I made a new newsletter (now full version)

You can subscribe on the right sidebar, under where it says “Occasional Newsletter.” Well, this is the first one since May, so I think I qualify for occasional. If you do subscribe, you get the confirmation thingy, and once you get the welcome, you can click on the link, upper right, to open in your browser. Then you should see the tab to access the archive and thus, access what I just published. ~~~ Theory…Read More

The Big Elixa Probiotic Experiment Update: It Begins Tomorrow

1. Here are the previous posts on this hyper-probiotic: Gut Bugs, Probiotics, Prebiotics…And how our microbes make us who we are FODMAP Prebiotic Arms Dealing, Probiotic Mercenaries, and Uganda The New Science of Probiotics More Crazy Probiotics Stuff The Right Probiotic Could Change Your Life Elixa Probiotic and uBiome Experiment With Me As Test Subject After Years Of Trying Everything, Woman Finds Eczema Relief In Elixa Probiotic at a Fraction of the Cost Elixa. The…Read More

Elixa. The World’s Most High-Tech Probiotic. Now Shipping.

Due to the huge number of orders that have been placed by FreeTheAnimal visitors and readers, Elixa has sold out twice. In response, Karl Seddon—its Oxford University-educated founder—has brought new production and distribution capacity online, and after about a month of being sold out, is once again shipping. You might be unaware that Karl is not your run-of-mill supplement entrepreneur. His formulation is unique in the tech he invented to “breed strains;” but also in…Read More

Focused Misanthropy: Living for the 0.01 Percenters

What does one do with a Woodchuck Pirate, aka Raymond J. Raupers, Jr USA?  Woodchuck has dropped comments on my blog for years. He always puts a lot of effort into it. It’s sometimes a bit lost on me contextually, but since I’ve traveled in such circles for a couple of decades, I well know that anyone’s synapse firing in the moment doesn’t always line up with my own. But, I always know when I’m dealing with…Read More

The Great Gut Bug Book, Chapter 1: Meet The Whole You

It’s time to get this thing done. It stands currently at 19 Chapters and two substantial appendices. This is Chapter 1, and I will publish Chapter 2 here (Your Second Brain), within a few days to a week, when it feels right. And it now feels like the right and prime time to drive it home. Timing and circumstances continually plagued me since Tim “Tatertot” Steele and I set out to do this. Over and…Read More

The Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil Brouhaha

I’ll probably disappoint some with a paucity of input, here. But, I promised, so here is going to be my honest take on the matter. The background is that way long time ago, 2008, I read a post by then student, now Dr. Stephan Guyenet, referencing a post by then student, now Dr. Chris Masterjohn. And it fucking rocked my world and connected so many dots that I’ve still not collected every single one into…Read More

Who’s Damn Tired of “Internet Security” and Being “Protected?” (Attention VRBO and HomeAway)

It’s getting so over the top. Every time I turn around I have to change a password, answer security questions, look at some pic-icon, or, worst of all, get a text or a phone call to “verify” I’m not the retard they’re treating me like. Here’s a good way to know all the silly people in your life. First, have them take you to dinner (gotta figure that part out by yourself). Just as the…Read More

Dr. Mark Pimentel of Cedars-Sinai on Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) (Heartburn)

It’s really super very hard to get me to spend time listening to a Podcast. I don’t really get the whole enthusiasm with podcasts, much—perhaps, because I spend as little time sitting in traffic in a car as possible. I’d rather be poor and die. This one is different. You can also just read the transcript.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for…Read More

After Years Of Trying Everything, Woman Finds Eczema Relief In Elixa Probiotic at a Fraction of the Cost

First, an update on yesterday’s post where comment input from John Brisson and Allan Folz has motivated Karl Seddon and I to modify the Elixa Probiotic experiment. I’ll let Karl explain: I’m thinking I should send some more uBiome tests your way. My main interest with the uBiome testing method is how to get the sample representative of the microbiota as a whole. Nobody really knows how representative the flora of a stool sample is…Read More

