Gonna Write About Green Pastures’ Fermented Cod Liver Oil, But In a Day or So

…In the meantime, I’m integrating and synthesizing presently, about all of it—but mostly dismissing red herrings. Yes, I’m aware of all of the voices, including Masterjohn’s. Lots of interesting stuff, and since I was on this trail since 2008, I should speak to it in my particular way. While I chew, here’s a few Facebook meanderings to give you something to love or hate each other over, in comments. ~ But I’ll begin with something…Read More

How Wheat Went From Superfood To Liability

This latest from The Duck Dodgers is not a call to go back to eating Hot Pockets, Pop Tarts, Twinkies…or ordering up pizza and Subway on alternate days. Rather, we aim to reveal what’s tantamount to a lost and forgotten history. There are two principle elements to it. First, it does not serve industry or institutions well to shed any light on how things used to be regarding wheat (and other grain) growing, harvesting, milling…Read More

Support The Troops; Or, Is It Really Patronizing The Troops?

I grew up in the 60s. I was only 9 years old in 1970, and I recall trying to understand what I was seeing on the TEEVEE concerning Viet Nam and such. I remember my dad watching the election results earlier, in 1968, between Humphrey and Nixon. I vividly remember the 1969 moon landing; though, my most vivid in than 1-day-scene is of my mom, that July—a 28-year old—walking across the living room with a…Read More

Sunday Miscellany: Off-Grid, Facebook Socio-Political Posts, All Pills Are Antibiotics, and Whole Grains I’ve Been Eating

…The RV off-grid experience is going pretty well. The two, 6-volt golf-cart batteries are really fantastic. The solar panels I have—equalling only 38 watts charging capacity—have proven insufficient. Since I was going to need a backup generator anyway (for eventual inclement weather over days), I got the Ryobi 2200-Watt Digital Inverter Generator. It’s about as quiet as the super-expensive Honda at about half the price. In two weeks, I’ve only had to run it for up…Read More

Did Paleo (and Loren Cordain) Get It Wrong On Carbohydrates? Of Course, But We Knew That Already.

The great thing about icons is that sooner or later, they always fall. It’s the job of general iconoclasts, like me, to laf and ridicule (sometimes at myself, even)—to hasten the process—all the while folks are busy holding on for dear life: banking on, , life styling, worshiping, and making livings off their iconic idols. The strong survive, though, so it’s just really a process of evolutionary natural selection. Nothing to be afraid of. Adapt,…Read More

“To Serve And Protect” Update: Firemen, Forrest Rangers, Paramedics. The Police Do Disservice, and Brutality.

I won’t yet talk details, because of info and sensitivities I’m not at liberty to publish, but what I can tell you is that I’ve had lots of interactions with firefighters lately; and I use that term rather than “firemen,” or “fireperson,” because mostly important: it’s perfectly descriptive and doesn’t come with gender baggage to bunch the panties of silly people who’re as ubiquitous, now, as were Dead People in The Sixth Sense. So there…Read More

General Fucktardism: doGs, anGels, Socialism, Bernie Sanders, Freedom, and I don’t give a shit about the troops

 I wrote this yesterday on Facebook: For true progress to happen on human evolutionary scales, everyone ought be insulting the knowledge and intelligence of all others always. People hate that. Why? because they live in bubbles of regurgitated “knowledge” and “wisdom” that’s not even a bit different from the attached photo at the bottom of this post. How many of you have truly questioned the very base things you were indoctrinated with as children, defenseless…Read More

The Fall of Bloodletting and The Rise of Iron

I’m truly at a point where I love doing this blog more than I ever have. No longer a lone voice that’s hit & miss, I have a group of wonderful collaborators who somehow manage to put up with me—perhaps, because I truly strive to promote the fruits of their collaborative efforts as best as I can, and without the over-the-top marketing hype that’s become so common everywhere. Here’s the entire bank of my knowledge…Read More

I’m Hooked On Living Off The Grid

Looking down at the rat maze…scurrying for cheese… The events and circumstances leading up to this are a story for another day. Shortly after returning from off-grid living in Mexico for two months, Beatrice was presented with an opportunity to look after a 5-acre property in the east hills of San Jose, 3 miles from her work for some period of time that could be a year or more. There are no services: electricity, water,…Read More

A Few Words About Donald Trump

Thursday morning I took off from San Jose, CA, about 11am, destination Placerville. Next morning, left my X5 and took my brother’s new Ford F-250 northeast on Hwy 50 towards Tahoe and after the descent from Echo Summit, cut east and then southeast on Hwy 89 over Monitor Pass, intersecting Hwy 395 just south of Topaz Lake. From that point, it’s mostly south by southeast, then after lots of hours, a cut southwest on Hwy…Read More

Did The Paleo Diet Get It Wrong On Grains?

Many are already convinced that the original take on the Paleo Diet got it wrong on starchy tubers (and starch in general), legumes, honey, and perhaps a few other things...like the idea one is best suited to a high fat, high protein, and low carb, or even ketogenic, diet. There's many posts here on all of that stuff and in terms of potatoes, going back to 2009 even. Curiosity gets the best of me and…Read More

Recognizing Ignorance Requires Quality Knowledge: Paleo Epistemology and Sociology…and a Juxtaposition of Daves

I’m gearing up for more posts on the iron enrichment hypothesis to explain dietary “paradoxes” (debunk please). More researchers are weighing in. There are a couple posts in the works, and believe it or not, the most delicious of the two is the history of bloodletting (in barber shops) and how people flocked to get bled regularly (bleeding reduces stored serum iron—like pre-menopausal women do every month). Some people are hooked on donating blood regularly—which…Read More