiotic Arms Dealing, Probiotic Mercenaries, and Uganda

I think I have a real treat for you. I asked Karl Seddon, creator of Elixa Probiotic, to write a post offering his perspective on probiotics and prebiotics, or FODMAPs. Little did I know he was clever enough to write such an engaging travelogue about Uganda, making it such an engaging read. I previously blogged about my experience with Elixa here. Based on the emails I receive, I’d say that the average person interested in…Read More

A Completely Different Sort of Podcast Interview For Me

I sympathize with those who don’t really listen to many of my podcast interviews anymore, since in so many since way back, I get asked the same questions and respond largely the same way. I wanted this one, with Adam Smith, Prymal Radio, to be different and I think we achieved that. One way to look at it is an accounting how wrong I think I’ve been about so much over the years. I also…Read More

Are You Eating Enough Anti-Nutrients, Toxins, Etc. To Be Truly Bulletproof?

This was to be Part 3 of The Duck Dodgers' "Hormesis Files" series, but it's way broader than that. It's beyond hormetic effects. Rather, think of it as anti-nutrients as nutrients. While you're at it, contemplate a tender little paleo flower, born of Trademark. There's a long list of phytochemicals and "anti-nutrients" that people in the Paleo™ and "Bulletproof" world tend to worry about and try to avoid. Among others they include: lectins, saponins, phytate,…Read More

Post-Op Recovery Notes: Sugar Water as Medicine

 I’m no good at this. I was quite euphoric the day after the spine surgery. I even told you all about it. Ideally, that post would have been just an intro to some future videos of me deciding to take up some new physical activity like ballet, or something. In more retrospective awareness, the wonder of this sort of modern medicine—where they literally cut a 3″ incision into your spine, literally down to the bone,…Read More

I Got Stabbed In The Back Yesterday, And Intubated; And I Liked It

The very long story is that back in 2011, I ended up with a cervical disk herniation that caused excruciating chronic pain in my right shoulder and arm for three solid months. I was eventually steered toward Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection, by John E. Sarno, and it worked. Move forward to February, 2014, 15 months ago, and I developed lower back pain. Had back pain before, always went away. This time, it didn’t—at least…Read More

Serendipitous Righteousness

Beatrice was away for a girls’ weekend. In itself, rather hubristic, but I can man up for it and house sit the doggies. The new Fitbit made them happy and they got more walks than average. …That Bea did a girls’ weekend just two weeks ago with a different set of girls is no matter at all; says nothing about me. What’s important is the leftovers she brought back, including this.... This content is for…Read More

Uber Lyfts

I don’t have a dog in the competitive race, but I initially used Lyft because of free rydes whyle I was getting Lyft, Tyre and Whyyl work done on the Beemer. Airport dropoffs for my trips to Baja, car stuff…it’s all been great and I don’t have to annoy friends and family (…a friend in need is…a pest). Always engaging. You meet the most interesting people. Lately, I’ve been using Uber, but most drivers seem to be…Read More

Bitten By The Fitbit Bug

Yep, got it yesterday early afternoon and pretty soon became quite intrigued and even motivated by the little gizmo. I was only peripherally aware of Fitbit and a few wearable data loggers—probably by means of a walk by at Best Buy kiosk or something. First impression: how ridiculously obsessive. Then a commenter in a post a while back spoke very highly of it.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is…Read More

Giordano Bruno is not Running for President

When I finally began thinking for myself—fuck everyone else—at the age of 20, finally separating from the religious indoctrination my parents never escaped from—and still have not—I read a lot about Galileo and Copernicus as visionary revolutionary types. It took a while before I learned of someone who went further.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login…Read More

Home Battery and Solar Leapfrog Point of Order: TESLA is now a player

I understand it is very, very difficult for 99.99999999999% of you to even imagine living off grid. People are generally NOT interested in this revolutionary, earth changing disruption. They just want to pay their power-comany, municipal-monopoly by-grace-of-state-force bill and be done with it, just like their grandparents did. But, 0.000000001% of people change the world and the rest always just go along as crash test dummies. To reiterate, from that last post:... This content is for…Read More

Hashimoto’s Thyroid Update: Carbs, Probiotics and Gut Food; and Improved

I’m not going to be snarky about this because I don’t in fact count it as a “cure,” yet. But, improved for sure, and no thyroid meds. Here’s the previous posts on the topic: And The Winner Is…Hashimoto! Moving Forward: My Approach to Evaluating the Science and Knowledge of the Gut Biome and Resistant Starch Prof. Art Ayers On Autoimmunity; Celiac and Hashimoto’s Version Autoimmune Diseases and the Gut Biome After I wrote the first…Read More