Elixa Probiotic and uBiome Experiment With Me As Test Subject

Guess what’s in the works.   The plan: Take a uBiome sample prior. Begin the 12-day Elixa hyper-biotic regimen. Take another uBiome sample halfway through the course. Take a final uBiome sample a week after the course has completed. Publish all results right here. There’s big news about Elixa in the works, including reformulation and distribution (how about 2 U.S. distribution points, so you get your order in a couple of days—not 2 weeks from…Read More

War and Peace (Flies, Human Intruders, and Free Range Dogs)

Other than this mussels & clams dish at a benefit dinner for a dear friend Saturday evening in Saratoga, CA, life has been tough.   We’re literally living in a trailer on 5 acres in the east hills, caretakers of a property with assets for the taking that require guarding; and it was only because of my experience with no power pole to the house in Mexico that I said: “yea, fuck yea; let’s do…Read More

The State of the [Labor] Union

Briefly: In 2013 there were 14.5 million members in the U.S., compared with 17.7 million in 1983. In 2013, the percentage of workers belonging to a union in the United States (or total labor union “density”) was 11.3%, compared to 20.1% in 1983.[1] From a global perspective, the density in 2010 was 11.4% in the U.S., 18.4% in Germany, 27.5% in Canada, and 70% in Finland.[2] Union membership in the private sector has fallen under…Read More

Off Grid Update: Water

…Interesting that the very two first French films I ever watched were Jean de Florette and Manon de Source… Look ’em up. I’ve made much of working electricity, via the S[o]n. Here’s the quick vid I did of that yesterday,  no editing,: Solar music. What you see on the controller, in succession, is battery voltage, charge input in amps, and load outgo in amps…so even though I’m using, all is sun power and 3-4 amps to spare…Read More

“I had come to the realization that our system of scientific publication is governed by people who have no idea what knowledge is.”

Via my Facebook Files: this, quoted in its entirety. Jean-François Gariépy This week, I resigned from my position at Duke University with no intent to solicit employment in state-funded academic research positions in the foreseeable future. Many reasons have motivated this choice, starting with personal ones: I will soon be a father and want to be spending time with my son at home. Other reasons have to do with research academia itself. Throughout the years, I…Read More

Juxtaposing the “Liberal” Left and the “Conservative” Right: In My Way

A couple of meanderings, today, shot over the bow of my Facebook page. First was this piece by Jeffrey Tucker of Libery.me, via his Beautiful Anarchy page: Has Donald Trump Unleashed the Neo-Nazis? I am daily taken aback at the abject ignorance of history in this country and the circumstances that gave rise to National Socialism (“Nazi,” for short) in Europe, in the 1930’s. Just like east meets west, the political right eventually meets the political…Read More

A Few Words About Tweedledum and Tweedledee; Hillary and Trump; Democrat and Republican; The Best You Can Do

[Yes the post on Green Pastures FCLO is coming next…] One thing I’m liking about the left nowadays, is that I see them attacking Trump on principled grounds (morally). I don’t really share their principles, but it’s different than is typical, where discourse is limited to some “calculus” over how different ways checkers get moved around the board, and that “causes” certain consequences, and the antagonism is reduced to ‘will I be better off?’ (all…Read More

Grains Aren’t Grown, Processed, or Eaten Equally, So The Paleo Narrative is Essentially False on That Score

Well, glad to have created a bit of a stir so far, given the last post on this topic: How Wheat Went From Superfood To Liability. I really could not be happier that Tom "Fat Head" Naughton decided to advance the discussion: Ancient Wheat Was Superfood? While Tom still concludes by being unpersuaded, his treatment is very fair, and when you read the comments, they're very constructive (Duck and I have been in there, and there's a…Read More

Have Never Had The Slightest Interest in Burning Man and Here’s Why

Going on now, in your local Nevada desert. I’ve actually seen that part of the dessert. It’s near Gerlach, and as a kid, I was in the area 120 miles north of my hometown of Reno two or three times with my dad. That’s irrelevant, I know, just a perspective. I was first made aware of the Burning Man event in the early 90’s via my subscription to Reason Magazine, whilst living in France. Already…Read More